May 23, 2016

Grav3yardgirl’s Tarte Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette Pre-Order Now

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

Tarte Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette

The grav3yardgirl’s Tarte Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette is available now at for pre-order!

This is a limited-edition full face palette that created in collobration with youTube personality grav3yardgirl!

Shades include:

  • #SFS (rose gold)
  • Natural Peaches (peachy nude)
  • Dogman (burnt sienna)
  • Big Baby (cream)
  • Sassy Bun (copper peach)
  • Sippy Sippy (glittery brown)
  • Haunting (lavender)
  • Uncommon (purple slate)
  • Mancat (deep plum)
  • Sweet Tea (bronzer)
  • Gator Wings (highlighter)
  • Does This Thing Really Work? (blush)

Grav3yardgirl Tarte Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette

Will you be indulging?


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • blee

    She is a hoot, LOL, to watch. I’m pallet out πŸ˜€ Are you preordering it Musey girl?

  • Liana

    Is it Just me or does this palette not fully represent bunny?! I’d imagine her doing a collab with UD or and edgy palette with bold colors and light like her personality. It’s a gorgeous palette none the less and super congrats to bunny for such an amazing achievement!!

    • Haydee

      Well if we look at her personal make up looks day to day, she tends to wear neutral eyeshadow. So I think she wanted to go for a pallet that she could wear every day. And let’s face it not everyone will want to wear a gator green eyeshadow.

    • Ash

      she told us that she wanted those who buy this palette to be able to use it everyday and not only for special occasions (because for a everyday look many seldom pick bold colors) for it will be a waste of money

  • Lace

    The names are too cute and funny. I might order this not sure yet. I’ve got a few pallettes already lol πŸ™‚

  • Courtney

    It’s truly amazing how YouTube stars are dominating right now in terms of beauty collabs. Jaclyn and Becca, Manny MUA , Patrick Starr, Kathleen Lights and Benefit , now Bunny and Tarte. Pretty awesome to see such achievements!

  • jennifer

    I ordered cause the blush, bronzer, and highlighter looks very pretty. I don’t have the best luck with Tarte eyeshadows but these are pretty.

  • Tia

    Do you have any idea if this will make its way into Sephora or Ulta??

    • Isabella Muse

      They haven’t release info yet about a Sephora/Ulta release. So far, they are saying this is a limited run for the pre-book. Official launch will include two lip colors but no word if it’ll get to Sephora/Ulta or be exclusive to Tarte’s site.

      • kim

        She said in her youtube channel that this was not limited amount that they would put them out in stores for everyone to buy in cash as well! πŸ™‚ such as target, jcpenny i think ect

        • Isabella Muse

          Yup they are coming to stores but the palette is limited edition regardless.

  • Dee

    I must check her out! Looks like a pretty palette but I’ve purchased so many lately I think I’ll pass.

  • Justin

    The names are such her catch phrases cute they used them but in honesty it look likes a great usable palette not one color looks like a dud

  • CL

    Will not be purchasing; I already have shades like these. My only curiosity about this is, how much is she getting paid for this? The scuttlebutt is that she grosses about $500,000 per year from Youtube.

  • Robin

    OMG!!! I’ve never heard of her. Yeah I live under a rock, but I just watched a video of her trying out the air curler! I laughed so hard I’m tearing up!!!!

    Great way to end a Monday!

  • Lacey Gasper

    I had it in my cart last night and was like, no i don’t need it… now looking at it again today without tired eyes, I NEED it and it’s sold out. I must not sit and hesitate! I did that with some else the last few months too and still am kicking myself for not getting it. I’ll keep an eye out for a future release πŸ™‚

  • Dora

    Wow, good for her!I don’t love the packaging — for $45, I’d rather not have her YouTube name plastered on my palette. But I know that’s the point — she’s got zillions of fans who DO want her name on stuff. I don’t need it but it’s very pretty. Will wait for your review . . .

  • Kathy

    I might have to consider this. It’s a rather pretty palette in my eyes.

  • danadoo

    Meh…Bunny is so vibrant and this is just blah. I’m waiting for Drac Makens to collab with Kat von D!

  • Maria

    I never heard of her. I just checked the website. I wonder what the total ounces of each palette is? The item is sold out. The shades look like neutrals. I have many Tarte and other palettes. Muse, did you order this? Curious of the swatches and review.

  • zVintage Fashionizta

    She is one of my favorite YouTubers, I love how she is so animated.
    I hope I can get my hands on this!

  • AmberM

    I have a hard time wearing eyeshadows these days but I’m a huge Bunny fan so I’m conflicted on this one. I found her videos when Snackees came out.

  • Jean

    I actually find her kind of annoying. She does try out some interesting things though. I never would’ve paired her with tarte. Yet since its tarte I must have it…

  • Francesca

    I love graveyard girl! She got me into youtube, and thus makeup in a round-about way. This palette is too neutral for me and I’m not a super big fan of tarte shadows, so I’ll pass. I’m trying to resist things I don’t need/won’t use. Great for bunny though, love it.

  • Emma Bee

    will it be available in the UK? it says on the tarte website that it is not available here, even though bunny on her chanel said it would be, any ideas?

    • Isabella Muse

      Not sure Emma, haven’t heard about the UK release unfortunately

  • d3athbyglitter

    OH. MY. GOD. I want it so badly. I love her videos – she is so fun and adorable! And hellooo beautiful palette wow!!! It’s just…SO PRETTY!!! I love it! The highlighter looks esp amazing. And the packaging!!! Uwahhh!!! There are too many amazing things coming out lately like, I need to win the lottery or something, lol. I have a LONG LIST, haha! This is definitely going on it. Congratulations on a beautiful palette, Bunny!!! β™‘

  • d3athbyglitter

    Sorry! I know I already commented but uhhh…I noticed it said “20% off Tarte no exclusions” up there and…does that mean I can pre-order this AND get 20% off? *wonders* That would be EPIC.

  • Wendy

    I thought this was supposed to be released today at 1:30 and I can’t find it!!! So ticked off!

  • Nicole

    Omg love this pallet and absolutely love the highlight and sassy bun❀️ I will worship this pallet

  • Jen

    Today order off states in stores 6/26 so don’t pay twice as much on ebay