August 22, 2016

White Barn Fall 2016 Candles in Store

White Barn Fall Candles

White Barn Fall 2016 Candle displays are in store now! Last weekend candles were 2 for $14 and this weekend they were $10 off so, of course, glutton I am, grabbed a few too many.

They also had some cute Fall/Halloween luminaries available I couldn’t resist.

I can’t say if Bath & Body Works will be getting ALL the scents available at White Barn for Fall 2016 but one can hope they do! As with many year’s past they are hitting pumpkin hard, particularly this year, as there seems to be so many different types of pumpkin blended with all sorts of stuff like banana, blueberry, etc…

You’ll see a lot of repetitive stuff from year’s best such as Caramel Pumpkin Swirl, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Leaves, etc…

There are LOTS of new candles too though such as Mahogany Apple which I loved as well as Autumn Sunshine, Pumpkin French Toast, Berry Pumpkin Strudel (which smells like the blueberry pumpkin test candle from a few years ago) as well as Pumpkin Cinnabun and Pumpkin Coconut. I’ll be honest, I purchased some of these in hopes they would smell better than they did on cold sniff. Pumpkin Coconut was weird but I’m hearing it burns a lot better than it smells cold. Likewise, for Pumpkin Cinnabun! One I didn’t pick up was Chocolate Pistachio! I’m kind of regretting not picking it up but I’m really not that into chocolate scents but so, many people are raving it I feel like I might have missed out. I might check it out when they have another sale!

White Barn Candles Fall 2016

White Barn Fall 2016 Candle 4

White Barn Fall 2016 Candle 5

White Barn Fall 2016 Candle 6

White Barn Fall 2016 Candle 7

White Barn Fall 2016 Candle

White Barn Fall 2016 Candles

I’m happy with many of the new pumpkin scents this year and I’m quite excited to try them out! I did a major haul but I haven’t yet burned them as of yet! I’m excited to do so! Would you like to hear some thoughts on them when I do try them?

Let me know in the comments!

Anyone else do their Fall candle haul yet?

Do share what you got!


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  • Kuz

    Hi Muse! I’d definitely love to hear your thoughts on the candles you bought! I’m a candle fiend as well, so it’s great to read feedback before I head into the stores and go nuts. Happy Monday!

  • Amanda

    I grabbed Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte and a backup of my old fave Marshmallow Fireside. I might have to go back and check out Coconut Pumpkin!

    • Isabella Muse

      Everyone is raving Coconut Pumpkin! I got it but cold sniff I am not loving it! I have to burn it and see if that changes for me 😀

  • scribe77

    Isabella: Your store looks a lot fuller than mine with the fall stuff. I am interested in your thoughts on the Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow, Purrfect Pumpkin, Pumpkin Woods, and the new 3-wick Happy Halloween. Is that just a larger size of the Purrfect Pumpkin, which is a mini candle? Interested in what interested you too.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Scribe! Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow is exactly like last year’s release. Purrfect Pumpkin I didn’t get, nor did I get Happy Halloween, my store didn’t have these. I did get Pumpkin Woods which kind of smells like a hay and pumpkins, it’s has a smokey element to it as well! Kind of like riding around in the back of a hay truck with the scent of cinnamon pumpkin in the air!

  • scribe77

    Thanks, Isabella. When they have the new floor set, which I was told was on Sept.1, or maybe the day after, I will definitely try it. That and the Happy Halloween. I am also interested in the Pumpkin Apple Cider body cream, and shower gels. I’ll look out for your reviews too.

    • Isabella Muse

      I haven’t seen much of the Halloween stuff in store yet aside from the Haunted House luminary! I’m waiting eagerly for more info! My pleasure!

  • breyerchic04

    I ran into my normal BB&W yesterday and they finally have the ones with the maple leaf lids, so all they’re missing is the ones with the pumpkin lids. I picked up Cider Lane and the Chocolate Pistachio one yesterday, as well as an extra summer boardwalk, toasted graham latte, and sugared cinnamon doughnut. The pistachio one smells like peanut m and ms, so it’s a little chocolatey, but also quite nutty, just not pistachios.
    If the pumpkin lid ones don’t surface online or at my local store shortly, I guess I’ll drive 90 minutes to the bigger mall to try those at the white barn!

  • scribe77

    I got three mini candles and a bunch of soaps over the weekend. Two Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow with the pumpkin lids (very cute!) and 1 Purrfect Pumpkin mini candle with the Boo lid ( also very cute!) I need more of both, and also interested in the larger 3-wick sizes and lids.

    My store is out of town, and I won’t be back there until next week. (Boo Hoo!)

    • Isabella Muse

      I wonder if they’ll do the halloween candles in full size, I tend to avoid the mini as I can’t smell them much! Mine is as well, it’s about 90 minutes to White Barn. We have plenty of BBW around but White Barn is further!

  • Dana

    OMG Muse!! I dont know how to thank you enough! I was visiting my sister in NJ last week and we went to her store and looked around. She fell in love with the pumpkin sign in the 3rd to last pic, but didnt buy it. I love diy so I figured I’d paint it for her myself as a surprise and since I have a lot of painting supplies. Cut to not rememering what it looked like and not finding any pics on the internet. She’s coming for a visit this Friday so now I can have it done! You rock!

    • Isabella Muse

      aw my pleasure Dana 🙂 you are TOO sweet to do that for her! How awesome a sister are you? 😀

  • scribe77

    Isabella: Well, I saw that more of the Halloween stuff was in the store, so I made the trip and picked up the 3-wick size of Happy Halloween. From cold sniff, it would seem that the candle is not the same as the mini. With the larger candle, the clove note is more prominent than in the mini candle. Maybe my mind will change once I burn it. But that won’t be for awhile. I also picked up a McCalls candle Autumn Leaves in my town, and I have say I was disappointed in it. It smelled like nuts, not leaves.

    • Isabella Muse

      I didn’t like it, I’m not a fan of the sweet cinnamon pumpkin scent 🙁 cute packaging but not a fan of the smell sadly. I do want to grab some cider lane though 🙂 that hasn’t hit my store yet. Nuts? That’s weird! 🙂

  • Joyce Chitwood

    I have been waiting for the Fall candles. Since I couldn’t purchase last yr. I have been looking for the two for one sale and was googling and u popped up already a subber just haven’t been blog lovin In a while so sorry. Did go to their site and their is a pumpkin sale this Labor Day weekend makes the 3 wick 15$. Should I bite the bullet now for some of those or wit to see if there is a two for one sale this month. I budget monthly. I just burnt my last one from bday last yr. I do have half of French Vanilla but can hardly handle it. Too strong smells like bleach to my son and I. My fav was a manly scent I got last yr that was about bow ties????cant remember now. I love this scents and sandlewoods etc. any suggestions. I may not make it to my smaller store we only have that one and can’t travel to a bigger one and may not get there. I have to order online. I would take any tips. I read someone said the Walmart ones r a dupe? Does anyone know if they r as good?

  • scribe77

    I hope to revisit the store next week and hope that the sales are still going on too. I saw a pix on a different website of some of the holiday test scents and I think I saw that some of them have lids with pine trees, Christmas trees on the top. Not for sure on that because the pix wasn’t that good. Every holiday season, I am in search of the ultimate Christmas tree scent and having a lid with the tree on it would also be a plus. But that is too far in advance. I want to enjoy the fall season first.

  • scribe

    Isabella: Have you had a chance to review any of BBW’s holiday 2016 test scents, body care etc?

    • Isabella Muse

      No, they haven’t launched in stores yet. As soon as they do I’ll def purchase and share thoughts.

  • Geraldine

    Did Cider Lane make it to Canadian stores? A sales associate told me that it was not expected to arrive in Canada. Does anyone know for certain?