July 25, 2016

Jamie Kern Lima Responds To L’Oreal Purchase of It Cosmetics

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakthroughs

As you already know L’Oreal purchased It Cosmetics for 1.5 billion dollars. Jamie Kern Lima responded to the purchase recently on Instagram as well as via mass e-mail for those on the It Cosmetics mailing list.

Here’s her reply:

A special message from IT co-founder Jamie Kern Lima:

Hi IT Girls! I am so excited to announce the news about our new partnership with L’Oreal! At IT Cosmetics, our mission is to make the world more beautiful through our products, through our actions, and through our belief that every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel her most beautiful. This partnership will allow us to utilize the amazingly strong infrastructure at L’Oreal to grow and spread the IT Cosmetics message in an even more powerful way and to get our life-changing products into the hands of even more real women across the globe! I will remain the CEO of IT Cosmetics, and I can assure you that the integrity and quality of our products, our commitment to being completely cruelty-free and our commitment to giving back in a big way will remain 100% intact and true to IT!

Thank YOU for discovering, loving and believing in IT Cosmetics from the very beginning and for being part of our amazing journey of growth so far. And thank you for your continued love and support as we enter into this exciting new chapter in our brand story together.

I love you all, IT Girls! XOXO, Jamie

It Cosmetics will begin selling at Sephora shortly and there’s speculation whether they’ll begin selling globally as well. Jamie will remain the CEO of It Cosmetics even after the sell as per her statement above.

At this point, I have no further information about the sale but I know many of you wanted to know if Jamie were staying on with the brand and as you can see she will indeed still be with the brand. I had little doubt she’d be leaving as the brand is her baby.

I don’t know what this sale means for the brand. It could mean bigger and better things for It Cosmetics. I’ll be waiting patiently to see where things go from here!

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with It Cosmetics or L’Oreal.


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  • Laura

    Why must Loreal own the entire makeup world!? Kinda annoyed by this as when the bought urban decay, quality never stays them same :/

    • claudia

      Totally. Plus, L’Oreal is known for animal testing. So even if they buy a smaller company who is committed to not testing, by purchasing those products we are still supporting a known animal testing corporation . Makes me sick and crazy.

      • Linda Hallman

        I agree why sell to Loreal they Animal Test. Therefore I would never buy any of their products. Why sell to a company that animal tests.

    • Debby Ryan

      5I also agree I feel something changed in Bare Minerals also when Keslie changed roles

  • Lace

    It’s amazing that L’Oréal has grown so much. Looking at the companies already under its umbrella is impressive. Hopefully this will be a good thing for It Cosmetics. I haven’t had the opportunity to try anything of theirs yet. Not sure where to start!

  • Jay

    Until they expand the shade range, I’ll remain meh. I do wonder if they’ll still sell on QVC…that’s where the most loyal customers stem from (plus those kits are a great value). Maybe we’ll see some new L’Oreal products in drugstore that are inspired by It products. That would be great!

  • Christina D.

    Hey Muse,

    Pardon my crankiness but I really hate this weather, and…

    I have not been a fan of IT Cosmetics since I discovered that they charge high-end prices although every one of their eye shadow palettes I mistakenly purchased was made in China. I was also not impressed with the quality. Not sure if things will be better or worse under the L’Oreal umbrella of companies, but I personally think Urban Decay was never the same after they became another L’Oreal company.

    We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

    • Isabella Muse

      tell me about it. It’s the worst! yuck! I HOPE it’s a move for the better! I agree about Urban Decay, lots has changed since L’Oreal purchased them 🙁 haha…! Indeed, resistance is futile!

    • Carol G

      Christina, I agree with your Borg reference. It is perfect. Now, Unilever is buying Dollar Shave Club and woke up today to Verizon buying Yahoo! I guess in a few years there will just be a handful of comapnies that control everything. Resistance is indeed futile, sadly.

        • Janet

          Sad thst Jamie sold out for money. I
          Started with It cosmetics from Qvc. I do not believe the quality will remain the same . It’s the old story money talks .

  • Dee

    Haven’t been online for a few days so this came as quite a surprise. I too hope the quality doesn’t change as that seems to happen when these sales take place.

  • Janessa

    I was so concerned that they wouldn’t be cruelty free after the purchase and am glad Jamie addressed it right away. I do hope they remain with QVC… Nothing beats their IT TSV and jumbo size auto deliveries.

    • Teresa Klauss

      Yes, the IT line will be cruelty free but what about all the other products produced by L’Oreal? I’m pretty sure they aren’t. I won’t buy IT Cosmetics anymore because I don’t want to support L’Oreal. I’m happy for Jamie and her $1.2 Billion dollar payday, but sad that the company has changed hands. I’m going back to Jane Iredale.

    • AJ

      No matter what the CEO wrote, I can’t imagine L’Oreal paying that much for the company and then keeping it out of the huge, growing China market (where in case you didn’t know they REQUIRE animal testing on cosmetics that sell there). There might be a year or two of a contentious relationship between the CEO and L’Oreal before she is kicked out. I, too, will not buy L’Oreal, nor will I buy their other brands. It’s just too disingenuous.

  • Melissa

    Super disappointed about this. Regardless of IT still remaining Cruelty-free themselves, purchases will now support one of the largest animal testers on the industry, so I’ll use what I have but have no intention of giving even a penny to L’Oreal, which is now the reality of any IT purchase.

  • zVintageFashionizta

    When you first posted this information I was not too happy because I felt that the quality of her products would diminish but in her statement she said quality will stay the same, I guess time will tell.
    I have also wondered if this means the end to those fabulous sets that she sells on QVC.
    FYI: I’m a bit of a makeup snob so if they ever start selling the line at regular drug stores I will probably stop buying them.

  • mimi

    I tried to like IT Cosmetics. I saw and bought a few kits on QVC but realized that a majority of the products, although marked as cruelty-free, are made in China. Eeew! Now L’Oreal purchased them and I know that L’Oreal does animal testing, contrary to their marketing ploys making us believe differently. Research it and you will see.
    It’s really too much to go into here but you can read more at http://logicalharmony.net/is-loreal-cruelty-free/
    Bottom line, we are being deceived by many big brand cosmetic lines calling themselves Cruelty-Free. Sweet animals are still being tortured and massacred while us consumers are being fed lies by the wealthy cosmetic industry in hopes to sell more products. There are other ways to test cosmetics, drugs and household items and the only way they will change entirely is if we refuse to buy their products!

    • Nancy

      Any cosmetic that is able to be purchased in China has to, by law tested on animals. In China ( they have no moral compass or code –they adore $$$$$) they MUST test on animals if it is to be used on humans, so ALL companies that sell their goods in China test on animals. We have been lied to. I wish they would stand up to this big market bully and avoid selling their products in this place.

  • Jeanette Larson

    Do you have any idea when L’Oreal will take over the manufacturing of IT products? I listened to Jamie’s comments but am still skeptical about changes. Among other things my brushes need to be restocked before the change.

    • Isabella Muse

      I sadly don’t! I imagine within the next six months or so!

  • Caroline

    I totally agree with Melissa! Why does animal-testing L’Oreal have to get their grubby little hands on everything? Oh, yes – it’s all about the money! Silly me. I only have one IT palette – the Naturally Pretty Celebration one with the cute little cruelty-free bunny on the back. *Sigh* sadly I won’t be buying any more …

  • Cathy Pochron

    I currently love IT cosmetics. I have very, very sensitive skin; and so far, the IT products I use have been great for my sensitivity issues. I am skeptical, though, that L’Oreal will be putting unfriendly ingredients in the IT cosmetics and that IT products will no longer work for very sensitive skin and cause skin issues. If that ends up being the case, I will no longer be able to use IT products.

  • Deb vaughan


  • Elli

    L’oreal doesn’t rest until it owns and dominates as much as possible. It’s getting harder to avoid buying any products they sell (Lancome to maybeline and more) This is a company that discriminates and is proven to be Antisemitic – many lawsuits testify to that.

  • Cynthia Perez

    This is exactly why I stopped purchasing Philosophy, once they sold — their products changed, everything from the texture to the smell. Damn.

  • Tina Ran

    I have been a fan of IT cosmetics from when they were new on QVC. I am sad that L’Oreal now owns it. I am not going to buy these products going forward. I can’t support a company that does animal testing. I feel betrayed by the IT brand & Jamie Kern Lima. Also, why being made in China? What I wrong with the USA?


    I agree with so many of the posts…Jamie can think that her baby is still cruelty free but the truth is no,no and no. Will her products now start selling in China? MY guess is yes…another issue w animal testing. SO sad. Bye bye It..

  • Marci

    This explains the problems with the incorrect color/tones of foundations & concealers recently. When foundations start looking orangey & cakey, its time to move on. So very sad this is happening to what was a very good product.

  • cathy

    I was appauled to find out about the partnership with LOreal. Im sure the ingredients used in IT cosmetics will be from China and we know all about that quality and purity. While Im happy for Jamie, I’ll watch from the wings as this story unfolds. So sad.

  • Dr. Schavi Ali

    For those with sensitive skin, I recommend KJAER WEIS (a Danish makeup artist) makeup. She began the line because models that she worked on complained that the regular makeup they had to wear was harming their skin. Her products are cruelty-free and not sold in China or any other country that demands animal testing. However, her products are expensive. The good thing is that the gorgeous, heavy, silver packaging is re-fillable. It was designed by a famous artist. You only need to purchase the packaging one time. Of course, you can just purchase the re-fills to save money if you do not care about fancy packaging. KJAER WEIS is available from “Beautylish”.

  • Melissa Trani

    I’ve been using IT for tears and love(d) it! Since I ordered a new kit this past year from QVC and have opened my new Bye Bye Under Eye (my other one I had ran out) the new one doesn’t seem to have the coverage, etc as my other one. I’ve been having severe under eye snd eye lid problems with redness, itching and flaking. I took notice the new package states “made in China”. I’m not sure if my original item was made in China, but that would explain the severe eye problem the might be having. I’m very disappointed to find a cosmetic company I loved to have been sold off and now being made in CHINA! I was a big fan of Bare Minerals until they changed.

  • Janet Smith

    Now that I know Loreal is affiliated with IT products, I will not purchase any products. In addition, I tried the IT foundation once and it was the WORST FOUNDATION I ever tried bar none !!! I don’t know how Jamie Kern Lima got so wealthy. Her foundation is the worst. I also will not purchase any makeup products made in China due to the high lead content & Loreal with their horrific animal testing. Disgusting, unsafe products and unscrupulous etc.

  • Cindy

    When can we buy Bye Bye Foundation in stores? I’ve been wanting to try it but don’t want to jump in on the infomercial sales pitch.

  • Joyce

    So sorry that Jamie sold out her basic principals for money! Very disappointed! L’Oréal Does test on animals and I will not support in any way a company that causes pain and suffering to animals. There are many other ways to test.

  • Janet L Burke

    Please don’t go by the wayside of bare minerals and philosophy. There products are not the same. Formulas are awful now. I switched to your products because of you Jamie

  • Geraldine Kavalich

    I miss her selling “It” on QVC! Others are ok but nothing like seeing Jamie herself. Come back! YOUvare the “face” of your line.

  • Wanda Agers

    No more IT Cosmetics for me. I haven’t bought a L’Oreal product in years and will not start now. China REQUIRES animal testing and they comply to sell there. There are lots of other good brands out there that are truthful and caring.

  • SK Brown

    How very sad. I cant stand Loreal as it is not cruelty free as far as I know. It cosmetics has been so innovative with some great products. This sale to Loreal will make me rethink and put the brakes on my future purchases.

  • Cheryl McMahon

    Just saw thiz story. Won’t trust the formulas any more. Loreal is a drug store brand.

  • Pam Kramer-kohut

    Hi I am not sure how it cosmetics can commit to being cruelty free while L’Oreal is not how can she say she’s 100% cruelty free? Kind of sad.