April 1, 2016

Sorry Not Sorry, I Use Vaseline On My Face

vaseline on face

I’ve read numerous articles that Jennifer Aniston used Vaseline under her eyes. Now, I never actually heard her say, “HEY GUYS! I use Vaseline under my eyes!” but I have read about this phenomenon in numerous magazines so it may or may not be true.

And I admit I have used Vaseline on my face and I have used it under my eyes and I’m not sorry about that in the least.

Vaseline, in its classic jar packaging, is not only messy but also a breeding ground for bacteria. Good news kids, it actually comes in a tube if you so desire and it’ll only cost you $2 to $3 bucks.

When you’re out there like me spending $150 on eye cream or moisturizer and suddenly discover that $3 Vaseline does just a good job to battle dryness you feel some sense of relief and some sense of “Why am I crazy enough to spend all this money on skincare when I could have been spending a few bucks instead?!”

This past Winter was a rough one for me. It was very mild here in New York but my skin was very, very dry none the less particularly my eye lids and under my eyes.

Vaseline or just plain old Petrolatum is non-irritating and a great way heal skin and improve moisture levels!

I did in fact start using it on my face as well recently. It’s greasy, it’s gross, but it really does go a long way at hydrating my skin. It’s not something I’d suggest doing every single day but if you’re skin is feeling super tight and dehydrated try it one night and you’ll see considerable improvement in the morning. It doesn’t leave my skin shiny or oily either and rinses clean away in the shower.

P.S. If you’re sleep with someone beware! This isn’t exactly the most glamorous thing in the world to use on your face when you sleep with someone. Also, be prepared to change your sheets the next day as it does rub off on your pillow case!

So, I’m sorry but I’m not sorry that I do in fact use Vaseline on my face and under my eyes!

Have you every used Vaseline on your face?



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  • kimkats

    I have used vaseline on various dry parts for years, and I ain’t gonna ‘pologize to nobody nohow! It works! And the fact that it is petroleum based does not make it part of the Empire – I am so tired of people gnashing their teeth and rending garments because it’s made from petroleum. So are a lot of other things that aren’t as obvious, and they over look all of those.

    It’s amazing stuff – always has been, allus will be.

    So There. 🙂

  • ruskii

    I have to use Protopic on my face pretty often, which is petroleum jelly based. I used to use Elidel which was a cream and could go under my makeup, but my current Doctor can’t do the paperwork to get it covered. It definitely makes a huge difference fast. Petroleum jelly/mineral based overnight dry eye treatment is good too. I always warn people my entire face is goopy at night. Haha.

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL! It makes a mess that’s for sure but it really is helpful when you have dry flaky areas!

  • Dee

    I have used good old Vaseline on my eyes at night for years and have no intention of ever stopping. It works! And I’m not sorry.

  • Dora

    This is my mother’s secret (and she has gorgeous skin)! She puts it all over her face in the morning before a shower and then lets the steam melt it in. I’ve tried it, too — it works great when your face is super dry. Vaseline users unite!

  • haley

    Vaseline saved me after I had a bad reaction to hydroquinone in an eye cream!

    In my effort to relieve the dark circles and soften fine lines, I basically ruined my eyes for 2 weeks. It started with some sensitivity, then I had little red dots decorating the dark circles under my eyes that then blossomed into patches of gross scaly, flaky skin. The horrible redness and dryness spread to above my eyelids and brow-bone up into the hairs of my eyebrows. I was a disgusting, flaky disaster.

    I took everything out of my skincare routine except for Purpose face wash and Vaseline. It took a week before everything was back to normal, but it worked!

    • Isabella Muse

      Haley, I had a bad reaction to ExfoliKATE once and vaseline totally saved me too! It really does heel skin if you have some weird flare up!

  • Ana

    Hey Muse,
    Personally I’ve never used it on my face before, however…I had a client once she was African American…I believe she was 86 years old but looked 60…I’m not kidding…I asked her what her skin care was she smiled and goes Vaseline. She looked amazing…her skin was flawless!!!

  • Christina

    Ive used Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly for years under my eyes and on any dry areas and it works awesome too..

  • Bailey

    I slather Vaseline on my hands and elbows and lips! But on my eyes at night I use castor oil. A facialist told me about it once and how she refers her clients to use it when they’re trying to grow their eyebrows. There isn’t hardcore evidence that it helps with hair growth but some studies show it does. For the past couple years I’ve been slathering it on my entire eye area – into my eyebrows, all over my lids, lashes and down to my cheekbones. It’s really thick, almost like honey or Vaseline. Now every week I have to trim my brows and people ask if I’m wearing false eyelashes bc they’re so long. Try it! At the very least it will deeply moisturize. I’d recommend getting cold-pressed organic castor oil. I get it from Amazon or drugstore.com for around $7. Sometimes Target has some in the “natural” Burts Bees isle.

  • Lauren

    I avoid petroleum based skin products, but I highly recommend Lush Ultrabalm as a Vaseline alternative for anyone looking for a switch! It serves all the same purposes for me, I put it on dry patches on my eyelids, chapped lips and cuticles, raw nose during allergy season, I even put it on scabs to help heal ’em. I also use it to pat down flyaways. Its my go to for nearly anything.

  • Codename Duchess

    I’ve tried to use Vaseline on my skin to help the skin around my eyes stay hydrated and I just can’t get over the way it feels on my skin. It’s so heavy and gooey feeling that the few times I’ve tried ai’ve gotten out of bed to wipe it off because I just couldn’t get used to the feeling. At first I thought I might just be using too much, but Jennifer Aniston said she uses a quarter of a teaspoon on each eye which is an incredibly generous amount. I probably used half that for both eyes.

    This is a beauty trick I’d love to have work for me as it’s dirt cheap and seems to be amazing for a lot of people, but I just can’t get over the feeling of something slick and moist sitting on top of my eye and never sinking in.

  • Rachel R.

    I have oily skin, so I haven’t used it all over my face. I have used it on my lips and nose when they’ve gotten really chapped. I’ve used it to remove eye makeup. I’ve used it make lipgloss.

  • Linda

    I use a tiny amount of Aquaphor ointment under my eyes at night. It seals my eye cream, and there is a lot of moisture in that area in the morning.

    • waymire

      I was having a terrible time with my undereyes drying out during the day.. read somewhere to use aquaphor lip balm under there before makeup.. it’s amazing. Doesn’t bother your concealer at all and really made a difference, not just while it’s on but over time it improved the skin and fine lines.

  • Natalie

    My dermatologist told me it is impossible to be allergic to Vaseline (petroleum) because it is inert, so she recommended it to me as I have severely sensitive skin prone to dry patches and eczema. I recently discovered Skin Fix Lip Repair Balm which is petrolatum based, but also has 40% coconut oil and other natural good things without the mint, menthol, or other fragrant ingredients that irritate my skin and it works really well for my sensitive lips.

  • Glenda

    You know, I’m gonna have to give it a try. I moved to Vegas a few years ago from Tennessee and talk about an adjustment to dry air! And I mean DRY, not a single speck of moisture. Combine that with the harshness my skin experiences of the constant heavy makeup (I work full time as a gogo dancer/model) and the casino air – recipe for terrible skin. I started getting flaky around my nose last year. I have a vigorous skin routine but no matter how much I exfoliate and moisturize, about a day after the skin around my nostrils and sides of my nose starts to flake again. I will definitely be giving this a try!

  • Thiel

    Vaseline is absolutely a cure-all for me. I particularly like putting a serum, acne treatment, or whatever my skin needs at that moment under it; it seals the product in and helps make it more effective because it’s staying in contact with my skin rather than wearing off. I also use it on my permanently dry, cracked cuticles, my feet, my lips, and my eyelashes! There are so many different uses for it but people get scared away by misinformation or assume that by using petrolatum they’re contributing to fossil fuel dependence and global warming. Seriously, if everyone in the world just stopped using mineral oil and petrolatum, petroleum consumption wouldn’t be affected in the slightest!

  • Allyson

    Years ago, I was having a problem with dry, itchy eyelids. I saw,my dermatologist and figured she would prescribe a cream. Nope. Good old Vaseline. I’ve been using it ever since on my face. All over. It works like a dream. Sometimes to switch it up I use Aquaphor as well. Works great too. And just today I had someone tell me my skin looks like porcelain! If they only saw my face and pillowcase slathered with Vaseline!!!

  • lifeintheme

    When I have a cold and get that dry skin around my nose, I always put vaseline on it like my mom did for me when I was little! It makes me feel like a little kid again! Also, I put vaseline anywhere that gets dry: my feet, my elbows, my knees. #vaseline4lyfe

  • celine D

    I To have been using Vaseline on my eyes and eyelashes to condition them for years .
    My mom always used it and she has gorgeous skin for and 80 yr old . She always gets
    people telling her she dosen’t look her age at all. And how beautiful her skin is. (Good genes no sun and no smoking also helped . )
    It is the only thing that I can use to get
    relief from when my eyes are itchy from allergies or eye makeup irritation. I stock up on those little jars and tubes all the time . Plus its a great foot moisturizer in the winter time w/ white cotton socks on when you go to bed. I too get tired of hearing ” No Petrolatum
    Products Please “…. But there are so many worse things !!! No apologies here either !

  • celine D

    But , I will also check out Lauren’s recommendation of Lush Ultrabalm .
    And Christina’s suggestion for Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly . Both sound good .
    Thanks Lauren and Christina !

  • Katherine T.

    Ok Muse, you’ve sold me! Night creams are fine for the rest of my +40 yr old face, but looks like I need to bring out the big guns for the under eye area.

  • Sarah

    I use Aquaphor on my face when my nose is chapped from a cold and on my hands for winter dryness. To me it’s the same as Vaseline but the ingredients may not be exactly the same. I’m going to try it under my eyes!

  • Michou

    I can’t use it much on my face (it makes me break out) but I’ve definitely had it save me when my cuticles cracked in cold weather, or when eczema reared its ugly head and caused cracking, horrid patches on my body. It’s great because it doesn’t sting, it doesn’t irritate (most) of my skin and can really reverse bad damage.

    I get the “hate” for petroleum jelly but it’s in more products than people think. I dunno, if it works and isn’t dangerous then I say go for it!

  • genevieve

    I haven’t used vaseline on my face, but I am currently LOVING Physicians Formula Argan oil – I read about it on your blog last year and finally got around to trying it after I had finished off my current skincare stash. It is amazing. And yes, it is definitely for night time.
    By the way, it retails here for $25 – I wish it was only $15! It is hardly ever on sale. Anyway, it is really good value. Thank you so much for reviewing this product and bringing it to my attention.

    • Isabella Muse

      ah so glad you like it 😀 it’s a great oil! 🙂 Oh no! That’s a price hike :-/ Aw my pleasure glad you like it!

  • lisa

    I’ve used Vaseline to remove eye makeup and put it all around my eyes every night. I’ve used it since I was like 12 and I’m 44 now and have no fine lines so I swear by the stuff! I have tried greener alternatives, not the same. Give me the petroleum!