November 14, 2016

Estee Lauder Acquires Too Faced in 1.45 Billion Dollar Purchase


WWD reports today that Estee Lauder has acquired too Faced Cosmetics in a 1.45 billion dollar purchase which happens to be one of Estee Lauder’s biggest purchases to date. Recently, Becca Cosmetics was also acquired by Estee Lauder as well and reports have been coming in that Drunk Elephant could be next. This beauts out the recent purchase of It Cosmetics by L’Oreal for 1.2 billion earlier this Summer!

Estee Lauders hopes to strengthen their leadership position with the purchase Too Faced and other brands in the fast-growing prestigious makeup category globally according to brand reps. Fabrizio Freda, president and chief executive officer, as quoted as saying, “The acquisition of Too Faced is complementary to our portfolio of brands because it has a unique feminine and Millennial communication focus, which is really complementary with very little cannibalization with the rest of our makeup portfolio.” Apparently my observations recently about Estee Lauder signing on Kendall Jenner to reach a younger demographic are quite true.

According to Jerrod Blandino, Too Faced’s founder, he hopes to take a more global approach with Too Faced in the future and also hopes to create standalone stores for the brand going forward! He’s also quoted as saying there are big things coming to Too Faced and feels that Estee Lauder will help achieve things on a larger scale.

And most important he’s quoted in his views of animal testing, “They respect our values, our core beliefs that we built our brand on. We will not be animal testing, we will not be going into China, we will not be made to fold into a corporate culture that we do not have. They love and respect what we have created and are just going to support us and lift us up, without changing us in any way but great.”

Pretty exciting news today on the Estee Lauder and Too Faced front eh?

What do you think of this latest acquisition?


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  • devon

    As a firm believer in no animal testing on my makeup and cosmetics, I am very happy to know they will continue being against it!!!!!

    • Thea

      Even if Too Faced itselfmdoesn’t animal test, Estee Lauder does – so buy buying TF you are supporting their parent company (and EL does animal test). 🙁

      • Louis

        exactly Thea, so many other options. SOLD OUT! contrast….wet n wild (any many other brands) never sold out.

  • Ariane

    I guess there’s pros and cons. I’m kinda disappointed, but it may be more easy for other countries (and mine !) to get their products !

  • Stef

    Sucks about both Too Faced And Becca as both were always very staunchly cruelty free but are now owned by a company that does test on animals. Now any money spent on either brand just goes into the pocket of Estée Lauder, who don’t care about ever ending animal testing, just about money. More diversity in ownership is better for the end consumer, anyhow.

    • Tara

      I agree with Stef, actions speak louder than words. Too Faced, Becca and IT Cosmetics can SAY they are cruelty free but clearly they’re not if Estee Lauder (or L’Oreal). If you are truly against animal cruelty there is no distinction. I’ll be returning my Too Face & Becca purchases for better and truly cruelty free companies.

      • Bela T

        Hi Tara, that was exactly what I did yesterday, I returned my recently purchased waterproof Better than Sex mascara (besides having a bad reaction to it where the original did not). On the flip side, I bought 2 of the Kat Von D Shade and Light quads. Terrific product! I was impressed with it. I was hesitant on getting her mascara though, the plastic wands kill my eyes! LOL I even gave them an It’s been fun!, but you just lost me as a customer message on their Youtube account and unsubbed.

  • Brian

    I am happy that they haven’t changed their view on animal testing but it will now mean that purchasing from Too Faced will be supporting a huge beauty conglomerate that does conduct animal testing and I know that will not be good news for many. Hopefully, product quality doesn’t decrease. Although Too Faced does still have room to improve in my opinion, especially after seeing/testing this year’s holiday palettes. For example, when L’Oreal bought out Urban Decay, I think that their standard eyeshadow palette quality has taken a turn for the worse. Hopefully, this won’t happen to It Cosmetics, Becca, or Too Faced.

  • Dee

    Too Faced is one of my favorites…I hope the product doesn’t change! It’s like so many things now, and that is that a few gigantic companies are snatching up and own the smaller ones. Not sure that’s good.

  • Bailey

    One more makeup company I can’t purchase from anymore because Estée Lauder still suppprts animal testing. Such a shame! It’s getting so difficult to find great makeup from cruelty free brands. Why did Jarrod have to sell out?!

    • Anna

      Money that’s Why!!! Estée Lauder tests on Animals, so buying Too Faced Supports That! I’ll be Cutting Them Out!!! Sell Outs!

  • MzVicky

    I guess I see things different, the more L’Oréal & Lauder see that you can have great cosmetics without testing on animals the more likely they will become cruelty free one day and I think it’s possible.

    • Jay

      That is a nice thought but I think that they only care about profits and will never be cruelty free. If they really cared about animals they would not sell in China.

      • Anna

        EXACTLY!!! China Does Not Care About Animals! I don’t know why these Companies do business with them!

  • Pattykate

    I am always concerned when a small company is purchased by a global giant. I have seen too many times in the past when a small, successful niche company has been acquired by a larger company and the smaller company is changed forever and not always for the best. In fact, in most cases the smaller company loses the identity that made it special in the first place. Two recent cases are philosophy and Bare Escentuals. When philosophy was sold by Christina Carlino it literally went off the rails and was only save when it was sold again to P & G, I believe. However, philosophy was always a company who only came out with products when they had something new and useful to bring to market. Now, they come out with the same sort of products that everyone else is making. Bare Escentuals is barely recognizable now that Shiseido purchased it. The new skincare line is virtually the same as Shiseido’s. iT Cosmetics is another brand that has changed dramatically since it was purchased. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why an owner would want to sell–the dollars involved are astronomical but the product line is sure to change.

  • Lora

    Disappointed! I loved the quality of Smashbox before they were bought by Estee. Not so much anymore. Will be stocking up on the original chocolate bar as the quality will undoubtedly change.

  • Jay

    Makes me sick. What a bunch of sellouts. I refuse to support a company that has a parent company that is ok with animal torture aka animal testing. Their parent company only cares about profit and it is now obvious that they too only care about the money. I am also irritated that they deleted comments and posts on facebook because they didn’t get the positive response that they hoped for.

  • Bela T

    Well,, That’s that I guess. I am going right now to stock up on my 3 favorite palettes (chocolate, bon bons, and naturally matte) then that’s it! I am SO disappointed. He claimed oh no no no we will NEVER sell out company nor change the standards of it, PFFT . Oh well, another one bites the dust.

    • Bela T

      I did NOT stock up on the other palettes btw, I heard the message again, and the “as of today we are now part of…..” That as of today resonated with me so when I went to Sephora to purchase the palettes I said to myself “as of today I am no longer your customer”

  • kay

    I’m also done buying too faced. I have enough of their products anyway to last me a lifetime. So disappointed.

  • genevieve

    No matter how much they say that the brand won’t change, over time it will. Since UD has been bought out, the standard of their palettes has declined (Alice, Full Spectrum etc.). Too Faced has let itself down by producing so many shoddy holiday palettes and now they have sold out to EL. No need for animal testing on any cosmetics at all.

  • Louis

    What do I think? Are you kidding? Estee Lauder will be parent company who tests on animals. #dontbuybrandswithbadparents