June 1, 2016

Rinse Your Face with Cool or Lukewarm Water To Avoid Dry Skin

washing your face

You should be rinsing your face with cool or lukewarm water to avoid dry skin! You might just be rinsing your face wrong if you’re using hot water. I actually love using hot water to rinse with. It not only feels really good but it also breaks up cleansing oil and cleansing balms, etc…really easily. I always feel like I have a bit of a film on my face when I rinse using cool or lukewarm water (double cleansing helps with this).

But I’ve learned the best and proper way to rinse is with cooler or lukewarm water.


Because even if warm water feels great and rinses away your cleanser completely it also rinses away the natural oils on your face which will leave you feeling quite dry especially if you already have drier skin. Do yourself a favor, stop rinsing with warm water and be amazed by the results.

It’s a complete myth that warm water opens pores and cold water closes them. They’ve been lying to you all these years! Time to take action and do your own thing and that thing should be rinsing with cooler water!

I love a long, hot shower as much as anyone else but it literally murders my skin. Likewise, for my face. After switching to cooler water my skin is a lot less drier and considerably less tight after I wash my face. Granted, it hasn’t eliminated my dry skin nor will it ever do that but it will prevent my skin from drying out further. That’s why Summer is so great as waking up in the morning and taking a cooler shower is never a chore. I have my Nest set to turn off my AC a few hours before I hit the shower in the AM. Typically my house keeps pleasantly cool well after the AC is turned off but it is still comfortable enough to take a cool shower without turning into an ice cube. Add to the fact that a cool shower wakes my morning hating self up super quickly which means I spend a lot less time applying lipgloss as eyeshadow.

Try it!

You’ll feel the difference.

Do you rinse with hot, cold, or lukewarm water?

Do share!

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  • CatG

    I use cold water 95% of the time. When it’s summer here in AZ, when you turn on the water, it already is lukewarm and then I miss the cold water! I’m weird though, I even like the last 20 seconds of my showers to be totally cold water. My hair dresser said that would be good for my scalp anyway though.

    • Isabella Muse

      AZ must be brutal! I love it there but the heat I can’t take no offense 😀

  • Jes

    Cool water also tightens the pores so that everything you just washed off isn’t getting pushed back into them. Hair should also be rinsed with cool water because it closes the cuticle which prevents dryness and frizz. If you’re having an issue with cleanser residue, use a toner on a cotton pad to remove it, that’s what toners are for (along with resetting the Ph balance of your skin). There are plenty of toners that are great for dry skin, Caudalie and Algenist are the first ones that come to mind.

  • genevieve

    I always rinse my face in cool water for the reasons you have mentioned Isabella. I use a clean face cloth every night to help wipe away my makeup too (with the cool water). I never use a toner because it irritates my skin.
    Having hot showers or baths is not great for anyone’s blood pressure either. As I colour my hair, rinsing in cool (winter) and cold (summer) adds shine to your tresses and prevents colour fade. That is true too.
    As I live in Melbourne Australia, it can be really hot and humid in summer (this summer has been a very long one) and quite chilly to cold in winter.

  • Iris

    I use lukewarm water to rinse my face while in shower. Good to hear I’m doing alright.

  • Nicole

    This is really great topic to bring up. I take for granted I have been educated on these type of things over the years. I am forwarding this page to my 2 nieces (14 & 13) and my nephew (10).
    You know how it is when Auntie says, “don’t use hot water…” I just worry too much. Kids that are around that age sometimes think they must know everything . ROFL!!!

      • Nicole

        Awe… The 3 year old I will give some time… 😉
        The other three kind of knows auntie will go out of her way to keep good skin habits going even if they get a bit lazy on me. LOL!

        • Isabella Muse

          ha Nicole! 😀 Teach them the ways of the jedi! 😀

          • Nicole

            So you think 3 is too young for a Clarisonic???

  • Zovesta

    Stupidly hot water while I’m showering (I’m a big baby!), very cold when just rinsing my face. Cold water helps get rid of the redness in my eyes, too, so that’s a bonus. 😀