September 8, 2016

White Barn Website Launches Sort Of


Just a few days ago I was talking to a reader about the White Barn Website or the lack of one that is. And today, we have an official White Barn Website, well, we sort of have a website. If you click on over the you’ll notice a new little section on top of their menu bar that simply reads, “White Barn“. If you click it, it’ll magically whisk you away to all the candles on the site. There’s also a section for Wallflowers and room sprays too!

At this point is an active website but they don’t technically sell anything on the site! It’s merely a landing page to submit your e-mail for upcoming promotions and also offers a store locator feature.

I’m curious why Bath & Body Works now has a White Barn section exclusively when they still have a “Home Fragrance” menu option as well.

There’s no doubt that Bath & Body Works Candle Business is booming. Walking into Bath & Body Works during a candle sale is like walking through the store during Christmas. Typically, even if you didn’t know candles on sale and you happen to pop into store you’ll know right away because the lines are typically out the door and people are walking around with totes of candles or juggling four to five candles in their hands while leaning over to sniff others. At least that’s how it is around my stores! The White Barn store that’s nearest me, even on non-sale days, is busier than the attached Bath & Body Works store. It’s pretty interesting to see how many people are into home fragrance nowadays.

I wonder what the new White Barn section of Bath & Body Works website means for fans of the candles. Hopefully it doesn’t mean yet another increase in sales 🙁 Hopefully it means we’ll get to try out new test candles at a faster pace with this new section as they prove difficult to find in stores.

I know that new fragrances seem to launch as quick as bath and body fragrances do lately! So, this new section could mean greater things for the White Barn slash Bath & Body Works Home Fragrance business!

We shall see!

I know I’m curious!

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  • kimkats

    Didn’t White Barn used to have separate stores that were joined at the hip with BBW stores in most places? I mean like years and years ago? IIRC, they had nice candles – not too expensive and pretty well scented…

    • Isabella Muse

      yup, they still do. A mall I go to has a bbw on one side and a white barn on the other.

  • Pandora

    Does anyone know if BBW/White Barn are planning on having a $5 Mason Jar candle sale this year, or when they do their next 40% off mystery coupon? I’m not entirely sure if I remember correctly, but last year I feel like it was when they launched their Christmas collection.

    • Isabella Muse

      the mystery coupon passed recently, I believe it was Labor Day Weekend they sent out emails with the mystery coupons up to 40 off. I’m not sure on the mason jars, I don’t really use them but they are often on sale and I believe they were this past weekend but are bound to be again!

  • Dee

    We had a White Barn right next to a BBW but it closed years ago. I really miss it because it had the best candle accessories imho. We can get candles galore and a few candle sleeves and lanterns at BBW but would love if White Barn would make another appearance out this way. (Colorado)

  • Kate

    the BBW store remodeled in a mall near me recently and reopened with 2 stores White Barn which is a cute, cute store and the BBW on the other side

    guess they are going back to the WB concept again?

  • Ana

    Maybe they will start slow and add more White Barn items eventually. I just checked to White Barn store locator again and there is going to be one opening up near me soon instead of an hour away. Yay!

  • Wendy

    Many of the BBW stores are going back to a 1/2 BBW, 1/2 White Barn format. They are trying to generate a greater division between home & fragrance. It will start with the test stores and depending on the outcome will move to a full corporate wide model.
    As ex-management with many friends still in their employ I;m not sure how well this will work out. Nothing has been the same since Mr. Slatkin left.

    Oh well…

    • Isabella Muse

      I actually love this idea! Why do you think it won’t work out Wendy? Curious minds!

      • Wendy

        Nick Coe (CEO of BBW) took over in 2011 after he sued Sears/Lands End to get out of his contract with Lands End, since then BBW has slowly lost it’s uniqueness, it’s family-like respect for employees on every level, and lets the customers run over policy with track shoes. Lots of recycled fragrances, formula changes, terrible business model, and over expectations of employees was like watching someone nailing Jell-O to a tree, slow and ineffective.
        Prices have gone through the roof and remodels as well as expansion, tailoring to the White Barn model will only increase prices not quality. Since Limited Brands bought Slatkin & Co. and Harry Slatkin is with PartyLite, it’s safe to say that there are no more true Slatkins at BBW. The quality has gone down as well as the burn time, and a sizeable amount of the fragrances are just re-packaged. Customers looking for the truly unique and wonderful fragrances of the original BBW/Slatkin/White Barn are in for a huge disappointment.

  • Jordan

    Thanks to this post, I just found out that a White Barn is “coming soon” to my local mall. Yay!

  • bebe

    Consolidating the two stores is a great idea..not only will it attract new customers, but it will also encourage existing customers to shop more often, as they will have more to choose from. The BBW that I frequent (Kings Plaza Mall, Brooklyn) has been closed since August 13th, and will not reopen until late November..they are adding a White Barn section, and I love it, because I will no longer have to ride two buses to the WB in Queens Center,’ll be a pleasant ten minute walk from home..fantastic!! 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      fantastic! And you won’t have to lug heavy BBW bags on the bus 😀 Because, if you are anything like me you’re BBW bags are heavy ;-D

      • bebe

        Yes, those bags can be heavy..especially candles. I just bought all five of the wrap around leaf pattern three wicks. There is a BBW on Atlantic Avenue near the Barclay’s Center, so travel wasn’t too bad. By the way, candles are on sale right now for $12.50, and BBW sent out an e-coupon this morning for a free item up to $14 value with a $10 purchase..that’s a really good deal, because you aren’t restricted to their signature collection bodycare for your free item. You can get candle sleeves, room sprays, aromatherapy..anything you want in the store up to $ should definitely consider checking it out. Anyway, thanks for the WB/BBW update, and have a great weekend. 🙂

  • Lori Pease

    In late July my BBW was redone and now it has the store with a White Barn besides it and my Mom and I went there on Labor Day and while the BBW was somewhat busy, the White Barn side was packed! Mom and I picked up some candles, a new sleeve for them, some wallflowers and some plugs. Holiday season is going to be crazy!

    This was at Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City.