March 11, 2016

Fortune Cookie Soap’s Man With a Box Collection Back in Stock Tomorrow

Fortune Cookie Soap Man With a Box

For a very limited time you’ll be able to get your hands on the Fortune Cookie Soap Man With a Box Collection again! So Whovians, have your sonic screwdriver and your credit card ready.

Starting tomorrow at 12 NOON through 3PM CST you will be able to pre-order all the products that were available in the limited edition Fortune Cookie Soap Man with a Box Collection inspired by Doctor Who. Plus they are adding a BRAND new product as well!

The collection sold out very fast the last time around but no need to worry about that this time as everything is pre-ordered and ships within 10 business days so no worries about it disappearing quickly! Your order is reserved so long as you place it tomorrow because after tomorrow it’s outta here for good.

Fortune Cookie Soap The Last of the Timelords Bar Soap

Why yes that is a Tardis bar of soap!

Visit for more details.

Happy Shopping!