May 27, 2016

That Time One Time I Was Tired and Applied Lipgloss As Eyeshadow

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eyeshadow lipgloss

I’ve testing out the new E.L.F. Beautifully Bare Smooth Matte Eyeshadow I purchased recently and so far, they are a love! I’ll have a review sometime next week on them for you!

Last night, I was out pretty late and I woke up like a zombie this morning. I shouldn’t use being out late as an excuse because generally, I’m like the walking dead in the morning anyway. I’m so not a morning person and I give major, major props to anyone that is. I am and always will be a night owl.

To get me up in the morning the first thing I need is a hot shower, after that a good strong cup of tea, and even after all that I’m still partially asleep until 5 PM.

You have to be pretty careful what you do in the morning when you’re walking around like a zombie. There have been times I forgot my purse in the house, left my front door open, and a variety of other mishaps because I’m walking around in a fog.

This morning, I applied lipgloss as an eyeshadow.

I’m pretty smart or at least I like to think I am because I lay all my makeup out the night before to save time. Last night before heading to bed I laid out E.L.F. Beautifully Bare Smooth Matte Eyeshadow in Soft Beige, E.L.F. Lip Lacquer in Natural, and one of the new baked blushes from the Kiko Lovegrove Collection. I’m traveling today and I wanted something soft, natural, and comfortable to travel in.

I had already tried Blushing Rose in the Beautifully Bare Smooth Matte Eyeshadow and loved it so, I was expecting the same of Soft Beige.

So, it happened, I applied lipgloss on my eyes instead of eyeshadow. The Soft Beige Eyeshadow looks so similar to the Natural Lipgloss I grabbed the Natural Lipgloss and proceeded to smear it all over my eyes. I didn’t even realize this and kept trying to build. And all through the process I was thinking, “Wow! The texture on this is so much different from the Blushing Rose I tried originally! Why is it so sticky? Why is it so gross?” I realized about 5 minutes into the process I was applying lipgloss on my eyelids and not eyeshadow.

Head desk.


Ridiculous to say the least but it sure does make for a very, very funny story right? And in my defense they really do look alike right!?

What are some makeup mishaps or mistakes you’ve made?

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • yelena

    that’s not so bad, I once squeeze a tube of foundation on my toothbrush. don’t ask.
    how u mix up toothpaste and foundation that don’t even have similar packaging I will never know. needless to say I also am a night owl. I don’t fully wake up or get energy until around 4pm. sigh.

    • Isabella Muse

      That’s me around 4 or 5 I get my second wind! Haha! At least mine looked similar ;-D

    • Tegan

      My friend has a cousin who mistook fake nail glue for contact lens solution. That was a trip to the ER!

        • Tegan

          She was ok! Lost sight in that eye for a couple days, if I remember correctly. I can’t even begin to imagine how awful that was!

      • Jodi

        I was just gonna tell an ER story about the girl who had instilled nail glue in her eye thinking it was her eye drops!

  • Tegan

    Silly Muse! That must have been a mess! No room for me to judge, though. One time, I was doing my makeup. This was a couple years ago, before I discovered the Milani eyeshadow primer (which is now, like, my baby) and I was using L’Oreal Magic De-crease (those were dark days). Sadly, I must have been half asleep and mistook the primer for my Maybelline concealer!!! I had applied it under my eyes and thought, “huh, why is my concealer drying???” Then I realized what I had done and facepalmed. It was such a bother to remove, and that whole day, I still had flecks of De-crease under my eyes!

    • Isabella Muse

      The funny is, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why it was so sticky! lol! HA! I had that problem with the lipgloss, it was a pain to move and now my lids are still sticky!

      • Tegan

        I can imagine! But hey, when you’re groggy and the packaging looks similar, anything can happen! Sticky eyelids are the worst (bad experience with false lashes). Hopefully the stickiness dies down a bit, or you find a way to remove the residue!

        • Isabella Muse

          ha me too as right now I’m sitting here kinda squinting!

  • Terri

    A few years ago I was using a Trish McEvoy lip pencil as eye liner. The lip pencil was in this really dark brownish shade so I just assumed it was an eye liner pencil. I think I got it in a GWP so it wasn’t something I purchased- I must say, though, the staying power on that “lip” pencil was pretty darn good on my lids! One day I just happened to glance at the label…it said “lip liner pencil.” I stopped and thought, “I’m so crazy. I’ve been using a lip pencil as eye liner for months without realizing it.” Then I went ahead and kept using it on my eyes! LOL.

      • Terri

        I didn’t use it on my waterline, but all the way around my eyes, upper and lowers. Completely smear proof! Trish discontinued the shade by the time I went to buy a full size one. Best “eye” pencil I’ve ever used. LOL

  • Nikole

    At least your dry eye skin is now nice and moisturized ๐Ÿ˜€

  • breyerchic04

    I had a nair cream sitting on my counter the other day and started to squeeze it into my hand to use thinking it was a mask… Thankfully it felt weird on my hand so I still have brows!

  • Ryou

    Oh gosh Musey you are the absolute best. *heart emojis*

    For real though I had a crummy day at the hospital and this made me laugh, so thank you!

    • Isabella Muse

      aw! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad to hear that, Ryou! I hope you’re ok!

  • Michelle Flamingo

    funny story, Muse. I don’t have any makeup mishap stories like that, but I am an accountant, and I once found myself “dialing” the desktop calculator when I should have been kitting keys on a desktop phone in the office. hahahahaha!

    • Michelle Flamingo

      I meant “hitting”, not “kitting”.

      I would love to have an edit option while the comment is waiting for moderation.

  • Cheryl

    Glass of iced tea sitting right next to the pitcher of maple syrup. Guess which one was overturned onto the most gorgeous order of granola topped French toast you’ve ever seen. ..

  • Linda

    Yesterday, I was staying in a hotel in Austin, Texas for a wedding, so I had little travel sizes of everything on an unfamiliar bathroom sink. I’m getting ready for the wedding, and realize that I have smeared urban decay Eye shadow primer across my entire face, thinking it was face primer. That stuff is like glue! I didn’t have time to take it off and start over so I put my foundation on top of it and just went with it. I got to tell you, my make up still looked great at 10 o’clock that night! But my skin was really really dry this morning and I don’t think I would do that again.

    • Isabella Muse

      ha! Hey at least it held your makeup in place ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rebekah E

    I haven’t really had any moments like that that I can remember.

    I can totally see that thing with the ELF eyeshadow happening though. They pretty much look exactly the same, except the eyeshadow packaging looks more like lipgloss packaging.

  • Miss D

    LOL, loved the story! I don’t know if other people do this, but when I’m totally spazzed out, I have a tendency to switch around my tasks. For example, I have (on several occasions) put something that belonged in the fridge in the trash, and the item that was supposed to go in the trash was placed in the fridge. I hope others don’t have this same issue!! XD

  • SuziL

    For many years I worked as a yoga teacher and massage therapist. Once one of clients came in for a massage and I got quite a shock when I uncovered her feet. She was a medium-skinned white woman, but her feet were the color of walnut-stained furniture. As it turns out, she had come home after a night of wine drinking and had grabbed a tube of moisturizer (self-tanner!) and had slathered it all over her feet, put on socks, and gone to sleep. Dry feet + self-tanner = a long time before her feet were their normal color.

  • Kerri

    I did the opposite! I was terribly sick with the flu and put on a Laura mercier cream eyeshadow as a lipstick! It was a light beige colour and I looked like a zombie. The worst thing is that my husband let me walk around like that and thought it was a ‘thing’

    • Isabella Muse

      haha kerri ๐Ÿ˜€ poor thing! forgiven because you had the flu!

  • Tammy

    I sprayed Soft & Dri anti-perspirant on my hair once when I meant to grab a can of hairspray. I had to wash my hair all over again.