March 9, 2016

An Introduction To Zoologist Perfumes

Zoologist Perfume

Ready to dig deeper into niche fragrances? I thought I’d do an introduction to Zoologist Perfumes today because it happens to include two of my favorite niche fragrances (Hummingbird and Bat). I also wanted to tell you how you could easily try all the fragrances in the Zoologist Perfume Collection without breaking the bank!

Let’s take a look!

I’m not fragrance expert but I know what I like! And I’ve wanted to share many of my fragrance likes on Musings of a Muse for a while now but I also didn’t want to bore anyone. I made a little New Year’s Resolution to myself that I would start sharing more of my fragrance choices on the blog in the hopes that it might help each of you to discover something new, unique, and different in the world of perfume.

Zoologist Perfume is high on my like list. This Canadian company has a slight fascination with animals and that comes through in their gorgeous perfumes which capture the behaviors of animals and transforms them into truly beautiful and unusual fragrances.

Zoologist Perfumes

Zoologist Fragrance

The Zoologist Fragrance Collection is made up five “animal” scents (don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making of these perfumes) which are Beaver, Hummingbird (my fav!), Bat, Rhinoceros, and Panda. Each fragrance has a variety of notes with a nod to the animal they were inspired by.

I found many of the fragrance earthy and primal with the exception of Hummingbird which also happens to be my favorite blend from this fragrance house.

The interesting thing about Zoologist Fragrances is the fact they take you on a sensory journey. They are very complex perfumes which morph, change, and rearrange from the initial mist to the dry down and hours into the wear. They are a fragrance formula that you’ll be able to smell the top, middle, and base notes of. It’s not a quick mist of jumbled notes here. This is truly a sensory experience where the wearer is taken on an ever changing journey. So just when you think you’ve taken one path and you know the way home, suddenly there’s a twist in the road that brings you to a new adventure. The fragrances are complex enough that they are every changing! For example, I hated Bat with a passion when I first tried it. It instantly transported me to a cold, damp cave where hundreds of bats peacefully rested. There’s a damp, just turned dirt note that completely turned me off. But you can’t judge a book by their cover as they say because this morphs as it dries down and banana comes out to play in the background. Hours into the wear tropical fruits, sandalwood, and a soothing warmth envelopes me. Honestly, the initial mist made me think this one was a scrubber (scrubber: the act of misting yourself with a perfume, hating it, and running to the washroom to scrub it off). It surprisingly won me over with time and a little bit of patience.

This is how it is with all of the Zoologist Fragrances! Just when you think you’ve pegged them out they suddenly change and rearrange and becoming something else.

Now, as I said, many of these fragrances are very earthy and not at all to my liking, however, Hummingbird and Bat are two of my favorites and complete keepers. But you’re not going to want to blindly purchase either of those at $125 a pop without trying them first.

No problem! Zoologist offers all five of their fragrances for $25 in a sample set that includes 5 x 0.08 oz mist sprays so you can get down to seeing which of these are keepers.

If you are niche fragrance connoisseur already Zoologist might just be a brand you haven’t yet ventured into. Or if you’re just starting out into the world of niche perfumes, Zoologist is a great way to introduce yourself to something a little more unique and complex. It’s a brand that will definitely broaden your fragrance horizons.

Grab the sample set I mentioned within this post or any full sizes Zoologist Perfumes at

Tried Zoologist already?

Share your favorites from the brand!


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  • Elaine

    Hi–you have stoked my interest — what is Hummingbird like? Love the portrait art—does Panda include some bamboo ?–what does China smell like? That Beaver is adorable! They need to make posters too…for classrooms….Thanks for sharing and I will take a look and hope to grab some samplers. Elaine

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Elaine! Hummingbird is too difficult to explain but I’ll try. 🙂 It’s a cocktail of fruits at first mist, apple, cherry, citrus, plum…but as it dries down it becomes cleaner and fresher less sweet with a soft soothing voilet note mixed with warm amber and woods! It’s just really fresh and pretty. Panda does indeed have bamboo notes, he’s a fresher, greener fragrance. A little dark at first mist though! I agree! The art is amazing on these 🙂 I hope you like them as much as I do!

      • Elaine

        Thanks, got the Hummingbird after a nice read—and found some good mimosa stuff at luckyscent….thanks for the niche notes! Have a good week!

        • Isabella Muse

          awesome! let me know what you think Elaine! Eager to hear 🙂 have a great week!

  • Claire L

    Love the look and sound of these! So quirky! Perfume is difficult to get shipped to the UK cos of the shipping restrictions, hope they come to the UK. I love your description of ‘Bat’, it definitely makes me want to try it!

      • Isabella Muse

        Oh do let me know what you think Claire? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    • Isabella Muse

      Did they ship it ok for you? Not sure how much shipping is to the UK!

  • Anne K

    I had a similar reaction to Bat. I hated it when I first applied it, but it evolved into a very interesting yet wearable fragrance. As an aside, the perfumer that created Bat is Ellen Covey who has created her own niche fragrance company, Olympic Orchids I ordered a Deluxe Variety Set of 2ml samples ($45) several months ago and I’m amazed at the quality and variety of the scents she creates. They’re very different from mass market perfumes.

  • lizzie

    Thanks for this. I love niche fragrances. Rouge Bunny Rouge makes some of my favorites. I’m going to try the sample set. Its so refreshing to walk into a room a smell something other than the common fruity floral

    • Isabella Muse

      Agreed! I mean don’t get me wrong I like a few celeb scents and designer ones but for a unique experience niche is the way to go 🙂 I haven’t ventured into RBR, do they have any gourmands?

      • Lauren

        Muse, since you like gourmands, you may like Coolife’s Le Quatrieme. It’s pretty new, but it’s the most amazing vanilla. It doesn’t have a ton of sillage, so it’s great for office wear, but it lasts and lasts on the skin. I kept going back for hours and sniffing the spot I sprayed, lol. I almost picked up a bottle during my NYC trip this past week, and I would have if I hadn’t just splurged on a couple of other scents (Heeley Iris de Nuit and Les Liquides Imaginiares Ile Pourpre) at Twisted Lily and Aedes de Venustas. I kind of wish I’d gotten it instead of the Ile Pourpre, since I’m not over-the-moon about the long-term dry-down of the Ile Pourpre.

        • Isabella Muse

          Lauren, Le Quatrieme is on my list but I skipped out on it because I was scared of the patchouli. patchouli can be brilliant sometimes but also terrible! My ideal vanilla is Stila’s Creme Bouquet. Now you have me curious! Might have to grab a sample 😀 Aedes de Venustas is a keeper! Beautiful bottle, great sillage, almost uni-sex-like for me which is something I love in a fragrance. Ile Pourpre was in store? I haven’t yet tried it. Twisted Lily is out of the way for me, so I typically order samples from their site. just easier than going all the way too Brookyln :-/ How are you liking Heeley Iris de Nuit? It goes very powdery on me, not quite what I wanted/expected after reading reviews that said it was candy-like.

          • Lauren

            I didn’t pick up much patch in the Le Quatrieme, honestly. It just turns jnto a really nice creamy, slightly woody, honeyed vanilla on me. The only thing i wish it had was more sillage.

            Actually, I got the Ile Pourpre at the Aedes de Venustas store, lol. Didn’t get the Aedes scent, though. I sniffed both the L’Artisan one and the Aedes lines, and got samples of a couple of the Aedes line.

            I absolutely adore the Heeley! On me, it does go a bit powdery, but it turns into a great candied violet scent.

          • Isabella Muse

            Oh sorry I read that you purchased duhhhhh! Aedes de Venustas store, but that peacock though right? 😀 haha! I could happily live there, just set me up a little cot somewhere! I’m going to try a sample of Le Quatrieme on your rec! it sounds like something I’d like! Oh gosh I wish it went candied violet on me booo 🙁 Have you smelled the new Il Profvmo? Apparently has notes of praline I believe I read!

          • Elaine

            Muse and Lauren–thanks for the master class in scent! I wish I lived in NYC for all these great places—must visit soon!
            How about a Muse gathering to meet you and your followers — next fall?? I would come! Love the perfume notes and news! Keep em coming. Elaine

          • Isabella Muse

            Haha! Don’t get me started I’ll be here all day discussing perfume! Honestly, Twisted Lily is too much of a pain to get to but if you’re in Manhatten, Aedes de Venustas is a nice place to visit. It’s in the village so it’s a nice area to visit anyway so might as well go shop perfume while there 😀 That would be fun, I’d be up for that!

  • Lauren

    Muse, I have to say that I completely missed the peacock, lol! I was too busy squee-ing over their wall of Serge Lutens bell bottle perfumes!

    I really like the Twisted Lily store, and I think it’s worth the trip, if you combine it with several other stops. I was doing a Brooklyn pizza tour that day, so I just made a stop there, too (Sottocasa has amazing Neopolitan-stle pizza and is just down the street from TL). I liked the customer service a bit better than that of Aedes, too. The service at Aedes was a bit stuck up and pretentious until the sales lady realized that I was a serious customer that knew good perfumes and not just a browsing tourist.

    I haven’t tried the Il Profvmo scent, but I’ll check it out now! If you’re wanting a candied violet scent, try YeYe Y.O.R.K. It was so great smelling, but I passed on it because I’d already bought the Iris de Nuit and it was a bit too similar smelling to spend that much, even though I loved it.

    Elaine, I would definitely be interested in a Muse perfume gathering, too! I live in Miami, but I love NYC, and would take any excuse to go back!

    • Isabella Muse

      HOWWWWWWWWWWWW! I wanna take it home, pet it, and tell it how beautiful it is 😀 Haha! I don’t own a single bell bottle from SL, all mine are the tall rectangle ones! P.S. speaking of vanilla I hope you own vanille bois! Mmmm cake! 😀

      Not to defend Aedes but I think they get a lot of walk ins without anyone buying anything so I think they develop a kinda of a snarky attitude due to that. Granted, it shouldn’t be that way because you never know who is walking in the door and what they might buy. Could be someone in sweat pants and a t shirt that doesn’t look like a potential buyer but ends up spending a ton of cash. But…on the other hand I know it must be annoying at times for them when they get a lot of people touching but not buying. So yeah, I kinda sorta get the attitude. At least they were nice to you after they knew you were an expert 😀

      It’s not yet available here in the US but you can order it from Essenza Nobile which ships worldwide but it would be a blind buy. I blind bought it since I like a majority of their fragrances and this sounded too good to pass up!

      I’m putting that in my spreadsheet now! I’ll give it a try!

      Also, not niche, but designer, have you heard of the new thierry mugler launching in April? I’m very, very curious about this one!

      E-mail me if you’re in the city again soon! I’d love to shop fragrance with you!

      • Lauren

        I do own Bois Vanille! It’s more of a woody vanilla one me, though, instead of a cake vanilla. Have you tried Dolcelesir by L’Erbolario? It’s an Italian brand, and I actually had to order mine from because it’s super hard to find in the US. It’s a really nice gourmand vanilla, and I think you’d like it. I’ll have to look into the ones you mentioned! I’ll definitely let you know the next time I’m in NYC!

        • Isabella Muse

          Oh me it’s all cake! 😀 No! Now I have to go an order that! 😀 haha! Blind buy but sounds good and not expensive either! Thanks! Does ship quickly? Anything else I need from there before hitting submit 😀 Tell me have you tried any 4160 Tuesdays!? They are lovely 😀 GOOD! I’d love that. I think we’d have a blast together 🙂 I’ll let you know if I’m in Miami anytime soon! Sadness because I was just there like 2 months ago, I wish we had been talking at the time!

          • Lauren

            I remember them shipping pretty quickly, I think, and they stuck some samples of other products in, too. If you like the old perfume Vanilla Fields, you’d like the L’Erbolario Vanilla and Ginger, since it has some similar notes. I, sadly, had to sell the bottle of vanilla and ginger to a coworker who loves Vanilla Fields, as I find Vanilla Fields to be nauseating, lol.

            They carry a bunch of other stuff, so if you need any oils, vinegars, candy, etc., you might as well go ahead and add it to the order.

            Definitely let me know when you’re in Miami again! It’s always nice to find another fragrance junky!

          • Isabella Muse

            Hey Lauren, sorry bit behind replying! 🙂 I want to say I remember vanilla fields but I can’t recall every smelling it! Darn! But I still wanna try! I love me some vanilla 😀 I’ll let you know what I think! Will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And likewise when you are in NY! 😀

          • Lauren

            I haven’t tried th 4160 Tuesdays, but I want to!

          • Isabella Muse

            Check out they do an entire set of most of the fragrance in a sampler. Well worth trying especially if you own and love any of the Lush Perfumes. I really believe Lush comes through in Sarah’s fragrances (although I don’t think she’d like me saying that haha).

    • Elaine

      Hi Lauren and Muse–I have family in South Florida too–thanks for the ideas!
      Muse, gather the troops–it would be a great looking and smelling party!

      • Isabella Muse

        We have to make sure we are all either in Manhattan of Florida at the same time 😀 It’ll be a blast! Seriously, email me when you guys are in the area!

  • Iris

    I received my prize from the Zoologist x Olympic Orchids contest (you’ve reminded me I should message them to let them know I got it). I am going to be trying Bat very soon. I love bats and hope I love the perfume.

  • Rina

    BAT won top honors at the Art and Olfaction awards this past Saturday! It was a thrill and pleasure to share it with my friend Victor and Ellen! Well deserved for sure! For more info on A+O and the other winners, go to art and olfaction dawt com.