June 13, 2016

Avoid Clown Cheeks Use a Fan Brush

clown cheeks fan brush

One of my biggest makeup blunders is blush application as I’m super heavy-handed and I tend to run around with clown cheeks more often than not. I dunno what it is but I just tend to pile it on and I leave the house thinking it looks incredible but look in my car mirror and cringe in horror.

Seriously, I’d do Bozo the Clown proud with my application technique.

Easy way to avoid clown cheeks?

Use a fan brush!

Easy way to get a subtle glow?

Use a fan brush!

Because lord knows, I’m just as heavy-handed when applying highlighter!

Fan brushes are kind of one of those makeup brushes that you might own but not make much use of it. It might be sitting all lonesome in your stash hoping you’ll use it one day but that day never comes!

I’m hear to tell you that if you’re heavy-handed fan brushes are the way to go when using super bright or pigmented blushes as well as sparkly, glittery highlighters. There are an entire range of different fan brushes available. Some have wispier, floppier bristles where as others are denser with a lot of densely packed bristles, and some are softer soft and floppy. Seriously, you wouldn’t think there was such a wide array of fan brushes available but trust me there are. I typically keep a dense one handy when I’m applying a little warmth to my face with a bronzer. This is a good way to add warmth but not muddiness when using bronzer. I use ones with wispier bristles for applying highlighter and I use ones that are a bit floppy for pigmented brushes as they add a sheer layer of color without giving me a clown cheek finish.

If you have dry skin? Good news! Fan brushes are great for applying sheer, loose powder to your face. The brush picks up the smallest application of powder so, you’ll get the benefits of setting your makeup with powder but not have to worry about a matte powder clinging to drier areas. The brush sheers out the powder considerably so, it never clings to dry, flakier areas.

Fan brushes are pretty darn handy! Especially for us heavy-handed folks who have heavy-hands when applying their brushes.

Try on, you’ll be quite surprised by the results I think!

What do you use to avoid applying your blush too boldly?

Do share!

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  • Jennifer

    I can’t put blush on to save my life. I will get the LMercier and see how that goes. You are not alone. I am Bozo as well. Almost gave up on it.

  • Courtney

    Blush is my weakness! I love the process of applying blush and it is one of my favorite steps in my makeup routine but sometimes apply too much unknowingly. When I do , I take my damp beauty blender and pounce it on my cheeks to absorb and soften up the overload.

  • Maria

    Muse I am a Bozo. I love love blush. I put it on and it looks like I do not have enough. When I check again, I tone it down with translucent powder. I use Eco tools blush brush. I have to try Eco tools fan brush I have for blush.

      • Ruth

        sweet! for all new inductees, we should hand out fan brushes, nars orgasm (only if they don’t have a million of them. nars includes it with everything!) and a clown nose =)

  • Alys

    I am so guilty of this! I’m a little better since I started using an angled brush and I apply in light layers, but I still get all crazy. And then my new obsession with highlighter (especially that damn NYX Strobe of Genius palette) I get super into applying that. So I was in a meeting this morning and in the light I kept thinking about how I probably looked like a disco ball….. EEK! I’m really pale so A) easily become clown face and B) highlighter doesn’t really seem to show up unless I pile it on! I’ve been wanting a fan brush but I haven’t really found one that suits my 2 requirements. 1. synthetic and 2.inexpensive.

  • Sandy

    After 40 years of collecting brushes, I finally found my HG blush brush. I use the Wayne Goss Brush #2 for blush and a touch of highlight, and if I was too heavy handed, I blend out with brush #11. They are sooooo soft and don’t pull the skin or displace foundation. He makes a fan brush, but I never tried it, since I am so in love with brush #2. Isabella, thank you so much for such a fantastic blog!

    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t have any of the Wayne’s brushes and I’ve been wanting to get some badly! Thanks to you I just ordered the #2 😀 from Beautylish.com hehe! I’m going to try it out, hopefully it works for me as well as it did for you! ;-D Aw thanks Sandy <3!