May 24, 2016

Lush’s The Comforter Shower Cream Smells Like a Hello Kitty Eraser

Lush the Comforter Shower Cream

I remember when I was in the 4th grade I begged my mother for a Hello Kitty Pencil Case. Now it wasn’t any old pencil case, it was the height of pencil case technology. It had not one but two sides to store pencils plus it had a pop out draw with a sharpener and a pop out eraser too. I believe at the time it was $20 or $25 which was pretty expensive for the time.

My mom, being my mom, brought it for me along with a ton of stickers and a big old pink Hello Kitty eraser. I can remember the eraser the most! It came in a pink plastic sleeve and had a triangle tip. And it smelled amazing! So amazing in fact that all through 4th grade I didn’t use, just merely took it out to get high off the scent of it. I’m deadly seriously. I sniff of that eraser just put me in my happy place. It often got passed around the room because everyone really liked the buzz that eraser gave us. Thinking back on it, I could have been charging other 4th graders to sniff my eraser. Such a miss opportunity!

I can’t really describe the scent or at least I couldn’t until I tried Lush the Comforter Shower Cream, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bar. Because that’s exactly what the eraser smelled like! Lush Comforter!

I dunno how but Lush fit that eraser into a bottle of their Comforter Shower Cream. Now, years and years ago I had a bottle of the Comforter Shower Gel from the UK that I purchased during a UK forum party. I cherished that bottle. I was every so delighted when Lush brought back the Comforter in their new shower cream formula permanently.

I’m not really sure how cassis, bergamot, cypress, and blackcurrant come together to create such a gorgeous aroma but they do. For me the blackcurrant seems to be the note that gives the fragrance it’s slight sweetness. It’s a very, very hard scent to describe but if you ever had a Sanrio eraser in your life you might just know what it smells like.

The shower cream formula is a little thicker than Lush’s standard shower but aside from that I wouldn’t say there’s a major difference. Both create mounds of bubbles and lather, both are lightly hydrating, and both leave skin scented like a big old eraser.

Do love.

Your next trip to Lush I highly recommend grabbing a bottle to cherish, enjoy, and love.

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  • Ruth

    I wanted one of those snazzy pencil cases so bad! I remember Eileen had one and it was so stinkin’ cool. and i may or may not have just been looking on ebay for nifty pencil cases *shifty eyes* My brother did get me a plastic HK zipper pouch case for when i want back to school and it was loved and used that until it fell apart. the pens and pencils started escaping into my carry bag. And then because I’m such a supernatural fangirl, my new pouch is of the boys & cas from redbubble. it’s big enough to hold all the school bits & the TI-83 that i had for my math classes.

      • Ruth

        her etsy & redbubble shops are closed. i admired the bags you purchased and popped them into my shopping cart to get later and they were gone. i need more stuff like a hole in the head. my friend is selling my stuff on ebay because i have too much of all of the things.

  • Z

    AHH yes those scented Sanrio products!! I grew up in Taiwan and fortunately they are way cheaper over there and very common among students. I remember “stealing” this melon scented Kerokeroppi eraser from my brother because it smelled so good XD

    • Isabella Muse

      oh melon scented kerokeroppo eraser, that sounds lovely. ;-D Now I want to go sniff erasers 😀

  • breyerchic04

    I ordered this when it came out, and the scent I got was pink liquid antibiotics. And so umm I guess getting over strep throat as a kid is comforting?

    • Isabella Muse

      haha! Gosh I remember that stuff 🙂 it tasted amazing good! Like bananas 😀

  • Minna

    YES!!! I know exactly what you mean. I was so happy when I found the Comforter Bar last December. I didn’t know Lush also made this scent available as a shower cream. Going to the Lush website now to buy this. Thank you!

    • Isabella Muse

      my pleasure1 🙂 They actually had the shower gel as LE on and off but the shower cream is now permanent 🙂 Enjoy!

  • Ryou


    brb stashing a million bottles.

  • Nat

    I love this shower cream so much! I got a couple of the small bottles for Christmas just gone, and I’ve yet to buy a massive bottle for myself soon. I’m going to London soon to visit a friend so I may buy one of the huge 1 KG bottles from the Oxford Street store. ^_^