March 8, 2016

Hype or Hit: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

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urban decay eyeliners

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil is one of the more popular, cult favorite eyeliners around. If you’re a makeup addict it’s highly unlikely you haven’t tried the formula out for yourself. I think it’s one of the most popular brands due to the very larger color selection. Many brands aren’t known for releasing vibrant shades of eyeliner like hot pink so those who love color do so navigate to Urban Decay’s Glide-On Eye Pencil formula.

But is it a hype or a hit for you?

It’s a hit for me.

The formula just works great for me.

It’s creamy, it glides on beautifully, and it wears well on my drier on my eyes plus it has a selection of over 30 shades to choose from in some highly unusual shades that you can’t find anywhere else.

I hear from many people, particularly ones with oily lids, that they aren’t a fan of this formula and also that it doesn’t wear well for them on the waterline.

Personally I don’t issues with it and like it

So it’s a HIT for me!

How about you?

Are Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Eyeliners all hype or total hit for you?

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • blee

    Yes, they have some wild colors, but so does Sephora. I have a pink, yellow and I think a wild green. But they are a hit for me too. 🙂

  • Ashley

    It’s a hit, other brands are offering more color selection: makeup forever, and Marc Jacobs offer unique colors too

  • Kristi

    Hype. They’re nice but…they’re not worth $20 plus. Nyx also does a great job!

  • kat

    They are okay, but definitely not for the waterline use. I like how creamy the formula is, but personally I wouldn’t splurge on them. Drugstore eyeliners work just as well.

    • Isabella Muse

      Agreed! I struggle with the colored ones on my waterline too!

  • jackieblue

    I agree with Krist. Hype for me. I actually prefer the twist-up NYX.

  • Carol

    Hit! In fact, they are the best eyeliner on the market. They have not failed me once. I put it on in the morning and by night, still there, not a smudge. The colors are fantastic and they work great on my waterline, especially Perversion. I have found my HG liners and these are it. I can justify the price since they work so well. I try to buy them in as many sets as I can, like at Xmas since they offer them on sale. I won’t even bother buying any other liners at this point since I know my UD ones will never fail. How’s that for dedication. ( UD needs to give me some free ones for endorsing their product!)

    • Rina

      Agree 100%. I don’t even consider buying anything else anymore. Perversion is my everyday, so I buy it in bulk whenever I find it on sale. I thought the Velvets were a fail. My personal conspiracy theory is they tanked so UD rebranded them as the waterline pencils, LOL. They were just too dry. So maybe that’s just a .001% hype…

  • Rachel R.

    Total hit as far as I’m concerned. I love the color selection and how they last on my oily lids. Perversion is my Holy Grail black; Roach is my HG brown. I could go on.

  • Sarah

    It’s all hype for me, I am afraid. I have oily, hooded lids and UD melts right off me. Jordana’s liners are a much cheaper alternative and almost identical in formula and wear.

  • Lucinda

    Great post1

    Totally a hit and I have oily eyelids as well. The packaging is superior. So many other pencil eyeliners dry out before I get to use them but I’ve had some of the 24/7 pencils from the first Ocho Loco set that are still going strong.

  • CornyMetoka

    Hit AND hype, IMO. A few of the brightly coloured ones I find to be difficult to stick to my waterline and can drag a bit too much on my eyelid, I always have to warm them up on my hand first. Zero and Demolition are my everyday items, they’re creamy and nice but have a tendency to smudge on the outer corners of my eyes after an hour or two so I have to do regular check-ups to make sure I don’t have raccoon eyes. Perversion irritated my eyes to tears so that’s a no-go. I haven’t tried any other eyeliners that I’ve liked better so right now I’m sticking to UD but after reading the other comments, I’m going to try out the NYX ones too!

  • Yen

    It’s a hit for me if I use them to line my bottom lashes. They don’t do so well on my upper lashes because my skin is more saggy. I’ve never found any pencil that glides on my upper lashes easily except for Pixi

  • quinctia

    In general, I like them. I don’t find all of the shades that are supposedly in the formula to be equal with one another, formula-wise, in reality. The more matte shades (like Perversion) and the shimmer shades wear very well on my upper lid. The creamy ones (like Zero) want to migrate to the corners of my eye.

    In the same type of eyeliners, I vastly prefer Pixi’s formula to other brands’.

    UDs pencils don’t stay on my waterline, but neither do anyone else’s. I get lower lid migration with any pencil liner I wear as well, so I can’t fault UD there, either.

  • Kim

    Hype for me. I don’t have oily lids but I have asian hooded eyes and these liners transfert like crazy and they don’t stay at all on my waterline. The colors are pretty but for the price there are better options out there I think.

  • Jen R

    HIT! I have 30+ colors that I’ve collected from various sets over the last several years and there are very few that I wouldn’t re-buy, if I ever use them up! Beautiful color assortment, lots with interesting sparkle, long-wearing on my oily, watery eyes – I could go on!

    And I have tried other brands, and just don’t like them as much! Marc Jacobs aren’t as creamy and can flake, Sephora brand go on well but crumble below my eyes, MUFE are too dense…

  • DivaDebbi

    I have reviewed these too Is. I think it was Reviews that reached out to me. They did exhaustive research and found these to be the best. Frankly, I’m equally happy with my Revlon Colorstay Pencil for 1/3 the price. The array of shades is nice but also dizzying. There were like 9 Browns alone!

  • inatay02

    HYPE!!! I am so in love with bright outrageous liner but these will not stay on my lids. No setting or primer can make them stay. halfway through the day I will have a halo around my eye of whatever color I had as my eyeliner. NYX is a better bargain but the same thing happens. I have to stick to liquid liner to not look like a Rainbow Panda at the emd of the day. 🙁

  • Leslie Eifert

    HIT for me. I have quite a few colors and love them all. Like using NYX as well but find they smudge more. Only color that gives me trouble is Perversion in my waterline. Just seems to irritate the hell out of my eyes!

  • Jules

    I would say mostly HIT! I own more of these than any other makeup item, except for Buxom lip glosses. I especially love the matte colors like Perversion & Sabbath, and the shimmery shades, like Mushroom and Rockstar. The glittery ones, like Ether and Oil Slick, are more hype…they don’t apply or wear nearly as well. I do think, though, that other brands are catching up…L’Oreal & Sephora liners do equally well for a lower price!

  • Codename Duchess

    Hype! I mean don’t get me wrong, they’re a great product (though they aren’t quite as smudgeproof on me as on some people), but other brands have liners with identical formulas at significantly lower prices. And while yes, their color range is great, Sephora’s is almost as large, performs just as well and costs half the price. I haven’t bought a UD pencil in years.

  • Melissa

    They are my HG liner. All of the colors, but especially Perversion. Nothing else compares for me.

  • Brittany

    I have oily lids and LOVE these liners. I’ve been using them for years!

  • Michelle

    I have oily lids and these are basically are the only pencil liners I use. I have 25 different colors and have to remind myself constantly not to buy more until I get some used up. I have only bought one at full price which was a backup of Lust before it got dc’d. All the rest have been in sets (like Ocho Loco 2 and Black Market )when they hit the sale page or have come in palettes which I also almost exclusively purchase off the sale page.

  • Lesley A.

    They disappear on me. Love all the colors but I have to either use them as shadows over or under other shadows or if I use them as liners I have to set them with powder shadow. Even though the colors are pretty I will rarely take the time to do that so I don’t use them often. Fortunately, the Julep gel pencils and also the Stila twist up ones work well for me.

  • Celia

    I wish these worked for me- I love Urban Decay shadows because with a primer they last upwards of ten hrs, but on my oily lids and even with a primer the pencils crease w/in 1-2 hrs. I can wear a Bobbi Brown gel liner, the Tarte clay liners, and the Charlotte Tilbury pencil liner all day and they never budge. It’s the one thing keeping me from buying a UD vault one day.

  • Lorraine

    Hit. I have oily lids and these work great in every way plus the sheer amount of colors can’t be beat.
    Also they last forever without drying or going bad

  • Jennifer

    Unfortunately, the UD pencils don’t work very well for me on my oily hooded eyes, even when I use eyeshadow primer, set the liner with powder, and use a setting spray. My HG eyeliner is surprisingly a reported drugstore dupe for the UD pencils: Jordana’s 12HR Made To Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil. The name is deceiving, it’s a creamy pencil liner similar to UD’s. The Jordana liner lasts all day on me and looks impeccable, plus they are inexpensive. Highly recommend!

  • Thiel

    Honestly, it’s a bit of both for me. I do feel that UD performs a bit better than nyx and Jordana, my runners-up, but not so much so as to justify the pricetag. Maybe if I was a millionaire, but as a college student on a perpetual budget, I’ll take the cheaper option every time!

  • Alecto

    I have three of these pencils (Asphyxia, Woodstock, and Goldmine) and they work great (slightly oily lids, but more of a problem with migration below the eye with almost all pencils). I’m a fan of Sephora pencils, though, and am not likely to buy anymore UD, unless they come up with a color that is totally unique and Sephora refrains from jumping on the dupe wagon.