November 2, 2016

Lush Papa Noel Face Jelly Horribly Wasteful!


Lush Papa Noel Face Jelly is a delightfully new, limited edition facial cleanser that launched with the Lush Holiday/Christmas 2016 Collection. What was that? An outcry of rage because a face cleanser is limited edition?

Yeah, I know. I was stocking piling Lush Let the Good Times Roll like a squirrel in autumn when it launched as a limited edition release for Christmas. Needless to say Lush finally made it permanent but WHY??? Why would you make a face cleanser limited edition? I mean it’s enough torture to fall in love with a shade of lipstick or a palette that’s available for a short time but imagine some awesome skincare that’s snatched a way in less than a month?

It’s ok though! Because Lush Papa Noel Face Jelly won’t be missed and happens to be horribly wasteful in my opinion.


Lush Papa Noel Face Jelly comes housed in a large 6.7 oz tube and if you remove it it’s actually shaped like a full Santa beard. Yeah, so, I didn’t technically remove the entire chunk from my pot because it’s kind of gross to be handling something that you’ll be using to clean your face. But if you’re inclined to remove it and place on your face and prance around the house shouting Ho, Ho, Ho well, that’s on you.

I’ve always said that Lush Shower Jellies are a complete and utter waste and that happens to be how I feel about Papa Noel. It’s a cute idea but it is a complete waste of a product. Also, if you’re sensitive avoid it. It has a delightful fizzy citrus-y scent that reminds me of Lush Champagne Snow Showers or the recently released Lush Bubbly Shower Gel but that fragrance isn’t going to really be a big hit with sensitive skin. It contains lemon, lime, and orange so, those acidic notes won’t jive well.

P.S. Dry skin won’t love it either as although it contains glycerine and jojoba oil it also contains Kaolin which I personally find trying on my already dry skin.

Actually I wish I could tell you if it left my skin dry or tight after use but I can’t. Why? Well, because about 99% of the chunks I was using ended up down the drain.

Basically, to use this or any of Lush Shower Jellies you’re supposed to remove a chunky and rub it around your body or face in this case. The problem is the product never breaks down, it remains a jelly-like texture. I mean it’s like rubbing Jello on your face basically as that’s the texture and consistency of this. Main difference between this and Jello would be Papa Noel is a little firm and he DOES NOT break down for $h1T! I tried breaking off a piece and rubbing it between my hands but it broke into tinier pieces that I proceeded to rub all over my face. I also tried rubbing a larger chunk on my face and yeah, none of this works. This didn’t cleanse my face it just made a mess and ended up down the drain.


What a waste.

I should have known as I hate the Lush Shower Jelly formula and this is basically the same concept just for your face.

It’s a novel idea and that alone might tempt you to make a purchase but Lush Papa Noel Face Jelly is very wasteful as it isn’t going to get your face clean and it’s just going to end up down your drain.

Avoid it.

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I purchased this item.

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  • ChynnaBlue


    But at least you get the joy and relief of hating a limited edition product. I hate falling in love with limited edition items.

  • Jen R

    Oh no, I love the shower jellies! It took me a while to figure out the most effective way to use them, but now I just break off a small piece, put it on my BBW shower pouf, and start scrubbing!

    Now for a face wash though, I don’t think this makes a lick of sense! Maybe it would work with a Clarisonic?

    • Isabella Muse

      Likewise, I just ended up with little crumbles stuck in my washcloth and pouf le sigh!

  • Kelly M

    Have you tried smooshing it into a washcloth to use it? I know that’s a trick some people use with jelly soaps. Or one of those mesh bath pouf things.

    • Isabella Muse

      yeah, but it’s just smaller crumbles that don’t break down :-/ Weak lather, no foam! It’s crap!

  • Kitten

    You know, from a completely practical stand point these seem like a horrible idea… Just think, if they never break down when you’re rubbing them on your face and adding water….what’s going to happen when they go down the drain?!?!

  • Sadia

    The best way to use Lush jellies is to throw it in your blender. Add a bit of water and blend. It turns into a creamy mousse-like texture and the best part it doubles the amount too. I’ve been doing that for years and that’s the only way I use them and love them! You should try it and let me know ;). –

  • Anna

    OMG . I got this as a gift. I could not find a way to actually use this product. I tried to crush small bites of it in my palms . I added a teeny bit of water hoping it would dissolve a bit but no… the chunks stayed like bits of jelly and just rinse down the drain. Epic fail.