February 10, 2016

How To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

How To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

Is your perfume fading fast? Or is your favorite fragrance a little weak? Here’s how to make your fragrance last longer!

You ever fall in love with a perfume in store, get it home, wear it out, and it fades into the great, dark beyond? I’ve taken to avoiding toilette formulas because many are very weak and I can’t get a good throw or linger from them. I try to get a more concentrated perfume formula as that seems to last a bit longer than a regular old EDT. But, there are perfume formulas that sometimes don’t last all that long on me either, I’m talking to you Diptyque!

It’s heartbreaking when you really love a fragrance and it simply won’t last on your body chemistry or the formula is simply just to weak. My fix? I mist myself madly like a crazy person in the hopes that the fragrance will last longer.

This doesn’t work, don’t try it.

But what does work is Vaseline.

I know, right, Vaseline?! What in the world. Vaseline, for my mom, is like the Windex fix that the dad had from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Growing up Vaseline in our house was apparently the cure all to life, the universe, and everything. Got a cut? Put Vaseline on it! Chapped lips? Put Vaseline on it! Frizzy ends? Put Vaseline on it! Dry nose from a cold? Put Vaseline on it! Dry elbows and knees? Put Vaseline on it! The list is endless. My mom seriously has a Vaseline fetish.

One of the most helpful aspects of Vaseline though is the fact it can make your fragrance last longer.

Seriously, true story.

When I run across a fragrance that simply refuses to last long on my skin I take a very tiny little dab of Vaseline and I rub it on my neck and chest. Don’t over do it! No one wants to be a greasy, slippery mess. A little tiny dab rubbed into the areas you apply your fragrance is fine. Typically I apply on my neck and my chest and my inner arms and that’s where I place the Vaseline. After you apply it follow up by misting on your favorite fragrance!


Vaseline has an occlusive that kinda provides a seal around your skin which captures the fragrance and allows it to sit on top of the seal versus sinking into your skin and disappearing. This in turn allows the fragrance to last longer.

Try it out and see if it works for you!

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  • Elaine

    I love it–will try right away—your mom sounds great! I have this problem with all fragrance except expensive ones (Chanel) . I love light scents and hate to reapply all day. I have been putting vaseline on my awful heels and feet this winter—and it works great. Forget expensive foot cream. Total waste. E

    • Isabella Muse

      let me know if it works for you Elaine! Let me know how you do! 🙂 Likewise! Although I have run a cross a few costly ones that haven’t worked either for me! I agree again, Vaseline totally does a great job, especially the shea butter one! I even used it under my eyes!

  • nina

    Love the My Big Fat Greek Wedding reference! It is one of my favorite movies. Are you going to see the second one?

    • danadoo

      Lucky you, i have Michael Kors Very Hollywood which i love, but it lasts like 5 minutes on my skin.

  • Yael

    I tried it today! I do believe my perume lingered much longer – BUT….. I was out and about for two hours, then looked in my car mirror and saw these horrible horizontal crease lines on my neck – my bronzer that i brought down to add a bit of color on my neck gathered in the vasaline and made me look so wrinkly! I’ll skip the bronzer next time!

    • Isabella Muse

      oh no! sorry! You def def have to only use a little dab. Rub it in with a towel if possible 🙂