June 8, 2016

Freeman’s Key Lime Face Scrub Sounds Good Enough To Eat Doesn’t It?

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Freeman Key Lime Face Scrub

I’m positive AC is killing my skin as I’m currently pretty dry and tight. I decided to try out something new in the ways of exfoliating scrubs. Freeman Key Lime Face Scrub which sounds good enough to eat but please don’t do that. I’m positive if we ingest it there could potential issues. Same goes for eating lipstick, I really want to but I wouldn’t recommend it! I ate an entire tube of cherry Chapstick when I was a child and can’t recall having too many averse effects but I’m hoping my stomach is now lined with a pleasantly moisturizing barrier.

But yeah, my Chapstick eating binge is neither here nor there. Let’s chat Freeman Key Lime Face Scrub.

Freeman Key Lime Face Scrub is cheap as day old chips at around $3.75 at places like Walmart, Ulta, Amazon, and other drugstores.

Freeman Key Lime Face Scrub swatches

Technically speaking this doesn’t smell like key lime pie. Wouldn’t that be rather cool? I could deal with key lime pie smelling facial scrub! This contains tiny grains of pumice to gently exfoliate skin. The base is a thicker, green gel which has tiny granules of pumice suspended in it. It has a subtle lime fragrance that disappears fairly quickly. I like this for days I don’t need a super harsh scrub. It’s quite gentle on my drier skin and sloughs away dry skin cells easily. It does leave my skin a bit tight after so, moisturizer is key after using it!

You may have heard me say before that I prefer grainy scrubs but this is actually a great little scrub that smooths, softens, and scrubs away drier areas easily.

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Freeman Key Lime Face Scrub3

And hey, can’t beat the price!

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