February 24, 2016

This or That Beauty: Shimmer or Matte

shimmer or matte eyeshadow

If you asked me a few years ago, “Shimmer or Matte Eyeshadow” I’d totally say shimmer! On some levels I will still willingly say shimmer! But honestly, mattes have evolved so very much over the last few years that I actually started using them a lot more.

Or maybe I’m getting older and I’m starting to appreciate mattes more?

But when it comes down to shimmer or matte, I’ll say shimmer any day of the week 🙂

How about you?

Shimmer or matte eyeshadow?


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  • Kimmwc03

    Shimmer because it brightens the eye so much. However, I am appreciating mattes more as I get older.

  • Christina D.

    MATTE. Age has nothing to do with it for me. If anything, I’m more open to the occasional shimmer or metallic (never frost or glitter) now. But I prefer a matte finish in all my cosmetics, most especially eye shadows.

  • Christina D.

    You know me too well! Yes, I like TF but all I have left (I got rid of all the others) are the All-Matte palette (so there!) and the Chocolate Bar palettes and they have a few nice mattes in them. PB&J is on the way so that remains to be seen but I caved at those purples anyway.

  • amy

    Both. However, if I’m just doing a quick wash of color, I’ll likely go with a shimmer, frost, duochrome, etc.., but for a “complete” look, I will always include at least one matte.

  • Carol G

    Shimmer for me. Always has and always will be. I’m sure I’ll be 80 years old and still wearing shimmer but I don’t care because I like what I like, ya know?

  • Bethany

    Shimmer!!! I LOVE metallic and that “wet” Mac fix plus look and I also love glitter 🙂

  • Zovesta

    It depends. I like a mix! I feel like all matte looks too dead and all shimmer has no depth, so I like to use both.

  • Christina

    Love love love shimmer!!!! But I have hooded eyes and am stuck with mattes.

  • Allie

    I have hooded eyes so matte on the crease and shimmer on the lid, but if I could get away with it…shimmer all the way.

  • zVintage Fashionizta

    Matte is elegant, timeless and appropriate for all age groups and all occasions.

  • kellly

    Totally shimmer. I have deep-set eyes and shimmer helps make them not look so sunken.

  • SLH

    I wear matte eye shadow always with maybe a dab of shimmer on the inner corner. I love the way shimmers look on other people, but I feel like they look terrible on me.

  • Dora

    Cop out answer but I need both! I guess if I really had to pick — shimmer (as long as it’s not too over-the-top).

  • Claire L

    I adore shimmer! It’s difficult to get good cool mattes so I’m restricted there anyway. I’m nearly 39 but still love a bit of shimmer.

  • genevieve

    Shimmer -definitely! Mattes are my least favourite finishes behind glitter and frosty.

  • Madison

    I love anything with a sparkle, but unfortunately any eyeshadow that isn’t matte causes an allergic reaction which turns out looking like I’ve been punched. Boo. I’m so jealous of you ladies that can wear shimmer.

  • Michelle Flamingo

    It depends on the event/occasion and what I choose for that event/occasion. I personally would not wear shimmers to work (due to the nature of my job) or some serious event (for example, a funeral). But for a special (especially evening) event or if I am wearing something sparkly to church or to a wedding….I am happy to go with shimmer.

  • devon

    i try so hard to be a matte girl, but the shimmers keep pulling me in! as the angie castellano character on youtube always says ‘there’s no eyeshadow police!’