November 2, 2016

Makeup Eraser Not a Gimmick But Damn Harsh On Skin

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.


I got a Makeup Eraser The Original MakeUp Eraser Makeup Remover Cloth with a Scouted By Sephora Set recently and let me tell you I was beyond excited about reviewing it. I have had so many doubts about this and I was determined to call it a complete gimmick. I mean seriously, removing your makeup with a cloth and mere water? Never happen.

But it proved me wrong.


If you want to experience the joys of the Makeup Eraser I would highly suggest checking it out in the Scouted by Sephora Set. The set is $24 and includes a mini Makeup Eraser as well as a range of other products including ones from brands you may have never tried before like Milk, Besame, and Wanderlust Beauty. Granted, you aren’t getting a full-size Makeup Eraser in this set but the size is big enough to determine whether or not you need to splurge $20 bucks on the full-size one.

Makeup Eraser is actually a great product and it uses one the best ways to exfoliate your face technique that I use. Basically, that consists of a warm, wet wash cloth that I rub all over my face to gently exfoliate my skin. Makeup Eraser acts in the same way. It’s a 100% polyester so it has a very soft, fluffy feel with a slight drag when wet which works a treat at gently buffing skin which results in a smoother, softer complexion.

But this isn’t technically about exfoliating your face, it’s about removing your makeup!

The first time you use the Makeup Eraser it is suggested to throw it in your washing machine for a cleaning. I’m not sure why they suggest this when it just came out of the packaging but I did just that. As I mentioned above the cloth is very soft and it has a fluffy texture which feels quite lovely. It’s like a snugly blanket! As my Eraser was in the washing machine I decided to watch the “How to Use Your Makeup Eraser” video on and was horrified at how harshly the founder of the Makeup Eraser was rubbing her eyes. People, you do not want to remove your eye makeup with that much pressure! It’ll cause a host of fast aging issues like wrinkles, loss of elasticity, etc…Gentle is the key when removing eye makeup in my opinion.

After my eraser came out of the washing machine I allowed it to dry. I was going to wet it again anyway but meh I let it dry first for some odd reason.

So, to use the Makeup Eraser you simply saturate it well with warm water and wipe your makeup off. Sounds like a gimmick right? I thought so too! Particularly because they hail it as an easy way to remove all your makeup including eye makeup and waterproof mascara. Water and a wet cloth removing waterproof mascara? Never! But it works. It actually does remove about 95% of your entire face full of makeup. I typically remove my eye makeup with eye makeup remover before cleansing my face but I decided I wanted to test this out fully so I left everything on my face and eyes to test. It scrubbed away my foundation, my blush, even my dark brown eyeshadow, eyeliner, and waterproof mascara.

It worked!

It isn’t a gimmick! It removed almost all my makeup and left a LITTLE tiny bit of mascara on my lashes but nothing too crazy. I followed up by cleansing with micellar water after to see if any makeup was left behind and aside from a bit of mascara my cotton pad came back clean.

But there’s a dilemma.

You have to really scrub your skin and tug at it quite a bit to get your makeup removed especially the makeup on your eyes. As I said above, you really don’t want to tug and scrub at the delicate skin around your eyes the way you have to when using this. Likewise for your face! The cloth is very soft but the scrubbing involved to remove makeup is a big no in my opinion.

Secondly, from what they suggest on the video you should wash the cloth once a week. Wait, what? That’s rather disgusting. I mean you can rinse it off at the end of the night but your harder to remove makeup won’t be removed completely until you throw it in the washing machine. I can’t see myself doing a load of laundry every single day because I need to wash my Makeup Eraser.

I like the idea you don’t have to use a bunch of chemicals on your skin to remove makeup. It’s also money saving when you don’t have to stock up on cleansing oil, facial cleanser, and eye makeup remover. Imagine the amount you’d save if water and a cloth is all you needed to remove your makeup? But the Makeup Eraser isn’t quite a product I’m willing to use as my full time makeup remover of choice. I feel like I have to put a lot of pressure into scrubbing away my makeup and personally, I don’t believe that’s good for my skin.

Great idea and it does work but I don’t think it’ll be good for my skin long term.

Tried it?

Do share your thoughts on it.

The Makeup Eraser The Original MakeUp Eraser Makeup Remover Cloth is available at but I suggest trying it in the Scouted By Sephora Gift Set before committing to a full-size version!

This was provided to me by a brand for review and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post but all opinions are my own.

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  • ann b.

    I felt the same way. But now I’ve found a new way of using it that I love. I use my oil cleanser (currently the Body Shop Chamomile one) on a dry face and them remove the oil gently with a wet Makeup Eraser. It takes of 100% of my makeup and I find it gentler than using a regular washcloth and you get no residue left behind. I buy the smaller sized ones in the 2 -pack from Sephora for $12:

    • Isabella Muse

      I was just talking about this Ann! I’m going to try this method, it sounds like a better way to use the cloths as the oil will make them a bit more slippery so less pressure/scrubbing!

  • Rachel

    There is an awesome knockoff of this at Walmart – $2.97 for 3 cloths. They aren’t as soft and fluffy, but they work well for me and at that price, I bought a couple sets and wash them every day!

  • Pam

    Thanks for the great review, I’ve been wondering about this. I do tend to kind of scrub my face with a washcloth probably harder than I should, but I agree that rough rubbing around the eyes is a no no!

  • Moda31

    I have one, and I love it. I run it under really hot water and use the side with shorter pile to wipe my makeup off. I don’t find that I have to scrub any harder than I would with a regular wash cloth. I don’t use it all the time, and don’t wear makeup on a daily basis but I like the idea of a soap/chemical free option of taking off my face.

    • Isabella Muse

      Glad it worked for you Moda! I wish it did for me but I felt I was scrubbing way to hard to remove my makeup!

  • AnniLau

    The first week or so that I used mine, my skin was also a little irritated and peeling. Through trial and error, I discovered that using less pressure not only alleviated this, but removed my makeup better as well. Also, make sure the cloth is really wet, like almost dripping. I don’t wear waterproof mascara, but I do use quite a lot of eye makeup in general and I don’t need to scrub at all to get it off.

    Oh, and I can’t remember if it says this on the packaging, but the side with the shorter nap is for makeup removal and the other (tag side) is for exfoliating.

    • Isabella Muse

      I tried this but unfortunately it didn’t remove my makeup as well if I didn’t add pressure. I’m going to try using cleansing oil with it as someone recommended! This might help 😀

  • Tracie Hill

    The MakeUp Eraser is designed to NOT RUB. The idea is to hover over your skin in a circular motion. This allowed the fibers to do the work and not the rubbing. People’s misconception is to treat it like a wash cloth. This actually works against the magic. If you hover over the skin in a circular motion the makeup will actually separate from your face and get sucked into the fibers. It is science. Be soft and gentle.

    When referring to the video…trust me when I say…I have tried to make many videos where It does not appear that I am tugging. No matter how soft I am…it always looks like I am tugging. So I understand that it appears she is putting more pressure than she actually is.

    Take your time. Wrap the cloth around your fingers and lightly go over your lashes. It will still be so much quicker than any other method.

    The MINI: not my favorite. I just don’t feel like you get the ease of the process with such a small cloth (for first timers).

    The Washing: as a nurse and per a dermatologist the cloth actually does not harbor or grow bacteria. The fibers are to small for bacteria to live on. What is removed is trapped in the cloth until the properties are changed when soap and agitation is introduced.

    Great review and I love the onservations you bring up.

    • Isabella Muse

      I tried with a more gentle method but unfortunately it didn’t get my makeup using a gentle rubbing motion. I needed to scrub in order to get items offer. Odd, as when she’s doing around her eye area she pulls down on her lower eye area a good deal, it appears she’s doing it with A LOT of pressure. You can even see the waterline area exposed as she’s rubbing which to me seems like she’s pulling that area down. Someone recommended using cleansing oil with the cloth, I’m going to try that and see if it works. I noticed you put your link in this comment which I’ve removed as it leads to the makeup eraser website, I’m not sure if you work for the brand or do publicist work for them. I appreciate your comments/review but it’s slightly misleading when you’re placing links in the comment leading to the makeup eraser site.

        • Isabella Muse

          Thanks Tracie, only problem is it links to an affiliated site, I don’t reader’s to be mislead. I’m open and honest about affiliate links. Thanks again for your input!

  • Christina Tran

    I didn’t like it at all because I had to rub so hard to remove my makeup, and the OCD in me could not stand that the cloth wasn’t clean after rinsing. It just felt disgusting. Also, I need an oil cleanser to break down my higher SPF, which this towel does not do. Why go through the trouble of adding another step–a few steps, actually, if you consider having to wash the towel after each use and popping it in the laundry weekly. I’d rather just use my oils or emulsifying balms to get the job done gently. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      Likewise. I had to rub extra hard to get it off and the fact it had a bunch of black mascara on it and other makeup even after rinsing grossed me out!

  • dia

    I think they asked you to launder the cloth before use because a lot of things (clothing, towels, etc) are coated with a layer of chemicals when they are first sold so that they don’t wrinkle as easily and appear to be softer and generally better than they really are. I always wash my sheets, towels, and underwear before using them for this reason.

    • Tracie Hill

      It actually unwinds and activates (by unwinding) the fibers in the cloth so they can work their magic. They explain it really well on the talk show The Doctors. It’s pretty interesting.

  • Alys

    I’ve been really interested in these but haven’t taken the plunge. I use a daily leave on chemical exfoliation lotion so I don’t feel like I have to actually physically exfoliate anymore. Now I will put them out of my mind, no way do I want to rub my face too hard. Especially right before I apply retinol or salicylic acid, OUCH!

  • Zoe Yarymowich

    It is a gimmick, it’s an expensive microfiber cloth. I can buy a whole pack from the dollar store for 1.50$ and I live in Canada.

  • Melu

    This is so true! I’m glad I’m not alone. I’ve been using oil cleansers for a while now when removing my makeup, but I can never avoid getting them into my eye. I really hoped that this would be the solution to my stinging, red eyes but alas, probs not.

  • colleen

    I love it! Not only does it take my makeup of gently and easily my face feels wonderful and clean. I am thinking about getting rid of my wash cloths and buying more makeup erasers for everyone to use in showers and baths. I feel that if it makes my face feel so clean what can it do for my body.

  • Michelle Luna

    I use each side once, then wash them, so I get 2 days out of each cloth. I have 5 or 6 total so I can get through a laundry cycle

  • Nicole

    I just discovered the Makeup Eraser through a free sample and loved it so much I purchased a full size one when they were on sale for Christmas! For me, I don’t need to use much pressure and it removes all of my makeup quickly. Also love the exfoliating side. I get dry skin during the winter which can look flaky when applying makeup so I use the exfoliating side of the makeup eraser before putting on my makeup. It works great. It also works great to make your lips nice and smooth!

  • Diana

    Pues en mi opinión al. Inicio suena como un producto espectacular, sin embargo, luego de probarlo por 1 semana he terminado con mil arrugas en los ojos por la excesiva presión al retirar el maquillaje así que pienso q no es algo q valga la pena 🙁

  • Dee

    Bacteria can gather on the point of a pin, so no, the fibers in this thing aren’t “too small” to harbor any nasties, lololooooool. Sounds like another gimmick to me, and shame on this company for pushing unproven environmental cant to sell their product.

  • Angie

    I’m 100% there with you!! I ordered it. When it came I threw it in the washing machine as suggested, dried it (yes I also let mine dry for some reason), then watched the “how to” video. My first thought was holy crap, look at that woman scrubbing her eyes like that!!! How about NOOOOO!!! I may still use it but after applying something like Good Molecules Instant Cleansing Balm to help loosen the makeup first because there’s NO WAY I’m scrubbing on my eyes like that. I’m getting ready to try it now so hang tight and I’ll let ya know……ok, it removed all my makeup. For the sake of it being a review I didn’t used any kind of makeup remover beforehand and I gently rubbed my eye makeup off with no oroblens what so ever and I did LOVE how soft it was and how easily it took everything off. All in all, I will prob use it sometimes but I’m not washing it daily nor would I use it without applying something to my eyes every time.

  • Sarah

    I got this as part of an ‘oh baby box’. The full sized original pink make up eraser. I LOVE ITTTT. I don’t think your review is right to be honest, I don’t have to scrub my face hard at all. I read how to use it online and apart from throwing it in the washer the first time to activate fibres it also says to use hot water to wet the cloth. Hold the cloth to your eye for about five seconds and then wipe. It’s all goone! It’s pretty amazing and not harsh at all. I think the issue you have with washing might be because you have a smaller size? I have the full size and it’s super convenient to use parts of it and then just put it in the washer when I’ve used the whole thing. So you’re not reusing the dirty parts you’re using clean parts of it each time.

  • Yeah

    I got one as a freebie at a craft fair a few years ago but they were pushing it as the only thing you need to clean your face with. I was young and dumb and got a ton of acne in the first week! Threw it away and assumed I just got a defective one I was allergic to.
    I use one now but its a knockoff I got at Walmart for $2. I tend to wet it with got water and let it steam my face, then use my cleanser of choice, and wipe away the soap with the cloth after a good lather. Works much better for me with soap lol

  • Karen Wescott

    I’m so glad that I found your review! I turned 50 not long ago and was wanting to get away from using so much product and also the waste that came with those products. I thought that I’d found the answer with cleansing cloths! Unfortunately, I have started noticing more wrinkles and my eyes seem to be shaggier from the rubbing and tugging! I used to used a electric facial brush with product and for my age really didn’t have a lot of signes of aging until now. I’m going back to my old routine but not nearly in time!

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Karen! You def don’t want to be pull at your skin with this thing imho! Just remove your makeup the traditional way ;-D I swear it’s way better for your skin 🙂