February 25, 2016

Edward Bess Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream Review & Swatches

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Edward Bess Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream11

I recently purchased Edward Bess Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream ($50) because I had heard such raves about it being a great concealer. Plus you have to love Edward and endorse every single thing that boy does because he’s so nice and so genuine.

Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream is a very thick, very pigmented full coverage concealing cream that can be used to conceal dark circles, discolorations, blemishes, uneven skin tone and more. This is fairly expensive but a little goes a very, very long way so it’ll literally last you ages.

Edward Bess Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream6

For me Edward Bess Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream reminds me of products like Shiseido SpotCover Foundation and Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin but with a considerably different consistency and far more pigmentation.

This comes housed in a little black pot (0.5 oz) and includes a Expert Retouch Brush for application. It’s $50 and is available in four shade selections of Light, Medium, Tan, and Deep. I find Edward’s shades tend to run lighter so I went with the Medium which was a good match for me. This is actually a good contouring shade for use under eyes as it brightens the area up considerably.

Edward Bess Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream7

Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream is a product for those who have real problem areas they wish to conceal but haven’t found a product pigmented enough to successfully do the work. If you have ruddiness, redness, darkness, or other hard to conceal imperfections this is exactly the product you’re going to want to have in your stash to conceal these problems and come out of the experience looking flawless.

Edward Bess Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream8

The whipped formula is mousse-like in consistency at first but heavier and emollient once applied. It’s a little difficult to spread under drier eyes so be sure to have a moist, well prepped area when using under eyes. The key here is to use as little as possible and to blend, blend, blend until you get a smooth finish. I find the Expert Retouch Brush makes for perfect use on areas of the face but isn’t as good under the eyes. In this case, I’d recommend a brush like the Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57 which will sheer and buff out the thicker consistency of the concealer.

Edward Bess Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream

Edward Bess Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream swatches

I find the texture very agreeable on my face and it blends to a super even, soft, flawless finish on my drier skin. It doesn’t catch on drier area and dare I say if you’re feeling like being a rebel you can easily mix this with a drop of facial oil to create a tinted foundation of sorts which can be blended and used all over your face. This is how I used it since I tend to veer away from using concealer on my face as I don’t really have much to conceal. Under my eyes, it wasn’t as forgiving. It seems drier in this area so I have to prep very well! I’d suggest a few drops of face oil under your eyes or even mixed with the cream to create a more hydrating, easier to apply formula. Once blended properly it looks ridiculously flawless. It’s a very smooth, even, and brightening finish that erases dark circles, puffiness, and finer lines. It also wears hard for a solid 10 hours without fading, creasing, or caking. But again, you have to be sure to blend well! I remember my first few uses with this not being as good and I experience terribly creasing and dryness. You have to find your happy place with this formula and that might mean a lot of buffing, a good moisturizing base, or some other technique to get it wearing perfectly. There’s work evolved but if you put in the effort you’ll be quite happy with the results.

Edward Bess Black Sea Extreme Cover Cream is for those who want a full coverage, super pigmented, crazy long wearing concealer that hides just about everything and anything! This one works and plays hard.

Available now at qvc.com and neimanmarcus.com.