February 15, 2016

Urban Decay or Too Faced?

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Urban Decay or Too Faced

If you had to choose between Urban Decay and Too Faced to use for the rest of your life which brand would you go with?

Personally I’d likely go with Urban Decay. I love their lipsticks and their eyeshadows are a lot less frosty compared to Too Faced. Don’t get me wrong I love Too Faced but sometimes their eyeshadow can be a bit heavy and frosty where as Urban Decay seems to be a bit thinner with a lot less fall out. It’s actually pretty hard to choose between the two because both are great brands but I have to, I’d go with UD.

How about you?

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • cora

    Too Faced! I love their melted lipsticks and their chocolate bar eye pallet, plus their mascara is among the best I’ve ever tried. UD has great makeup but honestly, I’m kind of mad at them! I feel like after the Naked pallet, they were no longer interested in really branching out and I think they gave up on the edgier-type stuff they used to do- remember those fantastic glittery eyeliners?

    • Isabella Muse

      Aw yeah, I understand totally. Urban Decay def went a little more subtle with their naked releases!

  • diane

    i think i’d go with too faced. i like UD shadows, liners & lippies but I also like too faced and I’ve had success with too faced complexion products where I didn’t with UD. Plus, Too Faced makes makeup that smells like chocolate! LOL

  • Allie

    I like the frost. Too Faced for me. I just got the Bon Bon. I think they are also more creative. Or seems like it.

  • Shannon

    UD fireball eyeshadow is to die for, but I couldn’t leave too faced behind, if only because of the smell of chocolate whilst doing my makeup.

  • Laine

    Ooo. I’m pretty sure if this were a life or death decision, I’d die trying to make it..

  • JessDiMaggio

    This is a hard one!! My Naked palettes are so amazing, and definitely staples, but overall Too Faced has more products in their line that I use and love. Especially anything and everything with cocoa in it. I agree with Cora, I was a big fan of old school UD… And I’m old enough to remember when Hard Candy was at Sephora, that was a fun line, too!

  • Diana

    I suppose I would choose Urban Decay. The brand holds nostalgia for me whereas I am fairly new to Too Faced. I feel that Urban Decay also has more variety in the eyeshadwos and different types of products they sell. My only concern with Urban Decay is that they used to be notorious for discontinuing products, but that seems to have changed in recent years.

  • Jay

    Urban Decay for sure…Too Faced seems to be more about cutesy products than substance. And UD does cool collabs.

  • Laura

    I wish I hadn’t seen this!! I’m now busy filling my cart on both websites!
    If I had to pick one, it would be Urban decay, there seems to be more variety.

  • Monet

    I would go with Urban Decay, I think overall I like their products better as far as lipsticks, eyeshadows and foundations. I like toofaced but the vast majority of their face products don’t work for me :/

  • bella

    UD for sure. While I like Too Faced, it seems that I have lots more UD and only one product by Too Face, which is one of the Melted Lipsticks.
    I use three UD products every day. The eye primer, UD Naked Basics II, and my favorite –Space Cowboy eyeshadow. I also loved the Face and Body shimmer, which I used all or my face in the summer.! Love the shimmer and glow that it gave my face.

  • Paula

    I have quite a few Naked Palettes: Naked Original, Naked Basics, Naked 2, Naked 3, Naked Smokey and Naked 2 Basics whereas for Too Faced I’ve got the Chocolate Bar Palette and the Semi-Chocolate Palette but I haven’t even got round to using it. I have to say though I absolutely adore Too Faced packaging.

    I love both but if I was to choose, I would say Urban Decay!!

  • Christina D.

    Late in replying but I have to chime in: I do like Too Faced but they often put me off with their girly, tween packaging; I also hate that they cheap out on their holiday offerings and manufacture them in China. So Urban Decay wins out hands down for me!

  • Cathy

    I Have to say Urban Decay! I own more products from UD. And for some reason what ever they promote I want. Some of the Too Faced items I feel like I can skip. I own a few items like all the chocolate palettes, some lipsticks, brushes and blushes/bronzers, the mascara and the foundation. But I feel like UD items get me crazy!

  • Kelly Zollo

    I really do love my two UD Naked palettes that I own.
    That being said I have way more Too Faced Products than I do UD. I have all the chocolate bar palettes, the Born This Way Foundation is my holy grail, love their melted, Better than Sex mascara and their blushes I have.
    So for me hands down Too Faced.

  • genevieve

    I love the UD range – so I would go for them. I love both of my Naked palettes (1 & 2).
    I am not keen on products that have the smell of cocoa, peanut butter etc so that puts me off Too Faced.

  • mirandagrosvenor

    UD hands down. I disliked TF when they put the instructions in their palettes (I’m a grown woman, if I want instruction I don’t need it shouting at me from my makeup) and disliked them even more when they made the overly cutesy things that smell. Ugh.

  • Zovesta

    Too Faced – I’m a sucker for cute packaging, and I love the feminine feel from their line. UD is too ’90s punk for me. =P Their naked line seems ok, and I love their eyeshadow singles and eyeliners, but I just love the soft femininity from Too Faced… if they both cost half of what they do now, I’d love them even more!