April 6, 2016

Bare Minerals Eyeshadow 8.0 The Suede Neutrals One Day Only Sale

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

Bare Minerals Eyeshadow 8.0 The Suede Neutrals

Get the Bare Minerals Eyeshadow 8.0 The Suede Neutrals for one day only on sale at QVC.com for $34 (it returns to full price tomorrow)!

I LOVE the 8.0 Ready Eyeshadow Palettes so I’m excited about this.

Shades include:

  • Ivory (porcelain)
  • Air (satin taupe)
  • Satin Cloud (creamy peach)
  • Gold Leaf (burnt gold)
  • Pale Silk (misty rose)
  • Mahogany (deep sable)
  • Saddle (natural tan)
  • Vintage Suede (bold mocha)

Get it now at QVC.com.

P.S. How we feeling about Negan? I already know who gets killed as I read the comics but I’m having a blast with the “WHO GOT KILLED!?” theories that are circulating the Internet. The fact that Papa Winchester is now on Walking Dead is what really thrills me though.

On that note, I will say the person I think got killed is Aaron. We all know they don’t follow the comic road with the TV series and Aaron hasn’t gotten very much air time lately and the fact he randomly tagged along for the road trip after being absent for a majority of the season makes me think they are screwing with our heads about possibly losing a major character.

I won’t mention who I know does get killed just in case it is that person. But I will say if they follow through with the comic story plot that would be pretty cool!

But I doubt it.

I think it is Aaron!

Totally sticking to that theory.

Catch me in October when the show returns and have a pat on the back ready for my good sleuthing!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Christina D.

    This looks really nice but I think I must pass for now. I’ve been indulging entirely too much, and tomorrow is the first day of the Sephora VIB Rouge event. Plus, I’m slightly bummed that I bought the NYX palettes after what you mentioned.

    Disappointed with unnecessary cliffhanger (again) on TWD. As long as it’s not Rick or Darryl, I’ll keep tuning in. But it would really be stupid if they decide to go with the comics now and it was Glenn, particularly after last season’s dumb-ass cliffhanger. I’m guessing Abraham, maybe Eugene since he’s the only one who had his hands tied (and wouldn’t you put your hands up to protect yourself, even as a reflex?).

    • Isabella Muse

      Don’t be disappointed! You might like them!!!!!!! I am very curious if they go with Glenn, I didn’t want to spoil it too much in my post and mention him. I think it would be cool if they went with a major character be it Glenn or otherwise! But I’m thinking they aren’t going to do that, I think they are going to whack Aaron and make you think, for the next six months, that it is someone you love (not that Aaron isn’t lovable but he’s kinda undeveloped in the tv series). I don’t think Eugene as Negan mentioned how the person he hit was still standing and being all tough about it so I was thinking that could potentially mean Abraham since everyone else aside from Carl and him. Even Rick was sobbing like a little girl. But Carl and Abraham totally had a “come at me bro!” attitude!

      • Tracy

        OMG yes some TWD chat ! My bet was on Carl (which will make Rick go INSANE) because he had a gun from the saviors and also, he is important enough, or Glenn, because of the comics, but your theory on Aaron totally makes sense… I’m really impressed by Carl’s maturity and badass-ness. Abraham doesn’t care to die at this point, he’s kind of having a life crisis for the last few episodes…

        haha yes my comment has nothing to do with makeup…

        • Isabella Muse

          Oh no. Carl and Negan develop a bro-mance in the comics, if they decided to whack Carl I’d so miss out on that development of that relationship. I’m really proud of Abraham and Carl though because out of everyone they both stood proud. Everyone seemed kinda whiney about the entire thing especially Rick who was sitting there sobbing. But Abraham just puffed his chest up when Negan passed him and Carl looked him dead in the eye. I was like, GOOD ON YOU, guys! 😀 Aaron seems the most logical at this part. They had a little development of the character last season but it fell off into the wastelands and it seems pretty smart to have everyone thinking OMG NOT MAGGIE OMG NOT DARYL OMG NOT SO AND SO…everyone is concentrating on beloved characters but most people forgot that Aaron was on this little roadtrip too. Haha that’s ok! Makeup, walking dead, it’s all good!

          • Gillie

            This particular eye shadow palette doesn’t interest me much, but TWD? Yep.

            I don’t know that I’d miss Abraham all that much, though his strange exclamations always make me laugh. You never know what’s going to come out of his mouth. Given that his story arc started with the loss of his family, though, I can see that it would come to an end with his recent willingness to start over with Sasha. And I think his personality is the type that would stoically accept a beating in order to keep the others safe. So, he’s definitely a contender.

            I’d be sad if it was Eugene, though. There’s something so endearing about him, and his newfound sense of belonging is one of the things that kept me interested this season. I’d like to see more of him, and losing Abraham could definitely drive Eugene and Rosita closer together.

            On the other hand, so many people were pulling for Glenn to make it out of the dumpster disaster, just so that he COULD meet his demise with Negan…one almost feels like it SHOULD be Glenn, you know?

            Why do we have to wait until October?!?!?!

          • Isabella Muse

            I couldn’t agree more. I think as a fan of the comics I was totally one of those people saying “PLEASE please let him come out of this alive so he can meet Negan” How morbid am I? LOL!

        • Sarah V

          I immediately ruled out Rick and Carl because Negan said that if anyone tried to stop him to take ‘Carl’s other eye out and feed it to his Father’….so I’m thinking neither met Lucille.

  • Melanie

    I have never been so hooked on a show as I am with TWD. In parts the comic book is followed and major scenes no… I won’t say either who dies in the comic book but yet I wonder if they might follow it for a change. His contract was only to season 6 with no mention of renewal and the other has a new show starting and they been hitting at a major character loss. It is highly doubtful that Rick will go anytime soon. He is a major character and will be a huge loss of viewers and decline of show. I can’t wait for October…..Love that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is on the show but wow to the sinister side of him…. In beauty news I have lost interest in these bare mineral palettes. The colors are boring and no matter what primer i use it creases. VIB rouge sale tomorrow !!! and Ulta 20%…..

    • Isabella Muse

      I heard the same about his contract but that’s easy to redeem and also kinda to leak onto the internet so everyone thinks they KNOW it is him and in fact it probably isn’t. I can’t wait either! I am dying inside! 😀 I love JDM as a badass! Nice to see him outside of mr nice guy 😀 Plus I miss him on SN so it’s great seeing him on another show I love. Gotta admit the 8.0 are still totally a love for me 😀

      • melanie

        you are so right. Contract issue is an easy fix. I am just dying for the new season !!! Love JDM

        • Isabella Muse

          love love love JDM for sure 😀 Don’t worry, Summer will go by fast, it’ll be October soon enough 😀

  • Christina D.

    Abraham has been unrealistically optimistic and making plans for the future (really? talking babies with Sasha?) and that is usually a death warrant on TWD. Heck, I think Negan should give the bat to Rosita and she can beat Abraham to death.

    • Isabella Muse

      Agreed! They barely developed that relationship and suddenly she’s all coy, batting eyes like “Oh yes let’s make babies!” Haha agreed. He screwed her over but hey at least that leaves room for Rosita and Eugene to finally hookup! I can’t WAIT to see that hopefully they do that plot justice!

    • Katie Hart

      I think it’s Abraham hands down (despite knowing who dies in the comics).
      He has all 3 of the people who care most about him present (Shasha, Eugene, and Rosita) to witness his “potential” death. and the producer on Talking Dead said next season the death will drive how everyone acts and that works if his closest people got to see what happened.

      • Isabella Muse

        Eugene being the one that would be most devastated lol!

  • Christina D.

    OK I caved again. Apparently the only way I am going to go on a no buy for longer than 5 minutes is to stop reading my favorite beauty blog. Apparently retail therapy is not working for me.

  • blee

    I agree with Christina. * make note before you buy check to see if you already have some of these colors* LOL 🙂

  • Alice

    TWD caught my eye more than the Bare Minerals Palette LOL! 🙂
    Totally disappointed in the finale – thought it was such a cop out! My guess is that it’s who it is in the comics. Apparently some superfan has slowed the audio down and you can hear names being called. But I’m sure they might decide to go another way too – but if it’s Aaron, I think people are gonna be disappointed…!

    • Isabella Muse

      haha 😀 I love that caught your eye first! Mmmm the audio slow down thing doesn’t have me convinced at all! I think it would be too obvious if they killed who they are supposed to kill so I’m not sure. I’m sticking with Aaron 😀 I don’t know, I think they are screwed either way! If they don’t kill someone major off people are going to be like OMG that’s dumb and if they do kill someone major off people are gong to be like NOOOOOOOO not my fav character! So, either way, they can’t make people happy this one is a hard one 😀

      • Gillie

        On the Talking Dead, they were talking about how the show runners spent a lot of time discussing how to film that scene because they knew people would slow it down, look at all the angles, and totally “Zapruder” it!

  • Sarah

    I’m guessing Abraham. He was supposed to be killed by the arrow that ended up killing Denise. My guess is that they delayed killing him in that episode so that they could kill him in the finale.

    • Isabella Muse

      I dunno! I think that maybe they are looking to go a little further with Abraham and that’s why they didn’t bother killing him earlier! I also think, on some levels, the way he’s portrayed by Michael Cudlitz, makes him a fan favorite!

  • Agona

    This must be the QVC’s exclusive neutral palette since Ulta and Sephora have their own. I bought the Ulta 14-pan one and skipped on the Sephora eye & cheek one. Dern it! I might have to squeeze this into my low-buy (low, not no–ha!) right now. Hope you review, Muse!!

    • Isabella Muse

      the Sephora one is a busy! Don’t buy it 😀 I will review!!!!!!

      • Agona

        Yeah, I thought it might be! I saw the swatches on Temptalia’s blog (but she’s fallen behind on reviews; spring releases overload I guess!) and there were like 4 light shades, 1 mid-tone, and 1 dark shade. I have medium skintone… -_- For a 6 pan, it should be 2-2-2 …or something??

        • Agona

          That was rhetorical!! I’m sure I’ll see in your review. 🙂

        • Isabella Muse

          I saw her swatches today! I swatched last night and was even more disappointed. It’s such a bust. At least put a few contrasting shades in the palette 🙁

      • Deidre

        On the fence as to weather I should but it or not, even with shipping it is still a little cheaper, colors look nice.

        • Agona

          I bit the bullet since it was sale priced. Plus, I could see it was arranged in 2 quads–for me, I need to be able to see how I’d use a palette to be inspired.

          • Agona

            I forgot to mention, this almost seems like a sequel to the Power Neutrals, Posh and Sexy Neutrals. Especially since this is a silver case and the Power Neutrals had been rereleased in gold, with Posh and Sexy being repromotes in rose gold and bronze cases.

          • Isabella Muse

            I agree! Alot of the shades seem the same! I still had to have it though 😀

      • Deidre

        On the fence as to weather I should buy it or not, even with shipping it is still a little cheaper, colors look nice.

  • Nina

    I believe Negan killed someone that was captured by the saviors and was in that van (Daryl, Michonne, Glenn, or Rosita). They used first person camera angle while filming the inside of the van and obviously during the Lucile scene. Supposedly it is a hint on who was killed. Those first person shots show the top of Daryl’s head so I think it is one of the other three. I just hope it is not Michonne. =(

    • Isabella Muse

      That would mean it is either Daryl or Glenn in my opinion!

      • Nina

        Can’t be Daryl if that theory is true since the first person point of view shows the back of his head. I really hope they go the comic book route since that story line strongly impacts another character’s story line.

        PS. Thanks for the advice on not buying the Sephora exclusive Bare Minerals palette. I was going to purchase that one too today during the Rouge sale. You just saved me some money…. Who am I kidding, I will probably just spend it on something else =).

        • Isabella Muse

          Oh don’t it’s crap! Get the one from Ulta if you have 20% Platnium! Way better 😀 Or the QVC one looks nice. Agreed, I’d like to see them stick with Glenn too!!!!!!

          • Nina

            I already got the Ulta BM palette with my 20% off. Ordered the one from QVC too =).

  • Carol G

    Ok, so here’s my theory on TWD: I know no one will agree with me and my own son said I was nuts, but I think it was Rick. If you watch Talking Dead, Scott Gimple said that this episode is the end of this story and Season 7 is the beginning of a new story. Now, if you look at this whole situation from Negan’s POV, Rick is a crazy, people killing psycho who needs to be stopped. We, the audience, know Rick and the group and think they are the good guys. But if you are looking from the outside in towards Rick and the group, they all look like killers.
    Now I know this scenario will not be what happens, but if the show truly wanted to shake things up and shock people, they would indeed kill Rick.
    Don’t think it’ll be Glenn because they already fake killed him earlier in the season with the whole dumpster incident, so it would be too predictable to kill him off now.

    • Isabella Muse

      so much great theory in this post Carol! I doubt they would kill Rick but it’s true! We know Negan is nuts but looking at in reverse Rick and his group appear to be the lunatics!