April 5, 2016

Dear People Of the Internet Makeup World Why You Leave Reviews On Stuff that Isn’t Released Yet?

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Dear People of the Makeup World, why are you leaving reviews on stuff that hasn’t even been released yet?! WHY??!

Sorry, it’s my beauty pet peeve to go onto Sephora or even Ulta website and see something marked as “Coming Soon” and people are putting up “reviews” on the products. Now these reviews typically consist of, “OMG CUTE” followed by a five-star rating or some other unhelpful comment that is NOT review related but merely a statement. Maybe sites should have an area for comments and an area for reviews so my blood pressure can stay normal when I’m browsing the site. Because I’m seriously ready to throw my computer at a wall when someone leaves a comment but not a review in the area that is MEANT FOR REVIEWS!!!!!!!

Head desk again and again and again and again and over and over and over again.

The Sephora Minnie Mouse Collection arrives later this week and none of it is currently in stock at Sephora but merely showing as “Coming Soon” yet it has reviews on it.


I don’t mind if someone actually tried the product and reviewed it as maybe they are a beauty blogger or someone that had early access to the product that wishes to share their thoughts. However, when you’re leaving a five-star rating but contributing nothing aside from “OMG cute!” or “I love this I’ll be buying it” that’s what really drives me up a wall.

So please, people of the Internet Makeup World Stop Leaving Reviews on stuff you haven’t tried.

K, thanks!

What’s your latest beauty pet peeve?

Feel free to rant it!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Courtney

    Wayne Goss on YouTube recently posted a “makeup trends that need to die in 2016”. I’ve seen similar videos before from him where he blasts the whole “Instagram drag makeup” look. You know, like the crazy contouring, color correcting, thick upside down triangle concealing, drag lashes etc… I think that’s my beauty pet peeve and I agree with everything Goss said. Instagram is saturated with the same overly caked up looks. I think Id like to see a little more variance and artistry. Cause everyone is looking like a Bratz doll on IG now . (I hope no one takes offense to this ).

    • Dora

      Hard agree! Ha, Bratz doll! I always think, “space alien,” for some reason but Bratz doll is much better. When these (always young!) women do tutorials and start off with a bare face, I always think, “oh, THAT’S what she looks like. So pretty.” And I love makeup — but it’s just way way way too much.

  • Natalie

    I agree about the reviews that aren’t reviews and are just comments. I also can’t stand when someone gives a product one star and their review is just about the problem they had with shipping or customer service and nothing to do with a review of the product itself. My other pet peeve is bloggers or vloggers who are obviously sponsored by the product they are touting and their is no disclosure that they are. My other beauty pet peeve is with Instagram anything which I avoid it totally now. I made the mistake of looking at Clinique’s Instagram site which is full of young models only and not representative of the actual women of various ages who have actually bought their products for years and are not 20 years old anymore…really fake and really cheesy.

    • Isabella Muse

      Amazon is notoriously filled with reviews on “how poor a shipping experience I had” when people buy from a seller vs amazon directly. Dude, you’re filling an entire space ranting about the seller when it should be about the product. Way to waste my time, thanks! That’s really annoying I agree! Bloggers and vloggers typically disclose or at least the ones I read/watch do. However, I know instagram account users who use affiliate links and do not disclosure, that kinda sucks and seems misleading! Just takes a hashtag to say hey this is an affiliate link, I’m making money from it $$$

  • Claire L

    Haha to your post and the comment above (Courtney)! Agree, definitely! My pet peeve is companies like Too Faced that tease excessively with limited releases of LE items. I mean, enough already! It’s such a turn-off and that’s the main reason why I did NOT purchase either the PB&J or the Sweet Peach palettes.

  • Adrienne

    I could not agree with you more. I was so annoyed for a few weeks actually when I kept going to sephoras site for the 2 tarte rainforest sets for $10 and they kept showing not available or not in stock but I kept seeing reviews which were really complaints about it not being there or comments like I can’t wait until this is in stock I am so excited. Ggrrrrrr

  • Kimmwc03

    I agree about the reviews on products not released yet. I also hate reviews on customer service when the review should be about the product.

  • Jas Serr

    Not related to makeup but I have the exact same feeling about upcoming book reviews on Goodreads…. It’s so annoying.

    • Isabella Muse

      I hate to say this because I am a blogger that reviews samples but I hate amazon and goodreads lately because it is filled with bloggers/readers who get free samples of a book and rave it. I buy it and I end up thinking to myself WTH? why didn’t I like this as much as they did!?

  • blee

    I HATE potty mouth. And when some of my fave makeup youtubers in years ( who started in great class and info) have gutter mouth now! OMG! RANT over 🙂

    • Laura

      Yeah like really? Do you not have more words in your vocabulary?

  • Rachel R.

    Muse, I’m right with you about those non-reviews. They get posted because the 5 stars or whatever boosts the product’s rating, but I don’t know why people feel compelled to leave them in the first place.

    I’m also really over the way Limited Edition collections are being hyped up and under-stocked these days. Urban Decay Vice 4 and Urban Spectrum releases really jerked people about, but I personally had no problem getting them. Too Faced Sweet Peach has been so fake, so ridiculous, and so frustrating that I don’t even want it any more. It seems like every time ColourPop or Too Faced has a new release, their sites crash. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I don’t find it fun. I just want to give my money, get my product, and move on with my life.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m kinda over LE products too Rachel! It’s not even LE anymore because it stays around for so long!

  • Andrew

    I won’t even lie, when I see those comments I nearly go Super Saiyan out of anger. “Cute”, “I can’t wait for this to come out!”, “I don’t own this product but I own *insert name here,” . . . ESPECIALLY on Sephora. I desperately want to reply or flag the review but I can’t, so I’m left to stew in my annoyance and anger brought on by insipid comments whose authors I want to track down and smack upside their hollow skulls. Ratings and reviews are NOT message boards; this isn’t Reddit!

    Another one of my pet peeves is when people buy value sets without reading the ENTIRE description, then blame the site/manufacturer for the size of the products. One example that comes to mind is the Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick set from last year. On every single site it clearly stated that these were deluxe sample lippies about the third of the size of the full products. What ended up happening? People blew up the comments complaining about the size, stating they were expecting full sized products and how they felt scammed.
    READ. THE. DESCRIPTIONS. Don’t blame the store/manufacturer for your mistakes.

    OH, oh oh oh. I’ve also noticed people commenting on products saying they swatched it in store and didn’t like how it looked on their skin so they rated it 1-3 stars. ARE YOU KIDDING?! You didn’t even completely try it out! You simply swatched it! A singular swatch can’t tell you how long it lasts, if it’s a good value (how long it lasts with regular usage), or even how it performs with regular usage. You’re simply stating that you didn’t like the way it looked on the back of your hand and just assuming it has to be a bad product.

    GAAHHH! People abuse the comment system like nobody’s business. And what’s worse is that on most retail sites there’s no way to report comment abuse; they just sit there racking up downvotes or, even worse, they just sit there and boost or bring down the overall rating of a product for absolute bull crap reasons!

    STOP BEING LITTLE BUTTHEADS, PEOPLE. Only comment and review products you own, use, and have had the chance to thoroughly try out. Otherwise just keep your fingers off the keyboard and save everyone a lot of extra work weeding out your inane little blurbs.

    Speaking of, I’m now done with my own little blurb. I need a beer after this -.-

    • Isabella Muse

      You’ve said everything I’ve been stewing about Andrew 😀 I need not add anything more lol! Forget the beer, you need hard liquor 😀

  • quinctia

    Honestly, I put the fault on the site. They shouldn’t allow reviews if the product hasn’t been released yet.

    People will be stupid, but you can help control it, a bit!

    • Isabella Muse

      Agreed! or create an area for comments and one for reviews!

  • Carolyn

    100%…SERIOUSLY RIGHT! My other peeve along with this is when someone leaves a 1 star and all they say is “I will be taking this back to the store.” Yeah, but Why!?! And I have to laugh on the peeps who leave feedback on the Ulta freebie items. Instead of actual reviews they say like “not as big as I expected”. Um…It’s Free!?! (I mean is it me. Am I missing something here with these?)

    Sorry off shoot rant there. MUSE, COMMENCE WITH DESK HEAD BANGING. (lol).

    • Isabella Muse

      lol you may have to run me to the emergency if I bang my head anymore!

  • Shisha Birmingham

    I hate that too. And how about the reviews that give 5 stars but say “I just ordered this, can’t wait for it to arrive!” or the reviews that say they love the product but don’t say why.

    Another thing I dislike has to do with Instagram. Someone posts a picture and lists ALL the products they used in the description and someone in the comments has to ask “could you tell me what lipstick you’re wearing?” It annoys me.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol yeah I get that a lot LOL! “OMG that color is gorgeous what is?” Meanwhile I have a caption that says the name of the color, I mentioned the color one to two times in my review, etc…it’s like “Really?! Did you not read any of what I posted” hahaha!

  • yelena

    5 starts becuz its cute is bad, but 1 start because it’s LE /out of stock/unavailable is worse!
    like if you are frustrated for its availability, shipping, etc that’s what the customer service email address and phone number is for!

    rant over 😉

  • TwirlyGirly

    I feel your pain. In addition to being addicted to makeup, I love to cook. While I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen to an extent, I can’t afford to waste money on purchasing ingredients for a recipe that won’t work. It would seem, then, recipe reviews would be helpful. But they aren’t. Pick a recipe at epicurious.com, and take a look at the reviews and you’ll find 75% of them are written by people who did not follow the recipe as written, yet gave the recipe 5 “forks”. How helpful is it to me, who is trying very hard to evaluate the published recipe, to know all the substitutions you made (ingredients, techniques, equipment) resulted in a 5 fork recipe? FTR, I’ve written to epicurious numerous times with my complaint, and suggested they add a “comments only” field to the recipes for posting by people who made changes to the original published recipe, and a banner asking only those who made the recipe as written to write actual reviews, but thus far, nothing has changed. It’s the same problem you describe – people ostensibly “reviewing” a product they don’t own (yet) and haven’t tried.

  • Laura

    Right now my biggest pet peeve is the price gouging of Out of Stock products (Morphe, Kylie lips, Too Faced Peach palette, Violet Voss). PLEASE PEOPLE BE PATIENT!! This stuff will come back in stock. Oh and that leads me to another pet peeve. People who buy up all the products just to price gouge!! GRRR

    • zVintage Fashionizta

      I agree with the price gouging, AUGHHHHH!

      I believe it was 2014 Holidays Tarte had a brush set with bag that I really wanted & Tarte & QVC put it on sale for about $30 or less, as soon as I tried to pay it sold out, well a week later I saw them on eBay selling for a $100+ and to add insult to injury all of the sellers had 30 or more sets for sale; upset I wrote to Tarte & QVC to let them know they should not allow people to buy several sets of the same limited edition items because it promotes price gouging and blocks real fans from purchasing the products.

  • Alexandra

    Mine has got to be. The annoying people who bulk buy limited editions. Then put them on eBay with over inflated prices. People are so crazy. Too Faced are in my bad books. They didn’t release the peanut butter and jelly palette in the uk. Apparently you could get it on the website. But shipping costs were ridiculous.

  • Jodi

    YAAS!!! That is my BIGGEST pet peeve! It makes me just about crazy when I’m researching a product & realize that the 5 star ratings have nothing to do with a review of a product!
    Wouldn’t this be a terrific PBS announcement! The Muse’s post read by Barbara Walters featured several times daily on the TV sets of all the America’s : ” News Flash!!! This program has been interrupted for an important public service announcement ” !!!!

  • zVintage Fashionizta

    Ok, I have a few other pet peeves (in no particular order).
    ~ Bloggers and their unboxing videos, who cares what the shipping box looks like get to the point.
    ~ Bloggers who read off everything that is written on products box
    ~ people who are constantly asking how much does it cost (and the person might have already mentioned it or listed it), you are on the internet look it up!
    ~ people who give a product a one-star rating but write a rave review, do you not understand how that works?
    ~ people that make insulting comments about a bloggers looks, skin conditions and deformities…I hate nasty people.

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL yes to number 3. I get that a lot and I feel guilty for thinking “umm you’re on the Internet, hi google!” 🙂

  • Linda

    Totally agree with you! Your rant is on point, and thanks for calling this to our attention.