November 15, 2016

Chapstick Duo Completely Customizable and Utterly Delicious!

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.


Snap them, change them, and rearrange them! The new Chapstick Duo Lip Sphere Lip Balm ($3.99) arrived earlier this Fall in 8 yummy flavors that can be customized to create 28 different flavor combinations.

So yeah, no secret here, I’m obsessed with lip balms. I think my gateway drug into the world of makeup all started with Chapstick. I remember my first taste (or bite) of Cherry Chapstick! Truly it was a euphoric experience. I think I can safely blame my obsession on lip balm (and makeup) on that first application of Chapstick when I was five years old or so. To this day, I still collect different lip balms because not only do I have chronic dry lips but also because I’m absolutely insane for lip balm. Why? The flavors, the cute, unique packaging, the ever changing and evolving formulas, lip balm is one of those beauty indulgences that won’t cost you a ton of money yet still manages to bring a smile to your mouth while hydrating your lips.

There’s just something about lip balm that’s magical. Admit it, you totally feel the same way!


Speaking of the evolving world of lip balms, the new Chapstick Duo packs take the lip sphere and lip balm world to a new level. Chapstick houses these new spheres in a pack of two. So, you get two flavors that you can wear individually or cocktail to create a new flavor. Nifty right? Wait, things get better….

Each sphere snaps off! You can carry flavors individually, carry a duo together, or buy another pack with new flavors and create a different completely customized duo. Duos are $3.99 each and include two flavors or you can grab a single shade for $2.49. I happen to be one of those crazy people that loves cocktailing different shades of lipglosss and lipstick or even different fragrances. So, of course, creating different Chapstick Duos appeals to my inner mad scientist. I like layering the Sweet Peach flavor with the mint one to create this juicy, sweet peachy crisp mint flavor! Or Watermelon and Coconut makes for a yummy tropical treat for lips!














Nifty right? Yeah, well, anything lip balm gets me excited 🙂 They even have shimmer shades that look a treat with clear gloss on top! The formula is lightly hydrating without being waxy or too heavy!

You can get these new Chapstick Duos now at drugstores (they’ll make perfect stocking stuffers!) and at

Anyone kind of obsessed with these as much as I am?


This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

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  • Victoria

    Hi! Do they just smells fruity or do they actually taste like their flavours as well?

    I’m interested in the shimmery ones, do you find them a bit gritty?

  • Kim

    I just picked one of these up last night and I love it! I bought the watermelon/strawberry kiwi. Both flavors smell great and I think the formula is nice. Much more moisturizing than essos.

  • Jean

    So, have you tried the Burt’s Bees Mint Cocoa Lip Balm?I’m afraid to let my grandson’s try this. If I was two, I would take a bite. Heck, I almost took a bite after taking off the cap.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha! I have! 🙂 I also tried the Chapstick Holiday flavors and they are yum! Your grandson will be tempted that’s for sure 😀

  • Dee

    Another lip balm obsessed person here! I have so many and think I couldn’t possibly need anymore and then this appears. So I guess I’m stopping at Walgreens today

  • kimkats

    Wait, wut? How did I not know about these?!?! I must haz them. NAO! Imma hafta look for these – are they new to the regular lineup, or are they LE? I so hope not… Gotta find ’em!! Thanks for another lemming, Muse! 😀

  • Cory

    Oh I love this! I just ran out of my Atoderm (not as good as I’d hoped, but still had a pleasant taste), so I ordered the Dr. Jart set that came w/the mint ceramide lip balm, but totally need two of these for flavor!!!
    Thank you bc I nvr would have known about them if I didn’t read your blog!

    * if you haven’t tried it yet, Bite Beauty’s Lip Masks are a lip balm addicts dream come true! They mosturize for hours. I could use a new one of those now that I’m thinking of it lol…

  • Cory

    Remember lipsmackers?? I think that’s where my addiction started. I haven’t not had a tube of lip balm in my pocket since I was 11 lol!

  • Len

    Totally agree I don’t need any Chapstick but I keep going back to it. I decided that I prefer the Total Hydration line over the plain Chapstick ones though. Right now I have the new one Honey Blossom its just great and smells just like honey! I wonder if these have the regular Chapstick feel or are smoother like the Total Hydration? Either way Ill pick a duo up you know just because!! HEHE. Funny story is my son got a hold of a bunch of my yummy chapsticks a while back and absolutely destroyed them LOL I had a least 5 of the seasonal ones. I was bummed but really had them for the scents.

    • Isabella Muse

      The hydration line was nice for me but I actually think the duos are a bit more moisturizing for me but omg you had me at honey blossom! These are a little slicker than regular chapstick and a thinner, lighter! Awww haha! Watch he doesn’t eat them, totally did tt when I was a kid 😀

      • Len

        Yes the Honey Blossom is worth the pick up for sure! I did see a new Chapstick brand Total Hydration lip scrub at Target and I just looked and its on the Chapstick website too. I resisted but now I’m in Chapstick “mode”. Muse you do that to me. LOL

  • Sara

    These are ridiculous. And…I must have them immediately.
    Uggh. I have such a problem with lip balms. I need them all. All the time. There must be 8 in my purse.
    I guess it could be worse…

  • Sara

    Also, if you haven’t tried the new 100% natural lip butter ones, they’re amazing. My favorite.