October 31, 2016

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Pumpkin Sour Beans Review


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Pumpkin Sour Beans Perfume Oil is an new, limited edition Halloweenie 2016 Perfume Oil that recently launched at the Black Alchemy Lab Trading Post. If you never shopped the Trading Post it’s an entirely different experience compared to the Lab as it sells a range of different products and accessories including t-shirts, hair gloss, nail polish, and other fine goodies.

This year, the Trading Post has several limited edition pumpkin perfume oils blends worth exploring particularly Pumpkin Sour Beans!

I literally just got my Trading Post order this weekend and I’m expecting my Lab order today. So, I’m a little late with my Bpal Halloweenie Reviews! Sorry about that 🙂 But the good news is the Halloweenies are around for while and likely won’t come down until after Thanksgiving.

I love this time of the year at the Lab as a lot of their seasonal scents are gourmands and as a gourmand lover that makes me quite happy. Pumpkin Sour Beans Perfume Oil had a terribly appealing description of sour pumpkin candies crushed with pumpkin sugar so, of course, it ended up in my cart.

In the bottle, it smells like Smarties candies to me. I’m actually not a fan of the sweet chalkiness of Smarties but I’m not averse to their smell which tends to have a sweet combination of cherries, lemons, and oranges. That’s exactly what I get from this. There’s a cherry-ish note that’s very candy-like.

On my skin wet, there’s a tiny little spicy element with a bit of pumpkin in the background and still the tart smell of cherries comes through but now the note goes a little sugary.

As it dries down a ton of different notes are slammed together and the blend completely morphs into a sweet and sugary Fall potpourri. There’s no pumpkin here for me nor spiciness! The blend is sweet but also very feminine, clean, fresh, and pretty. It reminds me of Pez Candy at this point but not so sweet it’ll give you a toothache.

If you’re looking for a unique candy bled this is for you!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Pumpkin Sour Beans somehow captures the season with a beautiful sugary sweetness.

Muse Approved.

Available now at blackphoenixtradingpost.com.


I purchased this item.

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  • Miss D

    The name made it sound bad, but after your review, it seems like it would smell good (I love Smarties). Happy Halloween, Muse! Btw, the other day, Jrock singer Hyde did a Halloween concert and dressed up as Harley Quinn; apparently, his look was so popular the Internet in Japan went a little loopy with everyone trying to go to the site and see the photos- LOL! He did look cute though- take a look at his Instagram pics if you haven’t seen yet:

    • Isabella Muse

      Happy Halloweeenieee! 🙂 I KNOW! I saw his Insta! He looked so adrobs! He’s aging a lot better than Gackt! Did you see his bat?! 😀

      • Miss D

        Are you talking about his Harley bat? Yup, it’s totally cute too (although, between you and me, I’d take that bat and smack his little bum with it!). Yes, he is definitely aging better than Gackt; I can tell Hyde gets facials and it looks like a little Botox or Restylane (?) but he’s also just aging well. Muse I think I’m only about a year or two younger than you so…we gotta keep taking care of ourselves so we can look that good when we’re 47!!! XD

        • Isabella Muse

          Yes! 🙂 hahahahaha oh my Miss D! It surprises me as Hyde is older! Gackt, much to my surprise, is showing his age a lot (although his age was a secret for so damn long who knows if that is his real age) ! Some of his insta pics he looks a little bad in. I’m so shallow, forgive me? 🙂 Well, if he got botox and restylane I want his doctor’s number because it is SO looking natural. He looks 25 at the most! Haha hells yes 😀 We need to know the hyde secret sauce 😀

          • Miss D

            I’m cracking up reading your comments about Gackt- I don’t know if we still know how old he really is…his age may truly be a mystery forever- LOL! It’s okay, I’m TOTALLY shallow when it comes to checking out all the famous men I like. Here’s how I can tell Hyde has done some work: you know your little parenthesis lines on the sides of your face? I never see them on him and sometimes he looks fuller in the face than he usually looks. What I do like is that he’s obviously doing a little bit of “tweaking” and nothing major b/c when he smiles he still shows his laugh lines around his eyes. I like that he doesn’t look “super fake” ya know? He’s just enhancing himself a little…okay, I totally went into superficial land just now (haha) so I guess I’ll get back to work. (If my boss asks me why my work isn’t done, I’ll just say Muse made me talk about jrockers- LOL, just kidding!).

          • Isabella Muse

            omg right? Seriously! I believe he’s 50 but allegedly he’s 43! It’s hard to believe he’s younger that Gackt, I would say they are the same age! But yup, one of the universe’s biggest mysteries: Gackt and Rebel Wilson’s true age lol! Hmmmmmm! I never noticed his face looking fuller to be honest but you’re right about lines on his face, when he smiles he sometimes has marionette lines, where as other times they are completely gone. I chalked it up to the lighting and not actual botox. But yes, if he did have work done, it is utterly natural looking. he looks damn fine for his age that’s for sure! I should be so lucky when I’m nearing 50! Haha I can talk k-rock and j-rock all damn day, tell your boss it’s essential to a productive work day!

    • Carrie

      Wow!!!! I love it! I rrally like how a lot of them can pull off feminine looks.