July 13, 2016

NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Lip & Cheek Tint Review & Swatches

NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Lip & Cheek Tint

I’m likely in the minority but I’m loving on the new NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Lip & Cheek Tint ($3.57). NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Lip & Cheek Tint is a new liquid cheek and lips stain part of new collaborated makeup collection between Demi Lovato amd NYC New York Color Cosmetics that’s available in three shade selections.

If you like products like Benefit Benetint you’re bound to enjoy this formula. Although I do know many people hate on Benetint because it proves so difficult to apply and blend without looking blotchy. I think I was personally loving on Benetint because it was of the few products of its kind over ten years ago when I originally tried it. Nowadays, there are far superior formulas around so Benetint isn’t one I reach for often. NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Lip & Cheek Tint is the same concept at a cheaper price and in a wider range of shades with an easier to blend formula.

Take a look!

NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Lip & Cheek Tint is available in a tiny chubby, glass bottle with an attached brush for application and weights in at 0.27 oz in size. It looks pretty much like a nail polish and can easily be confused with one. I never understood why brands felt the need to packaging cheek stain in a glass bottle. I think it screams danger! Speaking from experience, if you drop this on a hard floor it’s going to shatter pretty easily.

I heard a lot of mixed reviews about these and most weren’t favorable. Heck, some of you even told me you didn’t like these! I can see why since they are bright and quite pigmented. Not everyone is going to want to run around with pink cheeks. Personally, I loved two out of the four shades I purchased. They make for really easy, simple, natural looks on a warm Summer day. I brought them with me on vacation and they were pretty much all I used on my cheeks in the day because they had such incredibly strong wear on super humid days!

NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Cheek Tint

They are pretty much a standard liquid cheek stain that you can simply brush on with the applicator and blend out with fingers. The formula sets fairly fast so, once you dot it on you’ll want to work quickly to blend it out. I honestly had no issues with application myself even if they set mighty fast. It was a simple three dot and blend process that took all of 5 seconds to apply. I didn’t feel they had a ruddy or blotchy appearance but some of the shades are quite bright so a little goes a very long way. I think they provide better pigment on my face versus my lips where the color pay off proved a little sheerer and a lot less longer wearing. Speaking of which, they aren’t going anywhere until you remove them! Oily, dry, combo, doesn’t matter your skin type these are budge, sweat, and waterproof. They fade a little tiny bit over the course of a 12 to 14 hour day but it is not noticeable in the least. Hell, you could probably sleep in them and wake up with blush still on. Apply a little fluid foundation, concealer, curling my lashes, and a dash of this is what I call natural Summer makeup. It gives my cheeks a burst of reddish pink color. Although it deserves to be mentioned many of the shades look the same on cheeks which means you don’t have to haul all four of ’em!

NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Lip & Cheek Tint (Cheeky Pink, Cheeky Red, Cheeky Strawberry, Cheeky Berry)

NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Lip & Cheek Tint (Cheeky Pink, Cheeky Red, Cheeky Strawberry, Cheeky Berry)

The shades range from really bright to sheer in color pay off. The two best shades for me were Cheeky Pink and Cheeky Berry. I felt like Cheeky Red and Cheeky Strawberry barely showed up on my skin even after much layering. On lips, they are all pretty sheer.

NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Lip & Cheek Tint (Cheeky Berry)

NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Lip & Cheek Tint (Cheeky Berry)

NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Lip & Cheek Tint (Cheeky Pink)

NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Lip & Cheek Tint (Cheeky Pink)

I don’t think everyone will like the NYC New York Color Lovatics by Demi Lip & Cheek Tint formula as it is a very bright stain that might appear a bit ruddy on those with a lot of redness in their cheeks or face. However, I thought it was lovely stuff and it’ll be particularly nice on tanned skin tones. If you like quick and go makeup this is a great one to indulge it!

Available now at Walmart and walmart.com.

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  • Carol G

    Every single time I’m at Target I look at these and then decide I don’t need them/they probably suck, but seeing your swatches, I think I do need them! Thanks for the swatches and the review. Glad to hear they are long lasting and great for humid days. Definitely getting them next time I go to Target. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      I really liked them Carol! They are fab for quick swipe and go Summer looks 😀 My pleasure <3! 😀

  • Jenna

    thanks! i’ve been seeing these but hadn’t seen anyone review them so i’m glad you did. long wearing blushes/stains are something i’ve been on the lookout for.
    they’re also available at target if you don’t have a walmart nearby or don’t want to brave it 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      Hey Jenna! They are quite nice! and long wearing 😀 ugh my target had them! Would have saved me the trip to the evil empire!

  • Deena

    Thank you for the review! I have been looking for a lip and cheek stain. You mentioned that there are formulas that are better than this. Which ones are those?

    • Isabella Muse

      My pleasure! Umm I didn’t mention anything about formulas being better, I did say that I thought these were better than Benetint (and that many tints in general are superior to Benetint). Hope this helps!?

      • Bonnie

        What are some that are better than Benetint? I’m sure I will have to try at least one of these…seems so easy as I’m hardly wearing any makeup this summer.

        • Isabella Muse

          Perricone MD No Blush Blush, Vincent Longo Lip & Cheek Gel Stain, Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm, Stila’s Lip and Cheek Stains, there are so many that are much nicer than Benetints 🙂

  • Maria S

    I purchased Cheeky Berry a while back. I appreciate your review. Nothing was out there when I got it.
    It’s a great alternative to more expensive Benetint. Works the same.
    Use it on lips not on cheeks. Put a little balm on top and it looks very healthy
    I agree with you, it’s hard to control on cheeks
    I fade out if don’t have any color on lips. Need definition on eyebrows and lips.
    Like to use it to go to exercise class because it “tints” and does not transfer in towel.
    If my memory serves me right :)!, in the early 1970’s, (1969-1973) Bonne Bell had a tint identical to this and of course much, much early than all others. It came in an oval flat small bottle. Very similar to their Bonne Bell musk bottle in the same time period.
    Have a good weekend

    • Isabella Muse

      yay glad to hear it Maria 🙂 I really like these! They wear long and they are an easy application for quickie color on the go 😀 I don’t recall the Bonne Bell one but it sounds cute! 😀 Hope you had a great weekend!