October 31, 2016

Eyeshadow Palettes to Haul During the Sephora Sale (And Ones to Avoid)

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I thought I’d do a round up post of eyeshadow palettes to to haul during the Sephora Sale! As you know the Sephora VIB Rouge Beauty Event takes place this week starting November 4th and gets you a whooping 20% Off your purchase with no exclusions!

This is a great time to haul some fantastic eyeshadow palettes but I think seasoned makeup addicts and even newer ones will find themselves migrating towards the massive, glittery Holiday palettes that brands put out this time of the year. I’m here to say that most of those palettes are avoidable. Don’t waste your money! There are a lot of quality eyeshadow palettes out there that are part of brand’s core collections. The limited edition force is strong, I know, I’m drawn into it too most days of my life but try to avoid the hype and dig deeper to score a good deal on an eyeshadow palette that’s worthy of your cash!

Here’s a list of eyeshadow palettes to haul during the Sephora and ones to avoid too!

I highly recommend grabbing either or both of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette (Review) and Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario Eyeshadow Palettes (Review) if they come back in stock by the time the sale rolls around. Both offer smooth, creamy, easy to blend pigmented eyeshadow shades that made me very happy I purchased both. Both are worth a haul but if you prefer more subtle nude looks Master Palette by Mario is the way to go! If you’re a bit more daring the Modern Renaissance is the best option for you with plenty of festive berry and cranberries shades that will rock the Holiday season!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette


It’s old but it’s awesome! The Tarte Tartelette Tease (Review) contains six velvety eyeshadows that bend beautifully and create a simple yet stunning eye look. It’s one of Tarte’s cutest, tiniest, and nicest palettes to use as is NOT as disappointing as some of their Holiday Palettes.

Tarte Tartelette Tease Palette

Tarte Tartelette Tease Palette fotd

Tarte Tartelette Tease fotd

The Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics (Review) is definitely one to grab up if you enjoy mattes. This one is filled with warm neutral mattes and is quite a great introduction palette if you’re scared of mattes.

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics26

Any of the Bare Minerals 8.0 Ready Eyeshadow Palettes are perfect picks in my opinion but the Power Neutrals remains a fond favorite of mine! If you don’t own it, now is a good time to purchase it!

Bare Minerals The Power Neutrals Ready Eyeshadow Palette

If it’s shimmer you want, go with the Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette (Review). This one is packed with eight shimmery shades that look gorgeous all their own or used as an overcoat atop your favorite mattes to add a little sparkle to you look!

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette8

Any and all of the Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye Con No 7 Plush Eyeshadow Palette are an excellent pick during the sale! These contain seven velvety eyeshadow shades that applied beautifully on lids and blend like butter!

Marc Jacobs Beauty The Social Butterfly Style Eye-Con No. 7 Plush Shadow

The NARS NARSissist L’amour Toujours L’amour Eyeshadow Palette (Review) is a fond favorite of mine. These shadows have an interesting gel-formula that’s more along the line of the Make Up For Ever Artist Eyeshadow Collection. I found the texture was easy to apply on these and I liked how the shades didn’t accentuate my finer lines! If you’re looking for easier to use shades for aging eyes this is a good way to go!

NARS L’Amour, Toujours L’Amour Palette

If you’re looking for a classic eyeshadow palette with soft, velvety nudes the Ombre Rouge Eye Palette (Review) or Ombre Nudes Eye Palette from Becca Cosmetics are both easy picks!

Becca Ombre Rouge Eyeshadow Palette

Now I’m also hear to warn you on palettes to avoid! I think some of the massive Holiday Palettes this year are tempting but terrible. Tarte Pretty Paintbox Collector’s Makeup Case, Too Faced The Chocolate Shop, Too Faced Grande Hotel Cafe are all cute but avoidable as these are not good representations of the brand’s eyeshadow formulas. Yes, they are very pretty but I promise the contents aren’t as incredible as what you can get from the permanent range of products and palettes that are offered from any of these brands.

I hope this mini guide helps you decide which eyeshadow palettes to haul during the Sephora sale and which to avoid.

What eyeshadow palettes are on your hit list?

How about your miss list?

Do share them!

Want more eyeshadow palette reviews? Check my archives to help you decide what you need to purchase!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Len

    I don’t know what it is Muse but I am almost forcing myself to think of something to buy so I make VIB next year. I’m not excited about thing new. I should really get new basics like an anti aging serum or sunscreen even though that’s so boring!! I don’t know if it’s the fact that I have had the play box for a year now which has helped me spend alot less at Sephora. Also not renewing flash shipping helps me with not wanting to spend on a full 50 dollar order for free shipping. I will be following you guide to get some ideas. Thanks as usual! 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      maybe just a case of makeup burn out len 🙂 we all suffer it from time to time 😀 aw my pleasure! I hope you find something lovely to buy!

    • Agona

      I actually don’t think the holiday releases this year are as exciting as last year. Plus, it’s hard to be excited when I am buying stuff for myself as soon as it is released so I haven’t had to anticipate for any sort of big haul for myself. 😉 I’m actually struggling with what to get my SIL and girl friends. They don’t wear neutral eye shadows or the nude lip trend that is going on.

  • kimkats

    Oh crap… I had the Becca Ombre nudes on my list, now I can’t decide between that and the Rouge one!! Daaaannngggg….. that rouge one is really pretty….. Well, at least I have some time to change my mind 3,846 times before I order…. 😀

    • Isabella Muse

      My metalmatte went back 🙁 I didn’t try anything from MUFE Holiday yet!

      • Linda

        Oh bummer on the MetalMatte. It looks so pretty online. Did you review it and I missed it?

  • Carrie

    I’ll be snagging UD Ultimate Naked Basics for my sister for Christmas and *possibly* the Kat Von D Metalmatte palette!!

  • Jay

    Great choices!! I’m dying for that Sephora Holy Sheet set and ABH Mario palette but both have yet to reappear in the site :(. Other than that, I’m thinking about the Drunk Elephant 3 piece skincare set, a Marc Jacobs brush, and a Replica perfume rollerball trio. I have eyeshadow palettes from last year’s sale that I’ve only used a few times! How bad is that :P. The F&F sale was also super close this year and I shopped during that too.

    • Isabella Muse

      I have replica on my wish list too 😀 I didn’t have a code this year for FF so I had to wait booo hisss!

  • Susan

    Listen to the Muse. She is wise. Stay far, far away from the Too Faced Grand Hotel Cafe. UGH!

    The Anastasia Renaissance palette is probably the best palette I picked up all year. Great quality plus it’s not the same dozen tans and browns we already own a hundred dupes of.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol Susan! Thanks 🙂 It’s adorable but the formula ugh! I completely agree! I love me some browns and tans but this was a refreshing change from the norm!

  • Adrienne

    Awesome Post! You must have been reading my mind because I was going through your archives trying to make up my list. Perfect Timing. Thanks so much

  • Alexia

    You keep showing the same ugly face, no difference in makeup. Ugly girls shouldn’t review make-up.

    • Isabella Muse

      Actually, anyone should and can wear makeup, review makeup, make videos about makeup, do makeup in the comfort of their own home, wear bright neon green lipstick out and about, etc…boys, girls, black, white, Asian, European, aliens from Mars, ugly, pretty, gorgeous, people with disabilities, doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, what your sex is, what your life story is, makeup is for everyone! When you learn this and do a little growing up, I welcome you back to comment.

      • Cheryl

        Got a love the obnoxious little twits sitting safely on the other side of the computer screen feeling anonymous and free to say whatever they want, trying desperately to make their sorry little selves feel superior. Sad, pathetic and laughable.

        • Isabella Muse

          It’s ok! hugs 🙂 I blame it on youth or at least I hope it is youth!

      • Colleen

        Muse, you are such a class act . That response was perfect . I admire and respect you so much.

      • Michelle

        Classy answer! I was going to answer back with a nasty reply, but you were eloquent. Nothing more needed to be said:) now back to makeup! I bought the huda beauty rose gold palette. Jury is still out on this one.

    • Leslie Kaye

      Bless your heart, Alexia. You know, beauty doesn’t only lie in a person’s appearance and I believe you’ve just shown your true self. Though I don’t know her personally, Muse is BEAUTIFUL in every possible way! We, as humans, need to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down! And on that note, I pray you find peace from whatever anger you have inside that would make you post such a hurtful comment.

      • Isabella Muse

        Thank you Leslie! xoxoxo! I agree, I really do wish her well and hopefully she can combat any demons she might be battling :-/

    • genevieve

      How rude you are! Would you say that to a person’s face? The best thing about makeup and beauty to me is how inclusive it is for everyone.
      Here we comment about the products, the items we love and don’t love. I care about Isabella and the hard work she puts into maintaining this blog, her honest opinions and sense of humour.

  • CathyL

    Love your comment above on the “right to wear makeup”. I really enjoy your site, especially reviews on more affordable products during this stage of my life (multiple college tuitions, etc).

    • Isabella Muse

      I mean really is there a right wear to makeup? I’m hoping she’s very young and has a lot of adulting to still do. I’d be very worried if she’s already old enough to know better! And thank you, I’m really glad you enjoy the site 🙂 xoxoxxoxo!

  • Krista

    Excellent response! Between your site and a close friend, I stay excited about makeup and I’m from the generation where we wore the same makeup look every single day. I so enjoy playing with different looks and exploring new things in the makeup and skin care world, and I and my aging skin certainly appreciate it. Love your blog and your beautiful photos! Thank you for putting so much effort into keeping us informed!

    • Isabella Muse

      xoxoxox aw thanks Krista! I LOVE doing it because of people like you!

      • Susan

        Way to go, Muse! I don’t see the ugly person this troll mentions. I see someone who knows what works for her (with some occasional brave testing of outré things that she knows probably won’t be the most flattering but what the heck, it’s fun) and loves to show us what’s new.

        I have given up on almost all other beauty bloggers. Actually, you and Imabeautygeek (Canadian) are the only ones I read any more. Most bloggers present the same face to the public — thick, Kabuki-style foundation, overdone contouring, spray-painted Instagram brows, you get the picture. If they want to look that way, fine, but one size does not fit all.

        I’m sure this “Alexia” would say that I, at the decrepit age of 58, have no business wearing makeup and should just off myself right now and quit taking up oxygen. I hope she matures and comes to see that beauty is everywhere if we only look with a grateful eye.

        • Isabella Muse

          Aw thanks Susan! I completely agree, one size does not fit all in beauty, in life, in this world! Hopefully Alexia finds what she is looking for on some other site! And I really do think she might have a lot of growing up to do!

  • Brandy L.

    I love your site Muse, and I enjoy reading your posts everyday. You’ve introduced me to a lot of great products and helped me save money on others. As someone with a facial deformity (right side of my face looks slightly smashed in), I use makeup to help my face look more symmetrical. Makeup helps me feel more confident and beautiful when I go out in public. You can change your appearance on the outside, but you can’t fix ugly on the inside.

    • Isabella Muse

      Thank you for sharing that Brandy 🙂 I LOVE that makeup makes us feel good, confident, beautiful! That’s the magic of makeup! xoxooxoxox! Truly you can’t fix ugly on the inside, truer words have never been spoken!

  • Christina D.

    OMG I just read this and I have to have my say: you are my Sista and awesome, inside and out. It gets me so angry that so many people have no problem giving you their unsolicited — and usually, negative — opinion. It says something about them, and not about you. People like that have to put other people down to feel good about themselves. Who’s ugly now?

    • Isabella Muse

      Aw Christina I love you girl! I think it comes with the blogging territory but one thing is for sure, I’ll never get used to it! But it seems fairly common that people seem to feel good about themselves if they are putting someone else down and that’s so so so sad!

  • Christina D.

    Never fear, La Belle Muse. I love my Sista from another Mista and I’ve got your back. I think it’s incredibly brave of you to put yourself out there in a digital environment that allows creeps like this to act out with no repercussions.

    I don’t care how young or old this person is, they apparently never heard that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything.

  • Linda

    Yes, Muse! Thank you for your site. I look forward to it every morning. You save me money and introduce me to products I might not otherwise try. Keep being beautiful! xo

  • Lynn

    Hi Muse! I really enjoy your website – I have it bookmarked on my phone and make a point to read it everyday. The only ugliness I see here is Alexia’s insensitive comment. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your reviews, swatches, PRETTY selfies, and all the other awesome content here! Xoxo!

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thank you Lynn! That’s very flattering! Thank you for reading! oxoxxoxoxoxo thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • genevieve

    I really agree with you on your choice of palettes to buy and those to avoid.
    A couple of little gems I would add to the list:
    1. Lorac Rose Gold Metal palette, just re-released. Beautifully consistent shades (it was called the Lorac Pro Metal last year, limited edition and Lorac has bought it back. Yay!) in divine colours – very much in the vein of the Mario ABH palette.
    2. Sephora It Palette in Nudes. Like you Muse, I am gravitating to more mattes and neutrals as I ‘mature’ Although it did have some mixed reviews re quality, I have not found any and all the shades are beautiful. Besides, it is relatively inexpensive for you in the States.

    • Isabella Muse

      I have to check out the Sephora It Palette, I didn’t see that!!!!! thanks 😀

  • Emily

    No more eyeshadow palettes for me, already own too many and use too few, plus I am on a fun Colour Pop kick . Though if I were new, I’d want the ABH Mario one for sure. And you can add me to the list of fans who LOVE seeing your pretty face every day!

  • Jeanine Mcauliffe

    Muse I pretty much always agree with you but but but the Abh palettes were and still are such a disappoint for me! I lusted over them both for weeks before I bought them. I seriously can not blend any of the shadows in the Renaissance palette, so frustrating!i gave up after about a good six minutes of blending! I wonder if it’s something I’m using? Like a primer or brush?
    My holiday rule is do not repeat do not buy holiday palettes! They’re usually made quickly and the quality is double thumbs down! I’m sad you don’t have the in bloom palette on here, that palette has my heart! I find the formula in the first one different. I’m extremely picky by the way, lol.
    I really want to see you review more Marc Jacobs. I have really grown to appreciate the whole line, especially the newer stuff. I know you suffer from dry skin like I do. I seriously gave up on powder, wouldn’t wear it unless it could be applied with my wet blender. A friend bought me the MJ perfection powder and it was love at first swipe. It comes with an applicator and when I use it, it truly fills in all my fine lines and wrinkles. Powder aged me before this one! I highly recommend you trying it if you have not. Did I mention I’m extremely picky? I own a lot but love very little. Merry Christmas to my future bestie ! Take care of my makeup,skincare, and perfume collection ! Hahahahaha

    • Isabella Muse

      Aw sorry to hear it Jeanine! Have you tried a sponge tipped eyeshadow applicator, that always helps me! I’ve reviewed quite a few items from Marc Jacobs, check the archives 🙂 Thanks for the rec on the powder, I’ll have to give it a try!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aw likewise haha! I’ll take good care of your collection! 😀