April 29, 2016

Bath & Body Works Wax Melts Coming Soon!?

bath and body works wax melts

So, Bath & Body Works Wax Melts might just be coming soon! My friend lives in Jersey and she has a White Barn store close to her home and she said they now have wax melts. I might have squealed when I heard this.

This is pretty exciting news because all the candles at Bath and Body Works are White Barn releases. Typically White Barn gets it first and soon after Bath & Body Works so I’m wondering if maybe we’ll see Bath & Body Works Wax Melts soon too?

I sure hope so. I made a promise to myself not to haul candles until I use up what I have! I’m more of a wax melt girl myself in all honesty but I got hooked on Bath & Body Works Candles and now I have enough to last me the next 10 lifetimes.

I think I burn wax melts a lot faster than I do candles in all honesty so I’m kinda excited about this.

Let’s hope they are a lot stronger than the Febreze and Glade ones that launched last year.

How do you feel about potential Bath and Body Works Wax Melts?

Or do you prefer the candles?

Do share!


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  • Carol G

    I will be on board with these depending on the price. I like melts only because you can switch up your fragrance often. They are actually building a new BBW/White Barn at a mall near me. The weird thing is, years ago they had a BBW and a WB at this same mall but then they closed the WB. So now it’s back? Weird. Seems like a waste of money but I will be sure to check it out to see if they have these.

    • Traci

      They got them in at my local BBW on Friday! It’s only a few seasonal scents but definitely still exciting. They are $4.50 or 2 for $12 but they don’t have themuch up online yet.

      • Tracy Frazier

        Bought some fall scents at White Barn earlier in the month. At 4 for 12 and being much smaller packs of 4 cubes per pack, these are quite expensive. They will have to have very different scents than what I can buy at Wal Mart to make it worth my while. Very excited to see these come to my local BBW and even better show up online. While the cost is higher, I do have to say that the throw and the longevity of the scents is excellent. With an added coupon I wouldn’t hesitate to fill up on these. Am VERY anxious to see what’s coming for Christmas.

        These come in 2nd place to all the melts I’ve tried. First place and holding strong is Swan Creek Drizzle Melts. At $5-7 for a pack, that is much larger than any of the other rectangular “cube” packs, it’s not a bad deal. What I love about these is that I don’t find any “after scent” once the scent is gone. When it’s gone, it’s gone. I also don’t find that the scent lasts as long as others, but what I have purchased has been so utterly phenomenal that it has a firm hold on my first place “favorites” slot.

  • Liz

    This is exciting!! I am obsessed with wax melts. I am always trying to find the best wax melts!!

      • Butterdaisy

        Ooh, they are on my list. Theirs are so pretty! Have you tried Wax Crumbles? People jokingly call it waxcrack bc it’s so addicting. LOL! I’ve been following your blog for a long time and I knew there was a reason other then makeup why I liked you from the beginning. WaxSisters!

      • breyerchic04

        Oh good to know, I just was trying to find some melts that weren’t whatever you find at Target, and saw their site and some cool sounding blends! I think you and i usually like the same sort of scent (I like foody, mostly bakery with some fruity, with subtle flowery ness ok). So I’ll place a first order.

  • Adrienne

    Hey Muse!
    These have been available in OH for about 3 weeks now. I purchased some last week in the golden pineapple luau and some kind of breeze. I haven’t used them yet as it’s not very “springy” here right now.

    • Isabella Muse

      ugh not here in NY! I NEED! In white barn or BBW Adrienne curious minds?

      • Adrienne

        I purchased them on the White Barn side both stores are connected now since they remodeled so you just cut through the center of the store. They had some on display at the front counter with the featured scents 3/$12 and the other scents at the “front tables” if you enter White Barn directly.

        • Isabella Muse

          Sadly no White Barns around here :-/ Guess I have to wait for BBW to get ’em!

  • Rosie Areola (Heather)

    I actually tweeted at B&BW sometime around Christmas asking if they would make Wax Melts so this is a dream come true for me!! Yipeeeee lol

  • Kimmwc03

    I saw one of the “candle bloggers” had a pic on Instagram earlier this week but they were pricy (can’t remember the exact price). I’m glad they are building a White Barn at my local mall soon.

    • Butterdaisy

      The Bath and Body Works melts are 3for$12 and 5for$15 (reg. 4.50). 22 scents are available!

  • Jay

    I burn through wax melts soooo slowly! I don’t think I know how to use them lol. How long should they stay heated? When do I toss them? So many questions! I only started buying them because I saw the cutest owl wax melter at Target. I like the ease of wax melts, but sometimes I forget about them.

    • Isabella Muse

      I typically burn them only once but you can def let them harden and relight them later on. I typically burn one for a few hours (like six sometimes seven hours straight when I’m home) and after I let them harden in my warmer, stick my warmer in the fridge, and pop the wax out and toss it (only for tealight warmers! Electric warmers you can pop out by sliding a butter knife at the rim of the wax).

  • Butterdaisy

    There are pics of the new Bath and Body Works Tarts on Social Media. Someone had them in a tart haul they made. I’m a TartAddict! I was in awe when I saw them bc I’d heard they had them some time ago and then stopped selling them. I saw pics about a week ago. I’ll see if I can find the names of the scents I saw. I can’t wait to get some to melt in my warmers!

    • Butterdaisy

      BTW: I’m all wickless now. I only use candles to melt them on my warmer and turn them into tarts. Love some of the scents from Glade, Febreeze and only 1 scent from AirWick. Burt’s Bees new melts are fantastic!! There are 15 scents of those. Have you tried them? The Bath and Body Works melts are 3for$12 and 5for$15 (reg. 4.50). 22 scents are available! Waikiki Beach Coconut, Suntan, Beautiful Day, watermelon lemonade, Honolulu sun, Figi white sands, golden pineapple luau, Mango Shores, Tiki Beach, Georgia Peach, Vanilla Bean, Mahogany Teakwood, Bowties & Bourbon, White Gardenia, Hawaiian Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Lilac Blossom, Turquoise Waters, Eucalyptus Mint, white sand beaches, sundress and Eucalyptus mint & rain. Whew! At those prices they better be fantastic. I’ll have to catch a great sale. Especially since I’m mostly into vendor wax.

  • Jodi

    Now this is good news! My home is wretchedly stinky pretty much all of the time – but especially putrid at this time of the year: think “Kitten Season ” I’m involved in TNR & rescue & it is typical to have 3 to 4 feral / trap cat mom & kitten families as well as a motley assortment of orphaned kittens at any given time – The higher the temperature the higher the stench! I’m super excited to add Eau de Bath & Body Works scents to my arsenal of air fresheners & deodorizers!

  • Billchen

    That would be amazing! I live abroaud and it would be handy for me not to carry those heavy candles in my luggage 😉

  • Pandora

    I just saw a picture of them on social media and am BEYOND EXCITED!!

    I’ve never tried wax melts but have been meaning to. I have some mini votives from Yankee Candle that drip horribly, resulting in little wax chunks when they cool. I end up keeping the scraps since I feel like I’m wasting so much product. I guess it’s finally time to purchase a wax warmer. Which do you like better- tea light or electric warmers?

  • Tracy Frazier

    In the email I got today from BBW they were promoting WB and there was an owl wax burner shown but it’s nowhere to be found online. I’ve been hoping for this for years and I have my fingers and toes crossed that wax melts are coming and this isn’t just a scented oil burner. I will be watching like a hawk!!! they have some of the best smelling candles but I’m not a candle person. I love the lower heat burners that use the light bulb and don’t get very hot (like Yankees do) because I like to have mine going 24/7. Not afraid to do that with something that never gets too hot to pick up.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think I saw that at White Barn, Tracy! Hopefully they launch the melts in stores and online! I agree! I also like that Yankee candle has timed ones too so you can put it on a few hours and it’ll click off automatically if you forget!