August 30, 2016

I Find Myself Intrigued By the Dermaflash Facial Exfoliation Device

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Dermaflash Facial Exfoliation Device

Youtubers have been raving face shaving for a while now so, today the Dermaflash Facial Exfoliation Device caught my eye on and I was all like, “I want to try this” and than I heard my mom’s voice in my head, “Don’t shave, the hair will come in thicker!”

So, most youTubers use a little plastic razor which can be easily purchased at an Asian Beauty store to “exfoliate” their faces or as it has commonly become known, face shaving.

The Dermaflash Facial Exfoliation Device is a little more advanced than a plastic razor!

This beauty tool slash razor sweeps away dull surface cells and removes fine hair on yur face. using subtle sonic vibrations paired with a stainless steal razor. Not only does it sweep away fine hairs on your face but it also removes dead skin cells as it works.

The idea is intriguing no doubt but I feel like I already have many different beauty and skincare routines and rituals and shaving my face seems like something I’d have to do daily. For example, I wax my brows every two weeks. Honestly, they get unruly at around day nine or so but I hold out and let them grow in a little further before waxing them. If I wait longer they are positively scary and head into uni-brow land. Imagine if I had to shave my face? Just like everyone else I have fine hairs above my forehead and at the sides of my face. These hairs aren’t something I’ve ever shaved, waxed, or touched. If I start “shaving” them now does that mean they’ll become more visible in the future thus making me want to shave them once a week or maybe once every two weeks?

The idea of face shaving sounds terribly intriguing but also seems like one more step in my endless beauty routine.

No doubt though the Dermaflash Facial Exfoliation Device intrigues the hell out of me.

Anyone try the face shaving routine?

What results did you have?

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Jade

    No face shaving for me! My skin is too sensitive. I wonder why hairless is in fashion. We are meant to have hair, it protects the skin. 😉

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m not sensitive thankfully but I can’t see myself shaving my entire face, it seems a little too much!?

    • Countess

      I’ve been using a facial trimmer for years for peach fuzz. The older I get the more I need it. But I only have to do it about once a month. It doesn’t grow back either thicker or darker. Although that may change as I age. The trimmer is battery operated and leaves about 1/16″ of hair, which makes makeup look So much better. And it does make your face look fresher and younger. The battery operated trimmer doesn’t exfoliate. In fact it stirs up flakes of dead skin, so I have to aggressively exfoliate for a couple of days after. The Dermaflash looks like it would do the job in one step. Plus I have to go over my face over and over with the trimmer. There’s no question that skin care products will be more effective. At the QVC price, I’m going to try it. If I like it, Sephora has the refills.

  • diane

    i am SO TEMPTED by this, especially with easy pay, but i have the PMD and use that once weekly so I feel adding this in too would be exfoliation overkill. I still really want it though. lol

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m oddly curious about it too but lord I have such a massive skincare routine, do I really need to add another device/treatment?

      • diane

        exactly how i feel! i love beauty tech tools though LOL. I always use my pad, nuface and clarisonic regularly. i’m also eyeing that tria laser for around the eyes and mouth

  • Dee

    I wonder if a device like this really is different from using a plastic shaver or does it simply make you feel that it is? I’ve used a plastic razor after reading about how they exfoliate and make the skin look good and makeup application better, and it’s true. Hair doesn’t grow back thicker, in my experience.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m not sure, seems more industrial? Might take less time to use it compared to a plastic razor? Covers more ground so to speak? I haven’t used either tool so I’m just assuming this stuff 😀

  • Kimmwc03

    I’ve thought about getting one of those plastic razor things but I don’t know. Isn’t that hair grow back thing just an old wives’ tale?

  • Diane

    I have very sensitive skin and I come from a Greek background so I’m cursed with red patches on my cheeks and dark fuzz on my sideburns and jawline. I use one of the cheap Korean dermaplaning razors once a week or so, and it’s definitely made an enormous difference in the smoothness of my skin. It makes putting on makeup so much smoother and easier! I’ve been doing it for nearly two years now and it hasn’t made any significant difference in the texture or visibility of my hair; it’s definitely no worse than it was before I started. And I really have no need of doing it more than once a week – in fact some times I’ll forget or be too busy and don’t do it for nearly a month and it’s still fine.

    I do feel like this particular tool is a bit gimmicky though – it takes me about five minutes to do with the normal blade, and I can get three of them for five dollars 😛

    • Isabella Muse

      Now I want to try it! I’m Italian/Portuguese so, I def have fine hair on my face, no doubt 😀 But I’ve never tried shaving it with one of those mini razor!

  • Terri

    I’ve been shaving my face for over 10 years with any ole disposable razor. I do it about twice a month in the shower. Takes a few seconds. The hair NEVER grew back darker, thicker, coarser, or any faster. When you shave your face (or anywhere else), the fair is not removed from the root, just the surface. The hair follicle underneath is still the exact same one. Several dermatologists have explained this to me. I love shaving my face. My makeup goes on smoother and doesn’t grab the fuzzies on the sides of my face. I’m not the least bit tempted by any “high tech device” that does the exact same thing a disposable razor does. Oh and if anyone has sensitive skin, try using the razors that have those lubricating strips attached- usually the ones for men are more lubricated.

  • Jennifer

    You do what you want with your money, but, if it was me, I’d pass. I too, have a fear that my hair will grow darker and thicker. This is a gimmick that I don’t think is worth the money. I saw this on QVC this morning and it just doesn’t look that fun. However, I did buy the today’s special bed they had on Sunday for my guest room. Ha, go figure? Too lazy to go out and try beds that I’m not going to sleep on.

  • Ashley

    Like Terri, I have been shaving my face for many years – since my teens in fact, and I’m now in my thirties. I started because during puberty, I noticed dark hair above my lip, which as we all know is very common and hereditary. I also, coincidentally, read about this in seventeen magazine around that time. I used to be so terribly embarrassed about it and wouldn’t even discuss it when a roommate in college happened to catch me running a men’s razor across my face. (Men’s razors are my personal favorite for leg hair removal). These days, however, every beauty problem and beauty solution is shared online, and this one is truly something every girl/woman should do or a least try. My skin is utterly sensitive and I don’t get razor bumps or thicker, darker hair. I do this once a week, armed with rose hip seed oil and a fresh, plastic razor, and give myself a reboot of glowing skin, smooth as glass. It is wonderful! Here’s the other thing: removing those dead skin cells with a razor prior to any topical treatment allows it (the treatment) to penetrate quicker and you may see results faster. That I can vouch for! So, face shaving is something I will do until I’m too old to hold a razor without shaking, and I highly recommend you find a method that works for you, be it a device like this or a tried and true old favorite.

  • Jo

    I had this procedure done at a spa/facial.
    All the dead skin was exfoliated and the fine hair.
    My skin was so refreshed

    So I bought it on QVC
    Let’s see if I get the same results
    I’ll post it in a couple of weeks. 🙂

  • Jeanine McAuliffe

    YOU MUST SHAVE! I also have the dreaded dry skin and since shaving my skin not only glows and is baby soft but is more on the normal side. I have come to the conclusion that the hair was blocking most of the moisturizer and serums I was piling on everyday and night. I shave about every 2 weeks to a month but I do it for the exfoliation mostly. My hair has not grown back anymore than normal, trust me it took me about a year to just finally do it. I was TERRIFIED of having a 5 o’ clock shadow, haha! I promise do it and you will thank me later. Side note..I REALLY WANT THIS GIMMICK!

  • kim

    I have this device and use only every 4-6 weeks. Lots of peach fuzz and dark hair on my face, I’m a brunette. I also have very sensitive rosacia skin and the blade is so fine it doesn’t bother my skin at all. Gets the hair with one pass, it’s awesome. Also use my clairsonic 2 times a week and retin-a and still no irritation. For me this is one of my top purchases and well worth the money.

  • Emily F

    I use this & love it! I feel like it exfoliates as well as shaves. My face feels so soft after using it. I like this much better than those tiny little razors, a totally different & better result. I had major peach fuzz on my face but no more! It has been totally worth it to me.

  • Brenda

    I use the Dermaflash in between dermaplaning appointments, and love it! My hair hasn’t grown back any thicker or darker. My face glows, and my makeup goes on much smoother. I can’t imagine putting up with peach fuzz ever again!

  • Michelle Luna

    Echoing the others on the whole “shaving makes your hair grow back thicker” ***MYTH***, I’ve been shaving my whole body for over 20 years (though I don’t keep up on the belly and chest anymore) and my hair has never grown in “like a man”. Side note, after years and years of waxing my hoo-ha and leaving the landing strip, the landing strip area is denser than the rest of my hair now, everything that’s been getting yanked for years grows in sparser. Same goes for my legs, I’ve been waxing (using an epilator, really, I’m in love with the thing (even though 90% of the last 6 years I’ve gone natural on my legs and pits)) for so long I have less hair than I was born to have.
    I REALLY WISH WE COULD DO AWAY WITH THAT OLD WIVE’S TALE, capital letters aren’t even enough to show how much I hate stigmas like this shit that just keep women afraid to do whatever will make them feel better instead of ashamed. I really think this myth came about because probably some really pretty girl in the 30’s had a mustache or beard (y’know, like humans can often have!) and nobody wanted her to be prettier than she already was and therefore outshine them and “steal up all the men” (bc let’s face it, we women have been in a stupid “competition” for men for like 200 years or more now, can we please stop already) so they told her if she shaved it would grow back like chewbacca, in order to keep her as ugly as they could, and there you have it.
    BTW have you ever looked into what advertising used to do to women in the 30’s-60’s as far as feminine hygiene and beauty? Fucking criminal, seriously. Society is a motherfucker to women, I really hate what it has created and what it is still doing to this day.
    Ok sorry for hijacking your review with my rant
    DO SHAVE (if you want to), it feels great and exfoliates like a champ and your products/makeup go on so perfectly after 🙂

  • Michelle Luna

    P.S. I promise you this nifty gadget does nothing special that a regular razor doesn’t already do, except use up batteries and counter space. For shaving of any kind but especially the face I will only use Schick blades that have the tiny wires wrapped around the blades (I think the quattro are the only ones wrapped), because you still get 100% down to the skin close shaving but the wires prevent you from being able to cut or nick yourself in any way, which for me is important for the upper lip/chin area because a plain blade will cut my lipline! Whereas the wrapped blade doesn’t, and I just shave that part really slowly and lightly. If I don’t feel like dropping the dough on the refill blades for my handle I just buy the Target brand disposables that are the generic of the Schick Quattro