November 29, 2016

NYX Eyelash Curler Great for Giving Eyelashes a Haircut But Not for Curling


Please step up if you’re the girl that told me in the comment a year or two ago that you sliced off your entire lash line with an eyelash curler. True story, one of my reader’s told me that she fell while curling her lashes and ended up giving her eyelashes a bit of a haircut. Ouch! I told her thank god it was only her lashes, it could have been her eye.

I do have a recommendation if your eyelashes need a nice haircut, never fear the NYX Eyelash Curler is here to do the job.

I was waiting in line at Nordstrom recently and of course, they have those bins hanging around as you wait in line. It’s an evil ploy and trap to make you spend more money as you wait. “Oh I just came here to buy a pair of shoes but I’ll just buy some lipgloss, two new Iphone cases, earbuds, and an the NYX Eyelash Curler from HELL!


This little guy was a mere $2 bucks and considering I was waiting on Black Friday (this was two weeks before the big day) to buy myself a few new Shu Eyelash Curlers (as hey, 25% off during Black Friday/Cyber Monday!) I decided to add it into my cart.

My mentality was, 1. I could use it until the sale when I’d stock up on three new Shu Eyelash Curlers and 2. Maybe it would surprise me and become my great budget discovery.


I’ve read a few mediocre reviews but all in all the word on the street is the NYX Eyelash Curler does a fair job curling lashes. Personally, I’d stay away from it. I filed mine under G as in garbage. The actually design of the curler is good if not the fact the handle is a little shorter but the lash cage seemed large enough and the actual curler was lightweight but fit comfortably in my hand. But man, the lash curling pad acts like a razor and pinch like nobody’s business. When I removed it from my eye not only didn’t it curl my lashes but it actually pulled some of them out. NOT good.


Needless to say this one had to get tossed. I was actually scared of it because I thought maybe the first go was a fluke but when I tried it on my other eye it ripped a few more lashes out and I was all, “Oh no, I don’t think so!”

Word to the wise, if you’re in line at Nordstrom and see the NYX Eyelash Curler, AVOID IT AT ALL costs.

I purchased this item.

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  • Wendy

    That looks like my old Maybelline curler from my high school days… You know like 20 years before you were born. Lol. All kidding aside, my heart stopped when I read the title of this review.

    • Cory

      Mine too! I freaked immediately & was like nooooooo! My great aunt (may she Rest In Peace) cut her eyelashes off with an eyelash curler, but that was waaayyyy back in the day, like 30’s/40’/50’s? Somewhere around there. But every time she saw me use one, I’d hear the horror story. That’s a nightmare come true…
      Good thing I just got a new Shu!

  • Nat

    I know some gals swear by eyelash curlers, but I just don’t think they’re for me. I tried a couple times, but honestly I barely have any eyelashes to start with. I don’t think curling them really does anything for me! 😀

      • Nat

        OH MY GOD I AM DYING!!!!!!

        Did Santa say she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen?! I would give her anything she wants for Xmas! 😀

        • Isabella Muse

          HAHA Nat as I was standing in line waiting and proceeding to get pics done you were on my mind the entire TIME! ;-D It was so cute, Nat! He was talking to her so sweetly and he was so gentle with her. I was amazed at his patience. On top of that he made them do he photo twice because the first time he said you couldn’t see her pretty dress in the photo! I was dying 😀 I wish you were there lol!

          • Nat

            EEEE that is the sweetest! What an awesome Santa! 😀

            I’m taking Xmas pics at home this year; Mako will have on a red bowtie, Mini a little frilly bonnet, and Kitty will just pose with a candy cane (I think she would get too stressed out if I tried to “dress” her). I’ll send you links to pics once I take them! 😀

          • Isabella Muse

            PLEASE DO! I want to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 He was a very sweet guy 😀 Such patience, I couldn’t do that job lol! Dogs were yapping all over the place and Kia was sitting there all quiet and calm hehe!

  • Debbie L.

    I’m ashamed to say I howled with laughter when I read your heading at first… But on that note, my condolences on the death of your lashes, they will be dearly missed. I’ll be staying clear of the nyx curlers when I feel the need to repurchase one Take care, Muse! ❤

    • Isabella Muse

      hah thankfully I still have some 😀 this didn’t remove them all PHEW!

  • Kimmwc03

    That stinks! I don’t use eyelash curlers anymore but a mascara I used in the past made my lashes fall out while I was removing the mascara. So, that went in the trash after a few uses. I think it was a CG mascara.

  • Lee-Anne

    I have a mortal fear of eyelash curlers as they look like instruments of torture. I have used heated battery ones in the past and they are fine but my huge fear is that they will pull my lashes out……………looks like I was right to be scared!

    I have spent months growing back lashes to nice length after having lash extensions – I would be raging if the money spent on Revitalash was wasted 🙁

  • Karen

    Omg, so sorry to read that. Going to take awhile to recover from that. Eyelashes are sacred.

  • kel

    so do you have a recommendation? i’ve had my shu umera one for years but its just old and gross and the pads hardly stay in it anymore. worth getting new pads or is there a latest and greatest out there now?

  • Natalie

    Oh girl! I wasn’t the reader who wrote that in the comments but I did have my own tragic experience. In high school my covergirl eyelash curler cut off EVERY.SINGLE.EYELASH on my left eye. They were legit like 2 mm long. Oh the humanity!!! And did I mention my senior pictures were that week??? This was back in 2000 so false lashes weren’t in my repitoire. And those of you wondering if it was really that noticeable…yes…yes it was. I walked out of the bathroom and my dad asked “what the hell I had done to myself!” Scarred for life. To this day a little part of me dies inside when I go to use it.

    • Natalie

      Okay I should clarify. That CG one was torched, smashed with a hammer and thrown in the garbage where it belonged…now a days I use a shu and I still cringe and say a silent prayer to the beauty gods when I use it.

    • Isabella Muse

      omg! That is cazy! OMG! that is awful! I’ve never had a major curler mishap, some pinching and like this one pulled out a few lashes but nothing like what you described xoxox! god! Don’t worry Shu never fails 😀

  • Alys

    OH NO!!!! I never sliced mine all off, but my mom told me lash curlers would pull my lashes out so I never have used one. Like, ever. I know, bizarre, right? There are many many things in this world that I categorize in the “I just don’t care enough” category. My mom was a 60’s housewife (I’m an oops) so I’m sure when she tried them back then they were terrible!

  • Arcy

    How about the elf ones that pinch your cheek. I HATE their design. You’re ok to curl you’re lashes and when you let go…like you get stung on the cheek by the mother bee.
    You’re story was so good though. Hilarious!

    • Isabella Muse

      ugh omg yes on the elf!!!! EVERYONE raves it! I never got the appeal haha! 😀 People tell me it’s a dupe of Shu and I’m like, “mmmmm hmmmmm!” 😀 haha!

  • Penny

    I love my Tarte lash curler…never had it try to slice off my lashes! 🙂

  • Monica

    BAHAHAAAAAA! Crying laughing over this! I feel your pain — I too have a mortal fear of eyelash curlers. They look like medieval torture devices. Straightening irons are bad enough, but one of these? No. Just no.

    Thank you for the laugh! xoxox

  • Cathy

    This brings back my worst eyelash curler mishap EVER! I was curling my right eye–just as normal, when something startled me and caused me to jump. I didn’t cut my lashes. I JERKED them OUT!!!!! The whole outer half of my right eye was completely lashless!! It hurt like crazy. I thought they might never come back, but they actually did–very, very slowly. I looked really lopsided for about six months!! This was several years ago and falsies weren’t that popular and I didn’t think about them. I still cringe every time I think of it. The pain was excruciating!!