August 31, 2016

Bath & Body Works Pear & Brown Sugar Grows On A Girl

Bath & Body Works Pear & Brown Sugar

Thanks to everyone who convinced me I needed Bath & Body Works Pear & Brown Sugar because it sure did grow on this girl. When I first smelled this in store all I got was a good deal of alcohol and a bit of sweet pear. I wasn’t convinced I liked it at all. Many of you urged me to try it again so, I did!

And here is my review on Bath & Body Works Pear & Brown Sugar.

I tried Bath & Body Works Pear & Brown Sugar on three different visits to my local store. Each time, the scent was very uneventful to my nose. First time around it smelled like alcohol, second time around it had a beer element, and third time around I got a little of the pear. But everyone kept telling me, oh the brown sugar note is lovely.

Where oh where was that brown sugar note! I finally made my head hard and I picked up the lotion and the fragrance mist because I was determined to understanding all the ravings. It’s funny as there is so much going on in this scent but none of it really develops until you actually wear the fragrance. My highest recommendation is to mist yourself with it. Don’t spray it on a card, don’t spray it in the air, and don’t sniff it from the bottle, spray it directly on your neck and chest and proceed to walk around the store or even the mall for a while. As it sets you’ll understand all the raving.

According to Bath & Body Works the scent starts out life with notes of Italian Bergamot, Decadent Pistachio Mousse, and Sugared Almond Cookie with middle notes of Caramelized Praline, Toasted Hazelnut, and Plum Blossom. The dry down notes include Vanilla, Glazed Chocolate Wood,and Whipped Musk. I dunno where the pear is, don’t ask me. At very first mist there’s an odd ripened fruit note that made me turn my nose up, it smells like a ripened subtle cherry note mixed. As it sets it gets way more complex. Let me be honest, I dislike the initial wet mist. It really doesn’t smell great to my nose nor does it remind me of Fall.

Let it dry down and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

This is where things get interesting. The praline and hazelnut come out to play with a good deal of the sugared almond cookie. Do you know those almond cookies they give you with Chinese Take Out? This is what I smell here! But as it dries further the scent warms up considerably and suddenly I smell like a delicate brown sugar dusted pie crust. That’s basically what it settles down too. I get notes of vanilla and brown but not the ones we’ve seen in Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar. This is much more subtle and delicate. If you’ve ever eaten a pie with a thin sugary sweet crust that’s exactly what this smells like. You aren’t getting the fruit filling mind, just the warm delightful crust dusted with the fines brown sugar.


Bath & Body Works Pear & Brown Sugar does so grow on a girl. Don’t write it off the way I did, this one needs a little time and patience to enjoy. The first mist won’t capture, nor will the second, but the dry down will wrap you up in the Fall season!

This one gets a Muse Approval.

Bath & Body Works Pear & Brown Sugar is available now in stores.

Tried it?

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  • Kimmwc03

    I got a fun-sized lotion of this for free the other day but have yet to try it out on my skin.

  • Dee

    Got the fun size too and really like it. I have so many other fall scent lotions that I am holding out til I finish those.

  • Calvert

    Muse! Since you’re the BBW scent guru, what do you think would be closest to the limited Peach and Honey Almond from about 2 years ago? It’s my absolute favorite!

    • Isabella Muse

      oh wow I’m not really a bbw guru haha 😀 I’m not sure to be honest I can’t even recall Peach and Honey Almond! I’m sorry dear!

  • Deena

    Thank you for the awesome reviews!!

    I love their fragrances but they wear off on me so quickly. After an hour the scent is gone!!

    • Isabella Muse

      likewise! 🙁 I have to really mist them all over and even than it doesn’t last!

  • Len

    Muse I just saw online BBW they have two new Signature Collection 2-in-1 Body Wash & Bubble Bath in SALTED CARAMEL PUMPKIN & PUMPKIN CUPCAKE!! ADORABLE pumpkins!!! 🙂
    TWO years ago? the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles was so nice I feel like it was a better formula for sure! I regret not buying two when it was on sale.

    • Isabella Muse

      yes and also pumpkin apple!:) I was going to post them yesterday but didn’t get a chance 😀 It’s an entire collection that includes fragrance mist/lotions/etc as well 😀

      • Len

        I missed that one! They all sound great. Cant wait to see it all in person.

        • Isabella Muse

          yeah! There’s salted caramel, pumpkin apple, and pumpkin cupcake fragrance mists and body care 😀 Enjoy!

  • Debbie L.

    Oh my, now I really am tempted. I just get so overwhelmed when I take a peek into the store (let’s not even talk about walking past it and inhaling all the fumes… Er, fragrances I mean) that I never stay long enough to figure out if I liked anything. Might actually brave the scents after all… Thanks love ❤

  • Michelle

    I was one of the people that encouraged you to give this a second chance-so glad that you did! I have been liking this more each time I wear it. I also gave this for a gift to a dear friend and she really liked it also. Great fall scent!

    • Isabella Muse

      Thank you Michelle because it ended up great 😀 Aren’t you a great friend? 😀