April 12, 2016

Bare Minerals The Suede Neutrals Ready Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Bare Minerals The Suede Neutrals Ready Eyeshadow

The Bare Minerals The Suede Neutrals Ready Eyeshadow Palette ($36) is a new, QVC exclusive Ready Eyeshadow 8.0 Palette that recently launched for Spring 2016. This is the third Spring 2016 Palette we’re seeing from Bare Minerals with The Neutral Attraction Eyeshadow Palette being available at Sephora and other locations and the Nature of the Nudes Palette which is exclusively at Ulta.

Bare Minerals The Suede Neutrals Ready Eyeshadow Palette is a selection of nearly all matte shades which looked like a great pick for nude Spring looks.

Here’s my review and swatches.

Bare Minerals The Suede Neutrals Ready Eyeshadow Palette comes housed in a silver mirror compact that features eight shades of Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadows in:

  • Ivory
  • Air
  • Satin Cloud
  • Gold Leaf
  • Pale Silk
  • Mahogany
  • Saddle
  • Vintage Suede

Bare Minerals The Suede Neutrals Ready Eyeshadow Palette

Bare Minerals The Suede Neutrals Ready Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Pale Silk, Mahognay, Saddle, Vintage Suede)

Bare Minerals The Suede Neutrals Ready Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Pale Silk, Mahognay, Saddle, Vintage Suede)

Bare Minerals The Suede Neutrals Ready Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Ivory, Air, Satin Cloud, Gold Leaf)

Bare Minerals The Suede Neutrals Ready Eyeshadow Palette Swatches (Ivory, Air, Satin Cloud, Gold Leaf)

What sets this compact apart from other Ready Eyeshadow 8.0 Palettes is the fact that six of the eight shades are matte. So if matte eyeshadow is your thing, I’m sure you’ll get on great with the Suede Neutrals. There’s also one frost here and a shimmery metallic shade as well. The mattes are very soft, silky, and have a finely milled consistency that applies easily with very little fall out. The frost and shimmery metallic shade also have a nice soft consistency but aren’t quite the creamy smooth texture I’ve gotten in past palettes from BE. These felt a little thinner and sheerer in comparison but none the less still very nicely formulated. The shades did have to built as many blended out sheerer sadly so I found myself going over them a few times for intensity.

The palette is a nice selection of shades but I struggled with it as it was difficult getting contrast from many of these colors since they were so similar. I kept getting a good deal of muddiness during the blending process as the shades seemed to all blend into one color. I think it might prove a better pick for someone with a cooler skin tone who doesn’t want to overwhelm themselves with intense shades of brown or tan. But for me, it seemed like all the shaded looked the same on my eye.

Bare Minerals The Suede Neutrals fotd

Bare Minerals The Suede Neutrals Ready Eyeshadow Palette fotd

Sad sigh!

It’s very rare I don’t like a Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow Palette but this one didn’t quite work out for me.

Oh well!

I was thinking if I use individual shades in my looks it might prove a better outcome but using these shades together just wasn’t working out.

Did you get the Bare Minerals The Suede Neutrals Ready Eyeshadow Palette?

How did it work out for you!

It’s available now, exclusively at QVC.com.

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Christina D.

    I did indeed order it and should have it in my possession shortly. It looks beautiful and since I love mattes and cooler tones, it might be a win/win for me (I hope so). It’s an exception that you aren’t raving about it since you I think it’s one of your favorite formulas. I generally like the 8.0s but not as much as you…I’ve actually parted with a few that just did not do it for me, i.e. too frost.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh I agree about the frost! There’s sometimes too much of it in the 8.0 palettes. This is mainly matte. My problem with it was it was hard contrasting with some of these shades. They were a bit too sheer. Let me know what you think, very curious if you like it or not!

    • Agona

      I’m actually such the opposite! I dislike a matte eye look on me (maybe because I associate it with work looks?? Omaybe because it looks too “flat” on me and I have hooded Asian monolids?? No idea!). I was actually musing (pun intended!) why matte eye and lips are so trendy currently, and I realized that with strobing (aka high-vis highlighting) being so “in” right now, you kind of need everything else to be matte or you’ll be a disco ball! 🙂 I feel like in early 2000s, shimmery lids and glossy lips were in but foundation was more matte? Someone correct me if they remember the 2000s differently!

  • Agona

    I get mine today–I’ll let you know how looks turn out on me! I have hooded monolid Asian eyes so gradiant colors for faux dimension is a must.

    • Isabella Muse

      Let me know, I’m curious what you think! I was a little disappointed with it.

      • Agona

        Muse! I’ve only played with it for 1 day but wanted to give you my first impressions (may add more later). Some caveats first though: I have hooded Asian monolids so the only color you can see when my eyes are opened are my crease color, and my inner corner/brow bone highlight and I lean towards cool. I use my lid colors for a gradient scale effect (outwards, not upwards, to fake bigger eyes), sometimes adding a pop of color that you can only see when I blink on top of the gradient color effect on my lids. I also only can paint by numbers so I used the third combo per the instructions but w/slightly different placement: Ivory (highlight), Satin Cloud (inner lid), Pale Silk (outer lid/pop in center lid), and Vintage Suede (outer crease/outer V).

        So pros for this palette: I dislike flat mattes like in the Tartelette Tease palette and these didn’t seem “flat” to me (but definitely still matte, not satin). They reminded me a little bit of the mattes in the Honest Beauty Trios but BE’s formula is better. So I surprisingly liked the mattes in this palette (although I still personally feel like mattes create more of a day look).

        But since the only color you can see on me when my eyes are opened is the crease color, and there’s only two dark enough shades for my skin tone to be a crease color and both of them are in the same finish, I feel like I will only get 1.5 to maybe 2 eye looks (depending how different Mahogany looks from Vintage Suede on me) out of this palette. I prefer to get at least 3 looks out of my 8 pans, so to me, the looks from this palette is pretty much like having a beefed up quad.

        I like it enough to keep it but ONLY because I don’t have mattes in my current collection (I love pearls, shimmers, and metallic, don’t judge! Even satins kind of bore me). But I’d really only recommend this palette to others if they also didn’t have mattes (or maybe love mattes?), didn’t plan to travel more than a weekend with this palette (I get bored of the same look every day but that might be a “me” thing), and perhaps were a lighter skin tone than me.

        Hope my feedback helps! 🙂

        • Isabella Muse

          Hey Agona! Sorry delayed reply! I haven’t tried the Honest Beauty Palettes yet but surprised those are as soft and silky, might need to get on those. Your review is SUPER helpful! Thanks 😀 It’ll def be of help for those with monolids!!!! I’m still not convinced I love mine yet but the individual shades do work well on their own so I’m kinda sorta leaning towards using it like that versus trying to combine the shades which is when things get a bit muddy!

          • agona

            Thanks, Muse! I do have to say, I like the Power Nuetrals better! Honest Beauty shadows are good but I like BE better. 🙂

          • Isabella Muse

            I couldn’t agree more! Def a PN fan compared to this! Haven’t tried them yet but will have to check them out!

  • Twirishlady

    I got mine yesterday. I kind of love it. I used Gold Leaf on the lid, Saddle in the crease, Satin Cloud on the brow bone and lined with Mahogany. I had good success, but admittingly, I went for an easy look. Hopefully this won’t be a huge disappointment if I try for something a bit harder.

    • Isabella Muse

      Sounds good to me! I used gold leaf as well in my look! 😉 Keep me posted, curious if it works well for you!

  • Pam A

    I swore I wouldn’t buy any more BareMinerals products because I have more than enough to last a lifetime. This tempted me so much, but I decided to wait for reviews. Now I’m glad I didn’t order it because it sounds like it has the same issue that I had with another 8.0 from QVC. I can’t remember the name, but it had shades of purple in it. Everything was so sheer.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh yeah um was that the romantics I think? or the royals? I know which one you mean! I really liked this shade line up but application was a little tricky. I’m glad you waited, I think it’s safe to skip!

  • genevieve

    Thank you so much for the review. Not being a matte fan, I wouldn’t buy this palette, but I can see it working on very pale, cool toned complexions. I agree with you that the shades are very similar to each other.
    However I am still trying to get hold of the Soft and Smoky palette that only seems to be at Ulta, which does not ship internationally. Hopefully it will be released soon.

  • Jean

    The first four swatches are beautiful and on the bottom I only like Gold leaf. Skipping til I can get it for a discount ^_^

  • Susan

    This palette has been working well for me but I have fair to light skin with neutral undertones. I can see how some of the shades might look muddy if you were more in the medium range. The color payoff for me was fine, but I always wear primer. I do think that they applied better over my Too Faced Shadow Insuance vs Urban Decay Enigma primer.

  • Pam

    I’m fair with cool undertones and I love this 8.0 palette. I was not tempted at all when the QVC exclusive 8.0 came out last December so I was happy to find this one a winner. The Neutral Attraction is also gorgeous, but the Ulta exclusive nude palette seems like the shades are quite muddy. Bareminerals Ready eyeshadow is my favorite.

    • Isabella Muse

      Happy to hear it Pam! Glad it worked for you 😀