March 8, 2016

Byredo Pulp the Perfume I Love to Hate

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Byredo Pulp

Byredo Pulp Ea de Parfum is a fragrance I absolutely love to hate all over. I have a rather special love hate relationship with this perfume where some days I’m left asking myself, “What would I do without it?” and other days where I’m about ready to fling it across the room.

If you’re reading poor reviews on Byredo Pulp most will tell you it smells like over ripe fruit. If people are being extra snarky you’ll hear them saying it smells like rotten fruit.


For fruity sweet lovers Byredo Pulp Eau de Parfum is, shall we say, unique. It’s best classified as a fruity floral considering it has both fruit and floral notes in it but I always find it terribly difficult picking apart any of the floral notes since the fruits tend to dominate.

I’ll break this down in pretty simple layman’s terms because fragrance can be complicated so why make it more complex than it has to be yes? Pulp smells like an ice cold glass of Sangria. It has a boozy fruit note that’s sweet, slightly effervescent, and lightly boozy with a red wine note that perhaps I’m the only person alive that is smelling such a note. It’s tart, it’s tangy, and it has a slight attitude problem.

Byredo Pulp Eau de Parfum

Notes it does contain are bergamot, cardamon and black currant and middle notes of fig, red apple and tiare flower with a base of cedar, praline and peach blossom. I think both apple and peach play a very important role in the fragrance because they seem to shine through the most here. The juiciness of the apple has a certain tartness that combines with the slight bitter nectar of a not yet ripe peach. As the fragrance dries down you’ll catch faint sourness of black currant amidst the chaos and warmth of cedar.

As I said, some days, Pulp is like a refreshing ice cold over sweet sip of Sangria where as others it smells like overripe fruit cocktail!

No matter how you spin it, it’s undeniably unique and tooth achingly sweet.

What do you think of Byredo Pulp?

Beautiful chaos or rotten fruit?

P.S. Men seem to LOVE this fragrance!

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I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Iris

    I’m now intrigued by this from your description. If this becomes available at Sephora or the like, I’ll be sure to sniff and test it to see how it reacts with my body chemistry and if I like it.

  • Lauren

    I own this one! I really like it, which surprised me because I don’t usually go for sweet, fruity scents. It’s kind of weird, though, because I tend to go anosmic with it after a while, even though other people can smell it on me. The majority of the Byredo fragrances seem to work well with my skin chemistry (even the ones that I’m not terribly fond of, I’ve gotten complements on), though, so it was surprisingly nice. Byredo happens to be one of my go-to houses, and I own several of the different fragrances. 1996 Inez & Vinoodh is my favorite, but I also have Seven Veils (which is so powerful that I have to be really careful about how much I wear and where I’m wearing it), Green (a really lovely honeysuckle/almond Barney’s exclusive that is now discontinued), Pulp, and the oil formulation of La Tulipe. I’m really wanting to pick up Encens Chembur, too, since I’m a big fan of incense and spicy oriental fragrances.

    • Isabella Muse

      OMG me too! People will mention to me how nice I smell but I don’t smell it at all! I don’t like many of them sadly 🙁 Just not by thing 🙁 Pulp seems to be the exception for me. UGH you’re so my favorite person right now as I talk so much about makeup on here but feel like no one wants to chat fragrance 😀 I’m a complete gourmand freak so incense is def not my deal :-/

      • Lauren

        I’m more than happy to talk fragrances any time you want, especially the niche stuff! Byredo is one of the few houses that I don’t hate anything from. I don’t like everything, but I don’t hate anything, either. Some of their scents, like Gypsy Water, are just “meh” to me, and I don’t really get the hype, but they don’t make me want to scrub my skin off, either, lol.

        • Isabella Muse

          I’m loving this as I’m always so busy discussing makeup, it’s nice to have someone to share fragrance with 😀 Oh no! they def aren’t scrubbers, just not really my thing! A little expensive for what you get, just not unique enough for me.