August 2, 2016 and Closing Down And Splash Gets a Remake!

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drugstore and closing

A variety of reports are spreading the news that Walgreens is closing down and! Shocked? Me too! They are talking about both and closing as soon as the end of September!

I have to admit I don’t shop all that often. The website isn’t terribly appealing and I find it difficult to navigate. I do however, like that they carry brands that Sephora doesn’t carry such as Lipstick Queen. But I’m doubtful I’ll miss it very much when it closed down. Now, that’s a different game entirely! I shop there quite often and I really like many of the more obscure brands they carry such as Thayers, Soap & Glory, and others. I actually buy a lot of different things from them and I’ll miss the site once it disappears.

I don’t shop Walgreens very much, not online nor in store because I find their prices aren’t as competitive as places like Harmons or even CVS for that matter. I also find their point system very weird as I’ve spent so much money at Walgreens but rarely have I gotten a chance to redeem any points. I guess I’m not buying enough qualifying merchandise.

I have no knowledge of what will happen to gift cards or any credits you might have on either site but according to a mass emailing from both shops you’ll be able to use dollars in a final redemption-only period from August 14 to September 30th. If you fail to do so, those dollars will expire and you’ll lose their value.

This is a weird play for Walgreens who first purchased both online stores a short time ago for $429 million. At the time, was the eight largest e-tailer in the USA. Some might say it’s a move to boost online traffic to but apparently it’s just a way to save money for Walgreens whi hopes to cut annual costs by the next fiscal year.

Whatever their plan is, I know I, for one, will miss

How do you feel about and closing their doors for good?

Do share!

P.S. On a more upbeat note the Splash remake is a go apparently. Channing Tatum will allegedly be cast in Daryl Hannah’s iconic role as a merman. Interesting enough, the story gets is reverse this time around with a Jillian Bell playing the Tom Hank’s role! Splash is such a major role in my childhood as I remember watching and totally wanting to be a mermaid when I grew up! I’m hopeful the remake will be just as great!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Barbara

    I had no idea Walgreeens owned them. I used to shop a lot but then it seemed like Amazon and other sites were cheaper. I personally love Walgreens and shop there at least once a week as it is close to work and I can always find something to buy there!

    • Michelle Vance

      Yes me too! I will miss I am a frequent shopper and I love the fact that I can items that I would not normally find in any other drugstore. It’s a shame that they are closing. I bought everything from makeup to cleaning supplies from them. Now, I have no idea where I will find or buy my favorite products! RIP…

      • Kim

        Wow I loved drug what happened???? Can’t believe there not in business anymore??!!! Can anyone recommend anything for a online shoppers????

        • Gail

          I’m testing out The one thing I have ordered so far arrived very quickly and well-packed. Fingers crossed.

        • Mary Ann Starr

 (who was Walgreen’s – not making enough $$$ I guess is why they shut down) I’ve been using and also The online drugstore is out of Minnesota and mostly drugstore items and craft type things. They are pretty good tho not quite as fast a and is Walmart’s competitive online store to (which I also use). So I’m using 3 different sources. Mostly tho. Between the 3 I mentioned – I do price comparisons and order products with lowest price at one of the 3 online stores. You need to accumulation $49 at for free shipping and only $35 at Jet. Com (and if you are a Prime Amazon member and buy Prime products – it’s free shipping).

          Hope that helps.

  • Maria

    I love I am in a wheelchair and I get most of my vitamins there. And toothpaste, other items, etc. They have good values and coupons and fast service. I have been a customer over 10 years. I will miss them. Walgreens prices are higher than drugstore, which has a huge variety that you cannot find in Rite aid and other stores. I do not know where to shop.

    • Isabella Muse

      I shop as well Maria! I think their prices are much more cheaper than Walgreens or CVS plus they have a lot of obscure brands I really like. Darn shame they are closing up shop!

  • MM Curator

    Eh, I barely shopped at but I will miss As for Splash, it was the movie that began my lifelong obsession with mermaids and I was initially annoyed when I heard there was going to be a remake. But switching around the roles so that it’s a mer-man definitely sounds promising – I like knowing it won’t be just a watered down copy of the original!
    By the way, since you’re a fellow mermaid obsessive, Paper Source has the cutest mermaid wrapping paper right now!

    • Isabella Muse

      Likewise! I could care less about but I will miss! HA likewise! I was also annoyed but it sounds like a cute remake 😀 I’m header over there right now lol! I need 20 rolls haha!

  • Jay is a nice alternative to Sephora and UIta, and seems to get drugstore makeup first. I honestly don’t see myself shopping in replace of these sites. Like you said, I know people who shop for household goods, and they have a pretty system with those drugstore dollars. Amazon can be kind of spotty when you only want to order small stuff since they started classifying items as “add on”. And I’ve received enough broken and spoiled makeup products from Amazon that I don’t trust them for that anymore. Ugh don’t even get me started on fake products. This decision is so strange to me.

  • Heidi

    I didn’t know Walgreens owned them either, until last week. I agree on the Walgreens points system. I do like visiting them because they’ll have new makeup rollouts more than their competition, but to have to buy a few items or an assortment of items to earn points is dumb. CVS does it better with their points earned by whatever you spend system.

    • Isabella Muse

      thank god! Thought I was alone! I swear I’ve spent $200 sometimes and never see a dime back!

      • Katherine T.

        Muse, I agree with you on the Walgreens rewards system. I seem to earn like 50,000 points and never see any $, or only get coupons for stuff I will never buy. Whereas CVS, I was always earning $ and decent coupons. It looks like Walgreens made a big mistake buying these companies for gazillion dollars, then selling them a few years later. Personally, I think the market is saturated with online beauty websites , and I always go to the one that has the best deal/promo with free shipping.

        • Isabella Muse

          Great because I feel alone sometimes. I swear I spend big bucks at Walgreens sometimes but never see a cent of it returned to me. It’s a weird reward system! I think ONCE since getting their card two years ago I got $2 in reward points back!

  • Jessica

    This makes me sad… was generous with 20% off codes, with no prestige brand restrictions like Ulta. I shopped there pretty regularly:(

  • Dia

    I will miss those mega gift with purchases at I hope they’ll have one more as a last hurrah to their customers 🙂

    I hear walgreens is trying to focus on developing their own website to replace, but I actively avoid the physical walgreens stores (they ALWAYS ring up my purchases at the wrong – higher – price!), so I doubt I will be patronizing their online store. It’s too bad, really.

  • Susan

    I’m really bummed about this, too. I purchased from both sites. was especially nice for hard to find items, not to mention the value and cash back system. Walgreens is looking greedy in my eyes. It seems like they bought these sites just to shut down competition. I don’t shop there anyway and doubt I’ll use their website, unless they can rival what already is…cash back and all.

  • Dee

    I can get Thayers Witch Hazel anywhere but I can’t get Thayers Alcohol Free Witch Hazel easily, and that’s why I will miss

    • Amy Amethyst

      They have the alcohol free formulas at I get lots of my toiletry items there. Free shipping if you order $20 or more, so that makes it nice too!

  • Stacy Van Beek

    I guess we customers just didn’t do enough for the bottom line? Without looking at my actual account, I would guess I spend about 1000 dollars a year there on somewhat hard to find items. Like my particular toothpaste (fussy), or glasses lens wipes in bulk, or good hard milled soap (savon de luxe). Moreover, I could get all of these things in one place. I don’t think Walgreens will offer this.

    Will I “migrate” to No. I can probably replicate my purchases on with less hassle. Will I try to shop at a physical Walgreens? Hell no.

  • N

    Shucks, I shop on a lot. They have some hard to find things I buy. I shop a couple times a year when they have the 20 % off sales. They even sent me a 25% off code once for anything with no limit of items. How many beauty retailers do that? Like none. I think they own too? So, I hope they don’t get rid of that because I order my contacts from there. I always found Channing Tatum likable, so I am glad he will be in the Splash remake. I watched the original as a kid and liked it a lot. There are so many remakes though. I wish the movie industry would think of original movie ideas more.

    • Rina

      Yes, vision is going away too, from the emails I got… Stock up!

        • Ashley

          Vision Direct is staying for now but they are also discontinuing drugstore dollars. They laid off a lot of people

          • Theresa

            They are discontinuing dollars because will be gone on 09/30. I am aware that thete are a lot of layoffs. I work for direct.

  • stephanie

    oh my goodness, i am shocked! i loved these sites especially because it seemed there were almost always coupons!

  • Katie

    I shop at both sites regularly (’s coupons and free gifts with purchase are awesome sometimes!) and I am so bummed!!! Stinkin Walgreens!! 🙁

  • Carolyn (Deaux)

    I thought they were just ending their 5% cashback reward system? I did not read anything about them closing the sites? Or is the an unwritten rumor going around? I shop with them alot, especially with their 20% discounts on top of items that are already on sale. 🙁

    • Isabella Muse

      There’s an official press release about the closing so, it isn’t an rumor. It’s also on a wide array of reputable news sources with quotes from Walgreens regarding the closing. They’ll be closing as of the end of September. Hope this helps!

  • Elci

    Oh wow, I had no idea they were closing down!! I just thought they were just discontinuing the drugstore. com dollars program! Oh this really bums out. I am surprised to see all the lukewarm feelings towards – it’s such a great site that carries different brands (both more boutique and wallet-friendly brands) to Ulta or Sephora. I could combine my cart with, they had 20% off sales and coupons ALL THE TIME, generous gifts with purchase and excellent customer service. There was so much available there in one stop, it was glorious! I’ve been shopping there for over 10 years. And carried lots of great natural beauty brands I could never find anywhere else, and for reasonable prices (and ebates!) Bah, I am so upset about this. I actually shop at Walgreens quite often, but they don’t carry all the brands does, and forget about!! Argh, not a happy camper.

  • Sandy

    first the online coupons became less and less, they were only offered to new customers, then free shipping started to become less, only some not all products were able to be shipped for free, then the bonus dollars went away, now the auto ship. I don’t think its a rumor that they are going by the waste side. We spent allot of money with them because the costs were less than going to the store. Too sad, well, Walgreens has the same extensive online shop, they obviously are the same online platform, since the online shopping is the same format. oh well, just have to switch URL’s to walgreens.

  • Mary Ann

    I have been shopping at way before rip off Walgreen’s took them over and made a good situation worse, but still did keep a lot of it’s appeal, even tho Walgreen’s slowly integrated their own products. I am deeply saddened at the loss of this online drugstore and have been shopping there since it came online. Gonna really miss my weekly shopping there. More business for Amazon. Bye bye Walgreen’s here wishing your bottom line goes way way down

  • Emma B

    I am practically inconsolable that these 2 sites are closing, as an international shopper these sites gave me access to brands I’d never be able to get otherwise and they had no issues with my international credit card either, or my shop and ship address, it’s the end of an era for me, not just great prices, but Walgreens just isn’t going to work for me……..I’m off to cry for a bit..

  • Diana

    I will miss – they always have the things that are hard to find, fast shipping , decent prices. Hate the walgreens site. Bummer.

  • Gail Simone

    How sad! I will miss I can’t get good quality rubber gloves (for household cleaning) locally, nor any of my favorite vitamins. They also have some obscure hair products that I use regularly. I’m assuming Walgreen’s will push its own brand and the rest will be unavailable. Amazon’s prices have not been competitive on many of these things, so they’re not an option. Sigh.

  • Jill

    I’ve been reading these threads, and wanted to chime in. I’m beyond sad about closing. The list of things I’ve discovered and adopted for use for me and my family is sooo long. I really wish some private equity company would swoop in and buy it before it closes. Or maybe some execs branch out and start the company all over again. They had a great niche. They had great products and a loyal following (just read all the product reviews, not to mention this post). Agree with earlier posts that Amazon is inconsistent, plus, “knows” me – that’s irreplaceable. Sigh. I’m just devastated this happened. Shame on Walgreens for ruining such a great company!!

    • Isabella Muse

      I couldn’t agree more Jill! had some very interesting products that I would have never used had I not picked them up from DS! It’s such a shame that it is going out of business!

  • LeeLee

    This absolutely breaks my heart. I spend probably $2k a year at; I haven’t stepped into an actual drugstore in ages. A friend turned me on to the site 11 years ago when I was pregnant and I started using it after I had my daughter due to the convenience of not having to go to the store with an infant and also the bonus bucks and prices! PLUS I get American Airlines Aadvantage Miles by shopping there, so I’m really annoyed all the way around. I guess I’d better print out my “list” before it goes away. Bahhhhhhhhh

  • Diane in NC

    I am upset about both and closing down. I’ve been shopping for well over a decade and for several years. I easily spend well over $2000 a year between the two. I love that I can shop both and have one shopping cart. The sales and special give aways are always good and I always have free shipping. Drugstore dollars are the icing on the cake. They have items I can’t find anywhere else. I’ve found their prices to be cheaper than local drugstores and Target. I don’t like my local WalGreens and don’t plan to shop there. I doubt I’ll use their site. I’ve never been able to find everything I typically get at the two without having to go to multiple sites. Amazon often requires bulk buying or additional shipping (when items aren’t Prime) on many of the items I get from I was upset enough that the Drugstore Dollars program was ending. Then I saw they were listed on ebates and assumed they were simply switching. It wasn’t until logging on to use my dollars that I learned the site is closing. After so many years of shopping there and saving items to my list so I could just add them to my cart without tracking them down, I might have to go back and print it off so I know what my favorites are! I’m really going to miss the convenience and perks.

    • Mary Ann

      Write to them and Walgreen’s and let them know how you feel. I did and sent the link for this blog. I’m so disgusted they are shutting down too.

      • LeeLee

        I wrote to Walgreens corporate office to voice my displeasure, as well. No response.

  • cat

    This is terrible. I’ve been shopping at and for the past few years. Mostly In spite of having to qualify for free shipping, it’s still so much cheaper than Walgreens and CVS and Duane Reade, especially here in the city. This seems kind of shady. Like, they tried to make the acquisition work but really just wanted to shut the online companies down to decrease competition. I’ve gotten so used to shopping online I can’t go back to the regular stores, especially now that I don’t have to pop open all the lipsticks to check that no one has swatched them, etc. GARGH!

  • MBLC

    I used extensively, for both my family’s needs and for products I need as a practicing lactation consultant. They carry brands that are difficult to find elsewhere and their prices often beat even on many item.

    This is an other in a long history of huge conglomerates buying their competititors, driving the business into the ground and then closing it. In the USA we, as a government, don’t have enough restrictions on monopolies and as a result great stores like get eliminated so that huge 1% type businesses like Walgreens can destroy virtually all their competitors.

    As a result, I think most people will simply not use It doesn’t have the selection range that had and prices are not at all competitive enough. Walgreens has done nothing but move their customers over to Amazon.

    Sadly, with little to no restrictions on huge companies, and their being allowed to do whatever they like with absolutely no oversight, we are going to lose more and more choices and in the near future we may all be shopping at a few places that are all owned by one company. GOP politics at it worst, for sure. They fight the hardest against any kind of business limitations, even when ordinary people lose choices and people lose their jobs.

    • Mary Ann

      Send your blog to Walgreen’s management. I found a place call Pharmapacks in New York which is similar to I also am heartbroken and angry at Walgreen’s for shutting this down.

      That is their web address. They don’t have all I order there but maybe they are new. But about 80% of what I order. I ordered from Drugstore a long time before Walgreen’s purchased it and I knew they would be trouble, though for a long time they handled it good, slowly bringing in their products, yet keeping drugstore’s products too.

      I placed an order with Pharmapacks but have not received it yet. They are not as quick as was and I’m not recommending them as I just placed my first order with Pharmapacks (funny name) but there are others out there. So far this one was the closest to that I found. Good luck.

  • Jenn

    I guess this explains why’s prices stopped being competitive a while back. I cannot believe that Walgreens thinks everyone who shopped at and will just hop on over to their site now! I hardly think so. I hate Walgreen’s, and there are three times as many Walgreen’s in my town as any other drugstore. They literally have them one after the other on a major avenue. So I’ve always thought their strategy seems to be just put SO MANY STORES that you just can’t help patronizing them occasionally, since you are right there. I guess now the strategy also includes shutting down competition. Everyone’s comments about the points makes me glad I never let them sign me up for that nonsense.

  • MoP

    Walgreens bought them with in order to shut down competition. Like many others, I like Walgreens for some things I can’t find easily other places but find, in general, their prices are too high and it makes it worth is to look for other websites. Hey, they can’t shut all of them down, right?!?
    Also, Walgreens does not begin to compete with all of the alternative brands made available at a reasonable price. I hope this will force Swansons, Vitacost, Amazon and some of the smaller online retailers to step up and fill the void left by this closure since I too am reluctant to turn to Walgreens and be force to pay their prices for all of my needs.

  • Susan

    I am so sad…I shopped at least monthly for large orders, maybe more frequently than that…Filled an order last week, loved the products, wanted to buy more, and when I went to website, it rolled directly to, and prices were up by almost 50% on the same items I purchased last week!! I am searching the web frantically to see if there are any other sites like that! Fast shipping, no hassles…WOW, I will surely miss this site….

  • Pharilda Galloway

    Very disappointed and a little angry as well. I had several vitamin supplements that I had on automatic delivery. It would have been nice if they had let their customers know they were doing this. As a result I will definitely NOT be shopping at Walgreens. Amazon here I come.

  • Sara

    Screw Walgreens!! Looking for a better alternative. I miss, shopped there practically since the beginning for natural household products and more. What a bad move! And to lay off so many people. Can’t stand the big monster chains.

  • J

    Hate Walgreens! All saved items on my list built over many years…gone! #Walgreenssux

  • MCinNYC

    To add to the frustration and disappointment, did not even migrate accounts. I went to, not realizing it had been “shuttered” and was redirected to I tried to sign in and my credentials no longer exist as a customer. I loved the convenience & speed of I don’t like Amazon, so I won’t switch there. It looks like Target has the brands I like, plus they have free shipping on EVERY order. So, looks like I’ll be switching to

    • Mary Ann Starr

      Try or I found a new online drugstore:

      I won’t use Walgreen’s in place of They suck. Target is good maybe Walmart (but I’m not crazy about Walmart) I’ve tried several the onlinedrugstore has the faster delivery – about 5 days. Good luck!

  • Smila

    I just figured this out around the holiday, counting on those last minute, quick to ship great deals that & always had. I had so many items favorited for a later look back too. What a shame. Odd move. Cursory look tells me I probably won’t be shopping the Walgreene website. I spent $$$$ regularly on

  • Amanda W.

    Grrr! I loved reading reviews. They actually listed all the ingredients in things on that site.

  • OYO

    I miss too! Walgreens is NOT a replacement.’s autoship system provided me with such CONVENIENCE. I hardly had to enter a store! By convenience, I mean, quick, free 2-day shipping of all my Yogi teas – which, incidentally, Walgreens does not carry. 🙁 . By closing down, one would think that Walgreens would carry the same merchandise but they don’t! Now I have to search around for my Yogi teas – using different sites for different flavors, eternally in search of the best price. I have to go to to get my son’s Fletcher’s Senna (natural children’s laxative) & so forth. Yes, it’s almost 1-year later and the inconvenience and (by my perception) insensitivity of’s closure – STILL STINGS. 🙁