February 10, 2016

Sephora Improves Their Return and Exchange Service

improved sephora returns

So Sephora has improved their return and exchange service for online orders. The fact that you can get free return shipping when doing an online Sephora purchase has always been a perk I loved. If I hate something I purchased I can simply slap the return label included with my order on the box, reseal it, and drop it at the post office.

The problem?

You couldn’t just drop the box at the post office and leave. You actually had to wait in line and have the mail person scan and print a receipt for you. Why? Because you seriously needed proof that you returned that box. Why? Because I’ve always, ALWAYS found that Sephora isn’t very timely with returns. Sometimes it would even take a call to customer service to get things moving along. I’ve gone sometimes 60 days before getting my money refunded. The funny thing is that when I call and ask they’ll tell me, “We have to look into it!” and within a day I get an e-mail saying the refund was processed. It’s kinda shady.

Also the return labels never had a tracking number so I was naive and slipped my return box into the mail slot at the post office without having it scanned it. I just trusted the return would get to them. I’ve learned my lesson you really need a receipt you dropped it off because if they ask you later on when you returned you want to have proof, in your hand, with a date saying it was in fact dropped at the post office because I’ve kinda learned not to trust Sephora with my online returns.

So now online returns at Sephora seem to have improved. I don’t do returns often so this might not be a new thing but for those who don’t know you now actually have to visit www.Sephora.com/ReturnLabel and pop your order number in for your return because they no longer include return labels with your shipment. After you put your order number in you’ll be promoted to fill out your address, contact number, and email address. And finally you’ll be taken to a screen to print your return label WHICH NOW INCLUDES a tracking number!

There’s also a page that allows you to track your package once you drop it off at the post office.

The good news?

No more waiting in line at the post office. You can just slip the box into the mail shoot at your post office or even hand it to your mail man. Before I felt compelled to have proof that my return was in fact dropped off thus I waited in line and had them scan it in and print me a receipt. No need for that now as with tracking you can see when it was dropped off.

I do wonder if this will improve the time of returns. Because my experience has always been a rather long wait getting my money back when I was returning via mail (in store you get back your refund right away).

I just used the service to return something recently so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have you tried the new Sephora return service?

What was your experience?

What has your experience with Sephora returns been like in the past?

Do share!

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  • Sarah

    I had the same experience with long waits, but when I called, they would send it through right away and it would be processed that or next day. I hope this will speed things up!

    • Isabella Muse

      Isn’t it weird? I had that happen to me three times. I’d call, they would say they didn’t see any return and to call back in a few days as they would check into it, and suddenly the day after or even a few hours later I’d get an email about my return. Weird!

  • blee

    I take mine into the store and sometimes I have been given a hard time. BUT I do it this way so that I get my return and maybe something else while I’m there.

  • Michou

    I’ve always been fortunate enough to have a Sephora near home so I just take it to the store (whether I bought it online or not) and returned it there.

    Speaking of which, I need to do one this week, haha. I’ve been so lazy about it. The new Becca foundation just isn’t doing great things for me. 🙁

    • Isabella Muse

      I have a dozen sephora’s I can go too but sometimes they make a really big deal out of returning something even with a receipt so I toss it in the mail to avoid the hassle 😀 Aw sorry to hear! That was on my list!

  • Carolyn2

    I had no idea you just couldn’t drop it off at the post office. I did that in early November – wanting to return some VIB things and it took two months to process!! Beauty.com did too.

    • Isabella Muse

      You can I prefer having them scan it in so I have proof just in case Sephora decides to give me a song and a dance about “not receiving it” but with this new service, I can just drop it in the slot and go as it has tracking! 😀 Likewise, typically I have to call after 2 months and say “Hey what’s up? I returned something and didn’t get a refund!”

  • Joan

    I would always just put my return package at or in the mailbox. I never went to the post office with the package. It was so easy before. I never had a problem when they included the return label with your items. I really don’t like the new return service.

  • Robin

    I used it recently. I never worried about tracking the old way. They always eventually returned and showed up. It was just the eventually thing. But this time, I was shocked at how quickly the return showed up, maybe only a few weeks!

  • Michelle

    Last week, I called because it had been a week since my return was delivered to Sephora’s return center. The person I spoke with said she had to look into it, and then said it would take 4-6 weeks to process the return!

    • Isabella Muse

      crazy! I did two returns recently both times they emailed me and said I was refunded, checked my bank account and nothing yet. I have to call them I guess!