August 10, 2016

MirroTek Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Makeup Storage Mirror

I recently purchased a MirroTek Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire for all the bedrooms in my Summer home. I already have a Over-the-Door Jewelry Armoire at my regular house which is mounted inside my closet. I’ve always wanted the Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire as well but I knew I wouldn’t be able to store a lot of makeup inside of it so, it seemed like a useless purchase.

I started construction on my Summer home earlier last year and it was completed just recently. Since I’m spending all my time at that house I don’t need to bring every single piece of makeup, beauty, and skincare I have with me. I decided I wanted a small little space that I can store essentials. I also wanted the same space for the guest bedrooms of the house so, that guests could also make use of not only the mirror but also have a small space they can store their essential beauty items while they visit with me.

The Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire fit the bill for both me and my guests!

After purchasing and setting it up, I kind of want to install one in my master bathroom (not a great idea though because my bathroom already has a lot of mirrors around) because it’s a nice little place to store items I use daily on my face as well as a spot I can use to apply those products.

Take a look!

MirroTec Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire

One of the nicest thing about this mirror is the fact it is super easy to assemble. Well, actually, there isn’t much to assembly at all aside from screwing in the hooks at the back which can be placed over a closet door or a bathroom one. You simply screw them in and hang the mirror over any door you like.

I personally, don’t like that look for my own home so, I ended up wall mounting the mirrors I have. The mirror comes with the necessary hardware to either hang it on a door or to wall mount it. If you hang it from a door you’ll need a small screw driver to remove and re-screw in the small screws at the back of the mirror to attach to the hanging rods. If you decide to wall mount it the way I did you’ll need a level, tape measure, pencil, and power screw driver. Wall mounting is a little more difficult but well worth doing as it is much cleaner and prettier to look at. There’s an included stencil to measure where you need to screw holes into your walls as well as small nearly invisible mollies that you’ll use to mount the unit. It takes two screws and two mollies to mount the mirror however, I ended up drilling one more hole myself at the bottom of the mirror to keep it in place when opening it. They include a tiny little sticker which can be placed at the bottom of the mirror so it doesn’t pull away from the wallet or door when you’re opening it but I felt that wasn’t very useful so, I ended up screwing a whole towards the middle at the bottom of the mirror and attached it to the wall to give it more stability.

MirroTec Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire 3

MirroTec Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire 4

MirroTec Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire 7

MirroTec Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire 8

MirroTec Over-the-Door Makeup Storage

Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire

I also dislike the fact you have to open the mirror from the top because it has no handle nor a knob. I recently replaced the knobs on all my guest bedroom furniture with something prettier and in doing so also got a matching knob for each mirror. It was easy enough to screw a small handle onto the mirror to make opening it much easier. I think it’s a great disservice to the whole design of the mirror to not include a handle of sort to open it. None the less I still simply adore the mirror on a whole.

The mirror includes keys and a small lock should you wish to lock it. This is a little pointless to me as who is going to lock away makeup and for your jewelry, well, if someone wants to get inside they can easily do so without keys! But I realized if you have smaller children the lock might be a good idea!

I won’t get into great detail about my jewelry mirror here but you can see it on and decide if that might be the better option for you versus the makeup organizer one.

MirroTec Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire 9

The makeup organizer mirror is completely customizable. It includes three larger trays which can be fitted anywhere you want. These trays can be used to hold eyeshadows, blush, and other compacts. There are three attached (but not removable) cups for storing makeup brushes or in my case I put some tubes and concealer inside them. There’s also one shelf which can be placed anywhere inside the mirror as well as other shelves already built into the unit to hold larger bottles like perfume, deodorant, lotion, etc…There’s also a small hanging hook for hanging bracelets, necklaces, or hair ties and ribbons as well as a magnetic board and pins which you can use to pin other hair accessories. I actually wish they had ditched the magnetic board and the hanging hook and replaced it with more storage trays.

There’s also a mirror located inside the unit and a small tray that can be slid down which will hold your makeup as you do it. I thought this was SUPER handy. As you don’t have to take your makeup out, close the door, and juggle products while you apply standing in front of the mirror. The main mirror can be used to look at your clothes and straighten your hair, while the smaller mirror inside is perfect for actually doing your makeup and the fold down tray means you’ll have a spot to lay your stuff as you work. Just a warning though, if you’re short like me you might not be able to see your entire face in it!

As you can see mine is kind of empty as I didn’t want to take photos of it with too much inside. But you can store a good deal of makeup inside as well as skincare and other beauty items. It’s a nice little spot to store your essential, most used items!

There’s some quirks but all in all I think the mirror is quite lovely!

The MirroTek Over-the-Door Beauty Armoire is available at as well as It’s free shipping and $129.99 at but a little more expensive at for $154.99 as well as free shipping! By the way it is available in a variety of finishes such as white, oak, etc…on HSN but only three shade options are available on Amazon.


I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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    • Isabella Muse

      I think that might be the jewelry/beauty combo unit not the makeup one!

  • Christina Tran

    Ooh, I’ve seen these on hautelook and joss & main, etc., but I never thought to pick one up because it seemed so bulky in pictures. But I think it looks good in your room and offers a good space saving alternative if you don’t have a separate vanity area. I also like that you it’s dual purpose, so no need to buy an extra mirror for the room. Where did you end up mounting the handle, as I don’t really see it in your pictures.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hey there Christina! Ah, mounted it after sorry I should have taken a pic of that DUH! I put it on the border, right in the middle.

  • genevieve

    What a great idea! Is your summer home far away from your other home?