August 24, 2016

Sephora Play August Unboxing and Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

August Sephora Play

My August Sephora Play Box arrived so I thought I’d do an unboxing and review plus just generally share my thoughts on this month’s contents. I think this is my 4th Sephora Play Box now and so far, as you know, I haven’t been particularly happy with the contents.

If you aren’t in the know, Sephora Play is a new beauty box subscription service that will set you back $10 bucks (it ships free) and it includes 5 to 7 makeup, skincare, and beauty samples as well as one perfume sample. Most times the samples are actually deluxe sizes so, you do get a bit of bang for your box.

Here’s my thoughts on the Sephora Play Box for August!

Sephora August Play Box

Many, many, many of us were wishing and hoping for a makeup box this time around as the last few boxes have include a good deal of skincare and hair care. Well, you’re in luck! The August Play Box contains eye makeup! Actually, the entire box is themed around creating a smoky, sultry eye look! Don’t worry, there’s still a bit of skincare to be had here as well as fragrance so, it isn’t completely all about makeup!

You get:

  • Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (0.1 oz)
  • Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm (0.23 oz)
  • Clean Reserve Warm Cotton Perfume Vial
  • Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow in I-544
  • Lancome Energie de Vie The Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Care (0.16 oz)
  • Sephora Contour Eye Pencil in Love Affair

August Sephora Play5

August Sephora Play6

August Sephora Play8

August Sephora Play swatches

This box is a little lighter on the sample front compared the previous boxes but there are some nice picks inside. I enjoyed the Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm as well as the Warm Cotton Perfume Sample and Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow.

I was disappointed with the addition to Urban Decay Perversion Mascara as it isn’t a formula I love. It’s also an older release so, most people likely already tried it!

There’s not a lot of eventful items in this box for it still remains a value at $10 plus the free shipping. The eyeshadow, mascara, and liner all pair up to create one complete eye look which is definitely nice. But many of these items you may have tried or might even own already which makes them a tad uneventful!

It’s funny as they seem to spend more on packaging these items versus the actual contents. They include a full size pull instruction booklet that includes details of each product, tips, and tricks to use them as well as a drawstring bag to store them in plus a box to ship them in. It’s a lot of unnecessary paper!

I feel like I’m always ranting these boxes but I just keep hoping they’ll get better because right now although a great value they are just a tad uneventful! I wish they’d include newer items versus a rehash of items we’ve seen plenty of times! I think that’s what I’m holding out for!

What about you?

Were you happy about this month’s Play Box?

Do share!

The Sephora Play Box is available at at

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • LA

    I got the July + August play boxes but just cancelled my subscription. I wish there wasn’t so much overlap between the boxes and 100 point perks! I had picked up the same FAB Facial Cleanser we got in July and the UD Perversion mascara as 100 point perks over the past couple months, so getting both again in the boxes was disappointing. Oh well!

  • Ali

    I’ve been on the wait list since March… I’m beginning to think they forgot about me 🙁

  • diane

    i love that MUFE eyeshadow color! i also am low on eye cream so was happy an eye cream was in there. i did miss having a lippie and hair product this month but i do enjoy that they include a fragrance monthly! this was not my favorite play box, but it wasn’t super horrible either. I’m with you in hoping they have more newer releases.

    • Isabella Muse

      I liked it too! and also was happy about the eye cream! It isn’t horrible at all and for ten bucks you can’t beat the price! Just a bit uneventful 🙁

  • Gillie

    Interesting! I received Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Eye Lifting Balm instead of the Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm , the MUFE eyeshadow in 560 (I think – the card had some word play on Taupe) and the Sephora eyeliner pencil in Flirting Game. The rest of the box was the same as what you received, Muse.

    I was happy with the box, overall. I tend to avoid MUFE eyeshadows because I get distracted by the bolder colors and end up going home with something that doesn’t work for me. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like the color they sent me. The skincare was fun to play with, too, but I agree with you on the UD mascara.

    I’ll hang on for another month and see what I get.

    • Isabella Muse

      They apparently send out two boxes, one for dry skin, one for oily skin. But in this case, it wouldn’t really matter right? But yeah, it’s interesting to see what everyone else gets 😀 Likewise! I keep hanging in hoping for something mind blowing 😀

  • Heidi

    I love that MUFE eyeshadow. As it happens, I put on Ulta’s Organza eyeshadow, which is pretty close, at least compared to what I see on the screen.

  • Kimmwc03

    I got the same box as you. It just arrived yesterday. I’m disappointed.

    • Isabella Muse

      Likewise. It’s not so much disappointment, just uneventful stuff inside 🙁

  • Deb

    Sephoras game is lame with this kind of stuff. I recently got rid of a ton of samples that came with my orders. So you ask: why would I order certain samples just to get rid of them? Good question. Answer is I didn’t. Almost without exception, every time I place an order and choose my samples I don’t get what I choose. I just get random crap that I DO NOT WANT! A lot of men’s cologne, one thousand makeup primer dots, etc. I’ve read the fine print and I know that Sephora reserves the right to substitute samples for those that are out of stock. I just can’t figure out why they are always outer everything I order every time I place an order.

    No way in hell would I give them even $10 a month to choose stuff for me. Can you tell I’m just pissed about this?? LOL

    • Isabella Muse

      haha aww deb don’t feel bad this happens to me with Ulta. I ask for the fragrance sampler and they always send the skincare one!

    • Nat

      UGH I *hate* getting fragrance samples too. I can walk into any department store (or Sephora for that matter) and try any of the hundreds (thousands?!) of perfumes that are out. Why in the world would I pay for samples of them (or choose them as “bonuses” when ordering merch)? 😛

      P.S. I love that MUFE eyeshadow; I might have to pick that up! 😀

      • Randi MacDonald

        You always get a perfume sample with the Sephora box. Its a bonus.

    • Katie

      That happens to me too! Every time I choose samples, I never get sent the ones I picked. Last time I only picked 2 because it was 80% perfume (which I also don’t like) and a few items that would be the wrong color for me or I had already tried. Did I get either of the 2 I chose? Nope. I got 2 that they’ve sent me before – one of them being a perfume >:(

  • Rina

    Also my 4th box and really not impressed. I’m going to cancel. I can use my $10/mo on a Crunch fitness membership and at least get something out of it. I’m also preferring the Target boxes much more. I think it was great when it started but jumped the shark once it got full of itself. Agree that most of it is 100 pt. freebies anyway…

  • Agona

    This actually ended up being a win for me because I’ve been wanting to try MUFE’s eye shadow formula.

  • musethalia

    I like the Sephora box because it seems to always includes brands I prefer (compared to Ipsy or Birchbox, both of which I’ve tried and cancelled). I hear what you’re saying about them not being exciting choices, but at least I can save my 100 points… though I am begging, no more primer…

  • kare

    I’ve subscribed to this box since it debuted, but I feel like it’s gotten less impressive since it expanded to more subscribers. Samples used to arrive in a box (which I could reuse or recycle) and seemed to have more padding. I also feel like the product offerings are so similar to what’s offered for points, birthday gifts, etc. I’ve debated canceling, but $10 is such a tempting price.

  • Susan

    I haven’t tried anything in this box before, so I’m happy! I got the same box. The eyeshadow color is really interesting. I love these smaller sizes for travel, too, so I’m generally easy to please. This satisfies my urge to get new products without breaking my budget. I hope those who are underwhelmed will enjoy next month’s selection.

  • Robin

    I haven’t subscribed to any boxes, but wanted to say that Sephora eyeline, Love Affair, is my favorite liner! I’m on my third pencil. It’s wonderful for hazel or green eyes!

  • Aimee

    I was disappointed with my box, but for $10 I’m not mad at them lol. I got a Caudalie eye serum instead of the Algenist. That is one thing I wish they were better about–consistency! I don’t do non-tubing mascara or liner pencils, so I can’t even use those. 🙁

  • Dia

    This is my second box, and I quite like both. I love the Algenist eye cream, and at 0.23oz, it’s nearly half a full size jar. For $10, I figure if I like at least two items, I’m okay with the value of the box. Also, maybe I’m the only one, but I love those drawstring bags ☺

  • dia (the other one)

    I’m happy with it, probably because I don’t spend enough to get lots of samples and point bonuses anyway! So all these things are new to me.

    Speaking of points… has anyone tried to redeem the Play card? I was met with a baffled cashier who hadn’t seen one before. So now my Sephora account says the reward was redeemed, but no extra points have shown up in my total.

  • Kirstie

    I feel the exact same way… Underwhelmed. The fragrance sample is not a new scent and neither are any of the skincare or makeup items! I did like the theme of the box this month but was just not that impressed. Have you seen the play! video online? It is horrible! So cheesy and scripted and just bad acting. The emails are pointless too! I will give this another month or two and if I don’t like the next boxes will cancel. I figure that will open a spot for someone on the wait list too.

    • Isabella Muse

      I have! and I agree! Very cheesy! I just cancelled mine today! I’m just not that into it sadly!

      • Lynda

        I feel the same way…I’ve only gotten 2 boxes; the first one was really nice and worth the $10 but the 2nd one was a huge disappointment for me. I feel like these are samples you can get for free at Sephora stores, so why are we paying for them??? I’m giving it one more month and then will probably cancel.

  • Lulle

    I got a different eye cream (Caudalie), a different scent (also by Clean) and a different shade of eyeliner. I find it interesting that they started varying the contents. For me this box was okay but nothing to write home about. The theme of next month isn’t very inspiring, the unbasic basics, but I hope we’ll get better and newer stuff!

  • Courtney

    After being disappointed in the last 3 Sephora beauty boxes I cancelled my subscription. I’d rather put that $10 towards full size products that I want and just cash in on my 100 point perks since it seems that what’s provided in the beauty boxes are items that you can get with your points!

  • Roseanne

    I was glad to get the Algenist eye renewal balm as it is just peachy! It is one of my fav eye products and it really does work. Algenist is a good brand and it ain’t cheap!

  • Randi MacDonald

    It still amazes me that we have to spend 100.00 in store to get a 100 point perk and yet we’re basically getting five 100 point perks for 10.00 with the box.

  • Katie

    I was waiting on a review of this month’s box! I hadn’t heard anything about it. I cancelled last month and I’m totally fine with it. Definitely not feeling the FOMO I thought I might. I’m glad I didn’t hold out because I’ve already tried the Perversion (it’s fine… nothing spectacular), and I’m allergic to most purple eyeliners (sadly, because I have green eyes and it usually makes them pop). Hopefully next month will be better for everyone!

    • Isabella Muse

      You aren’t missing anything Katie! It was alot of meh! Likewise on perversion, never understood the hype!

  • Dove

    August play box was so lackluster….how boring. If Sept isn’t better i will cancel for sure!!
    Hey Muse i just wanted to say how awesome you are and how i value your opinion.

    What are your fav beauty subscription boxes that you love? Thanks again!!!!

    • Isabella Muse

      I agree! it was just uneventful! I keep saying, “Hold out it’ll be better” but it hasn’t gotten better! I don’t really subscribed to any but the fortune cookie soap soap box to be honest! I don’t really like subscription boxes if I’m honest haha!

    • Isabella Muse

      My pleasure Dove! If you like bath, body, fragrance, and skincare you might like it 🙂 I’ve done reviews in the past!

  • Michelle

    I cancelled after this month’s box. I never want to see another sample of Perversion mascara. ENOUGH! And the Caudalie tube was basically empty. I tried to squeeze some out, and then I finally cut it open to reveal…nothing. I dug around with my finger and got enough for one eye, but that was it. Literally. One eye. I know it’s only $10, but it feels like a rip off and I think I’ll be happier spending that money elsewhere.