February 18, 2016

Hype or Hit: NARS Orgasm

nar orgasm

Ah NARS Orgasm a much debated about blush shade to say the very least. Some people love NARS Orgasm, sometimes people intensely hate it with a passion. For the longest time had a love affair with NARS Orgasm. Mind you it was an intense, passionate affair. I never understood why so many people hated it For me it was the perfect golden peachy pink! It made my cheeks look lively and lovely! And that lovely golden sheen was simply gorgeous.

I realized later that on why people hated it so much after a re-purchase. I got my first NARS Orgasm many, many years ago and I used it for well over five years without hitting pan. It was smooth, gorgeous, and perfect. However, upon a re-purchase the shade seemed to have a hell of a lot more shimmer than my original blush. This isn’t had as I like shimmer but I started realizing what people disliked about it. It was a lot of shimmer and it gave me a disco ball appearance if I was heavy handed. This wasn’t the case with my old Orgasm. None the less I still love the shade just not as much as the old version.

Is it a hit or way over hyped?

For me, it still remains a hit. It’s a shade that’s simply gorgeous although nowadays golden peachy pinks are a dime a dozen with many, many different brands producing great options and even budget brands like Milani who have delicious Orgasm-like shades in their permanent range.

I will say that NARS still has the ideal golden peachy pink in Orgasm!

What do you think?

Os NARS Orgasm a hype or a hit?

Do share!

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  • Jackie

    I’ve always believed that a good part of the hype of this blush is the NAME! 🙂

    I’ve gotten Milani’s Luminoso and it’s fairly close. I have the Nars Orgasm blush in the compact & the stick, and it’s a little glittery than I usually prefer, but it’s a nice universal shade.

  • Staci

    Are you sure you got orgasm the second time? You’re describing super orgasm. That one’s a horrible glitter bomb. Same base color as original orgasm, but a nightmare to apply due to the ever migrating glitter.

  • Jules

    I think, for me, it leans towards hype. I still see makeup articles that tout it as being a “universal” color. Um, NO. I think it looks quite nice on many people, but not on me. I had it, and wore it regularly. But then I saw some pictures of myself in it, and it looked SO. BAD. Like all the pink somehow disappeared, and left me with Orange Crush colored cheeks. I tried again with the Milani dupe. Nope. Same problem. I gave them both to my sister, on whom they both look lovely. She couldn’t understand the problem, until I swatched them on my arm. ORANGE. Being very fair & cool-toned, but with some olive, anything with strong yellow or orange tones just looks god awful on me. So I guess that’s my beef with it!

    • Laura

      I feel the same way Jules. It never looked good on me and we have similar coloring.

      • Ashley

        I used to love this blush when I first used it years ago! It had just the right amount of glow and balance of pink and peach. After taking a break from the blush for a year or two, while feeling nostalgic, I repurchased it. I felt it was too shimmery, less pink, and I just felt ridiculous with it on. After a while I realized that it doesn’t work well for me in warmer weather as I have oily/combination skin, which is just amplified in the heat, and adding more shine is just a hot mess. I have found more success wearing this blush during the fall and winter months when I need more warmth and a little glow happening on my face. I think that it was worth the hype in the beginning, but that’s not always the case now that the formula seems to have changed.

  • Janessa

    I actually pulled this out for the first time in over 6 months over the weekend (no-buy forces you to shop your stash LOL) and I remembered immediately why I loved this blush for so long. It was a HG before I even knew what a HG was. I’m on my 3rd compact and have hit pan on the current one. I think I’ll definitely repurchase when it’s gone. I want to always have it in my collection.

    • Isabella Muse

      I feel the same way about it Janessa! It’s one I come back to over and over and over again!

  • Janet

    This color doesn’t work on me–it is too peachy. I have very cool-toned skin and it just looks totally unnatural.

  • Domi

    Hit. I love it and it looks great on me. I bought the Sephora sample duo of Laguna and Orgasm. I like them both and Laguna works well when I am not sun tanned.
    The Nars development manager must have had a stroke when they thought Superorgasm was a good idea. It is just glitter with a bit of color thrown in.

  • MariaS

    Have the original. Have yet to hit pan. Hit for me. Beautiful color, have to be delicate putting it on since I do have fair skin. Best during Summer months. It does make you glow from the inside 🙂 HA!
    Hype only the name. Just like all the other makeup out there, take a look at all those silly lipstick names out there for “rose” color
    xo Have a good weekend everyone

  • Galaxia

    I haven’t tried this shade because I didn’t think it would look nice on my skin tone. I opted to try Taj Mahal and became hooked on NARS blushes ^_^ I also like Milani and Urban Decay blushes if I don’t want to spend NARS moolah <3

  • Lorraine

    I’ve never worn it or any of it’s dupes! *gasp*
    I know, crazy, right ?
    I’m fair/cool like some stated above &anything coral/peach etc pulls orange on me.
    I didn’t know this until I saw myself in pictures, then I was horrified that I’d been walking around like that, lol!

  • amy

    Oh, it’s definitely hype, but for very good reason. Although not “universally flattering” (nothing ever is), it does work on the majority of people. I bought the mini duo (with Laguna) a while back, out of curiosity mostly, since I don’t particularly care for such warm toned blush, and even I can get away with it. While it will never be a “go-to” for me, I have no regrets. It is more wearable when my hair is its natural, deep auburn color, but it isn’t bad with my black hair,

  • Rachel R.

    The hype was deserved when they first brought it out. The shade was amazing and the name was very naughty for the time. The reformulated version isn’t as good, in composition or quality. I like Sleek Blush in Rose Gold — it’s a dead on dupe for the original Orgasm. Much cheaper, too!

  • Zovesta

    I’ve never had it, but I’ve seen it, and I have to say, I don’t get the hype. But peach and tan blushes just look horrible on me, so maybe it’s my colouring. =S I need pink or red to look nice.

  • Reese

    I would never purchase this blush because of the name alone. Why does a blush need a name like that?

  • Alys

    I can’t imagine this shade looking okay on me. I’m very fair with blonde hair and cool undertones, I think it would just look a peach orange mess on me. Orange sherbert? Haha. Also, I’m afraid to try anything NARS since I had an allergic reaction to their Sheer Glow Foundation.

  • MzVicky

    I love this blush. For some reason, I think it looks great on me. I keep this in my desk drawer and if I need to touch up, it’s my go to. I won’t ever be without it. I also have Super Orgasm and while it is glittery, I’ve learned if you take another brush and sweep over it, it takes the glitter away.