July 12, 2016

Bath & Body Works Beach Nights Is Fleetingly Beautiful and Makes Me Crave S’Mores

bath and body works beach nights

I broke my no buy and indulged in Bath & Body Works Beach Nights (Summer Marshmallow) yesterday but it’s fleetingly beautiful, oh, and it give me a bad case of s’more cravings.

Why a no buy? Because I’ve told myself I wouldn’t indulge in any more Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mists because they oh so disappoint me. Yes, yes I know layer! I do layer but even though Bath & Body Works improved their formula a few years ago I still can’t get them to last on my skin. It’s a mist and disappear moment. Le sigh. Seriously, it’s like misting with water most days.

But I couldn’t resist Bath & Body Works Beach Nights because hello, marshmallow! How does anyone resist marshmallow scented anything right?

Let’s be honest, Bath & Body Works fragrances tend to all run together at times. They really don’t produce as many unique fragrances as one would hope for and there a lot of repetitive scents that seem to make an appearance over and over again. But sometimes, you can a good one and that good one would be Beach Nights.

Ironically, the top and middle notes are incredible on some Bath & Body fragrances but sadly the dry down notes all have the same fruity, sweet scent to my nose. I think Beach Nights is one of the few scents that retains some of its top notes.

This little fragrance quite reminds me of Marshmallow Pumpkin Spice Latte but without the pumpkin and spice elements. The fragrance starts off with a warm, toasty, mellow marshmallow note. It’s supposed to follow up with sea salt breeze which I would assume would be an aquatic note but I get the toasty marshmallow as the dominate opening note. It contains ginger flower, coconut orchid, as well as S’Mores Accord for middle notes but the initial application retains the toasty marshmallow note throughout the dry down. As it dries creamy vanilla joins that yummy marshmallow and a hint of Bath & Body Work’s popular driftwood note comes into play as well as a light, softer musk. It’s a funny thing as the fragrance manages to retain its initial top note of marshmallow through the dry down and wear.

As I said above if you take away the pumpkin and spice from Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte you’d basically have Beach Nights!

It’s delightful to say the least but sadly fleetingly as the wear, even after literally hosing myself down with it, only lasts about two hours tops on me. If I use the body cream I can get an extra hour from it but the fragrance is very faint after the first hour of application. I sure do wish they would make their fragrances a little stronger. Or maybe I just have bad chemistry.

None the less I’ll take what I can get because Bath & Body Works Beach Nights is worth it.

Love this one.

It’s available now in stores or avoid the aggressive sales reps and catch it online at bathandbodyworks.com.

I purchased this item.

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  • Nikki

    I didn’t really like any of these new scents. They smelled good, just too sweet. They also had some other summer scents that aren’t as heavily advertised, I got one called Blue Waves & Citrus and it smells so good! It smells like the beach. I got the body wash and lotion because they were on sale for $7 and I had a coupon for a free item so I got the body spray. Sadly it doesn’t last. I will douse myself in it in the bathroom and I won’t be able to smell it on myself in the living room. Think I might leave it in my car and just spray myself whenever I get out to go somewhere.

    • Isabella Muse

      I didn’t see Blue Waves and Citrus! Gotta go back and sniff now!!!!!!!!!!! OMG me too! You’d laugh if you saw how much I apply. By the time I get to work it is completely gone!!!!!!

    • Ginger

      I’m planning to order Blue Waves and Citrus, is it sweet smelling? I’m not really a fan of those sweet scents. I hope that this one is refreshing and light since it’s citrus. Hope you can help me.

    • Isabella Muse

      Likewise! I wish it lasted longer but I adore it! I think I need a backup!

  • Kitten

    Maybe I’m just lucky, but usually the scents last a decent while on me. I also spray most of it onto the inside of my shirt so it gets trapped. But even with the body lotion I’ll get little faint whiffs throughout the day.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think it depends on your body chemistry a good deal! Basically I apply the lotion and mist my bare skin, put my cloths on and mist myself some more on my cloths. But still no luck, the smell is there but faint! You’re lucky!

  • breyerchic04

    I love this spray but the body cream has a fake candy scent for me that makes me think of liquid antibiotics. Ewww…

  • Cindy

    Sounds so super yummy the way you described it. I love gourmand scents. Maybe if this scent ends up being super popular, they might make it permanent and add a concentrated perfume to the line? Fingers crossed!

  • N

    A little off topic, but I thought you’d be interested to know…BBW came out with the Black Cherry Merlot candle again and this time it is supposed to smell like the hand soap, unlike last year. It is online, but I am still going to give it a smell in store first, because it was disappointing last year.

    • Isabella Muse

      I know! I heard! however, I didn’t know it was going to smell like the hand soap! I sure hope they do it justice!

  • Paperdoll

    It could be that you have desensitized yourself to smells and don’t realize how strongly you smell. Most people these days REEK of perfume, the scent lasts wherever they go for hours such as elevators, it’s unberable. I bought this in the mist and lotion and I honestly cannot put enough lotion to properly moisturize my hands because it makes the scent way too strong! I only like the strength of this scent after I have washed my hands once. The scent won’t disappear until I shower and even then, some scent lingers. I put a tiny dot of lotion and ONE splash of mist on the back of my neck and it lasts very strongly absolutely until I wash it off. And I bought this because this is one of the weakest scents of BBW in years….most are so strong I can’t handle them at all. They used to be great back in the day but now it is so overbearing…I guess they made their scents that strong because most people are like you and think it doesn’t smell strongly enough or last long enough….but I think that most people are so used to dousing themselves in scents that their nose is too used to it to realize that they can fragrance an entire building. That’s just my thought.

    • Kimmie

      I totally agree with you paperdoll! Way to strong stuff and some people put on too much.

    • Staci

      I couldn’t agree more! I use enough hand cream to moisturize my dry hands and spritz myself with body mist a couple times. Hours later people will still be complimenting the way I smell, but I stopped smelling what I was wearing a half hour after application. Your nose just gets used to it, and just because YOU can’t smell it doesn’t mean other people can’t.

  • Polly

    I have this and it lasts a good while on me. My daughter says she smells smoke as if I’ve been near a bonfire but I don’t smell it. It made me nearly want to return it.

    • Vail

      I read that from someone who reviewed it, and that White Mocha Kiss is like that “without the campfire smell”. So that was a plus too 🙂

  • Vail

    What a fun Blog, I am bookmaking it to come back and look at when it isn’t – oh yikes, almost 5AM! Anyway, love your colors and it looks like you get good feedback!
    I just came from B&BW (I always shop online & also recommend it!!) and every single review of a newer scent there, I think it comes just in body wash and cream, called “White Mocha Kiss” – every person who reviewed it so far has said “This is just Beach Nights/Summer Marshmallow in a different package!”
    Did you by chance try the other, the Beach Nights stuff? I wonder because WOW do people sell discontinued stuff on eBay and Amazon for big bucks, and I don’t have that, so I’d rather get this if it smells like the one that was there so briefly.

    What is with that store discontinuing super popular scents? I can’t for the life of me figure out their And is it just me, or did 3-wicks cost $22.00 really recently? They are like 25 now, boo I will try the medium size, kinda curious about a praline- things. I’m one of those who loves to smell like my kitchen! I know some people hate that, but I even used to buy that “Dessert Beauty” by Jessica Simpson, I was so happy to find something I wasn’t allergic to, so I stocked up on eBay (had a lil tip they were going out of business – I still have some of it!) Yum. I am not fancy when it comes to smelling nice. I do miss real perfume… I wore “Knowing” by Estee Lauder all through University. And my Gran wore “Red Door” every day. I am uber allergic to that too but I will spray a teeny whiff when I miss her too much.
    Ack, sorry! I haven’t seen people in 2 weeks, now I am just going on and on! Any thoughts about Beach Nights vs this new one, White Mocha Kiss, I would love to get feedback! Isn’t mocha supposed to smell like coffee?

    • Isabella Muse

      AW thank you Vail! 😀 Haha please do visit when it’s a little later lol! I haven’t tried White Mocha Kiss yet! I have to smell that! I just tried the mist and the body cream but none of the other stuff. I know right? And it’s sad because at some point it’ll be re-promoted by BBW or re-labeled as a new scent and here are people selling it for a million dollars on ebay! I don’t understand BBW’s mentality when it comes to axing cents we really love. Everything that I adore ends up chopped from their perm collection! So odd. 🙁 OMG we are so twins! I sill have some Dessert Beauty too haha 😀 Too bad she discontinued it! It was such a fun brand! I’ll have to try the White Mocha Kiss and let you know and by the way, about smelling like coffee, you can never go with the names on BBW stuff haha! Did you smell pumpkin cupcake!? NOTHING like a cupcake nor a pumpkin LOL!