November 4, 2016

Sephora Holiday Catalog 2016

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I thought I’d share some really quick snaps from the Sephora Holiday Catalog 2016. I got my Holiday 2016 Catalog in the mail along with my VIB Rouge Discount Card glued to the inside flap earlier last week and I quickly flipped through the pages in the hopes something would grab at me that didn’t already know about.

Sadly, as a beauty blogger that wasn’t the case. Most of what was inside I already owned or I had posted about before. The magic is gone, people. Or at least for me as I remember a time I’d sit and salivate over the Sephora Catalog for an hour and carefully mark the item I wanted. But as Holiday Makeup and Gift Sets are leaked across the board as early as the middle of July, things tend to not be so exciting when the catalog finally does winged it’s way to my mailbox.

I have covered Sephora Catalogs since as far back as 2007 or 2008! Yeah, I’m a dinosaur! I always like taking quick snaps of the contents because my reader’s in other countries love to see the catalog. Also, for some reason a lot of people don’t get the catalog and they enjoy seeing it.

So, here’s some of the Sephora Holiday Catalog 2016 contents!

The catalog has some cute little label/stickers to mark off gifts for your friends and family! It’s a fun way to keep track of gifting as you browse the catalog. If you keep up with blogs, social media, etc…many of the items inside will likely disappoint you as you probably already seen them around!

Sephora Catalog’s have evolved so much over the years. They lean towards being more of Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom-type Holiday Catalog particularly this year. The layout is very clean, chic, and elegant. If you’ve been around the makeup scene for a while you likely remember some of the bold Holiday catalogs they have had out which resembled something that Urban Decay might put out with dramatic, colorful eye looks! One was a circus themed catalog which was quite cute and fun. I actually prefer the fun ones myself!

Well, anyway without further commentary from me here’s the Sephora Holiday 2016 Catalog!













Did you get this year’s catalog?

What do you think of it?

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Pam

    I remember those good old days. I felt the same way about the Sephora holiday catalogue. The anticipation of turning each page, and being thrilled by the new releases, beautiful photography and settings. They seemed to be sprinkled with magic dust!

    • Isabella Muse

      oh yes! I remember it well! the magic has faded but the memory remains hehe!

  • blee

    Well I remember getting the catalog, but they stopped a few years back sending them and I live heer in the states. I still like seeing them – ULTA sends me one every month. Yep, I said that *giggles* 😀

    • Isabella Muse

      A LOT of people have that problem and when they call and ask about the catalog sephora says they are signed up yet poor people still don’t get it!

  • Kimmwc03

    I don’t get the catalogs anymore. Not sure why since I’ve lived at the same house for several years.

  • Valerie

    Thanks for sharing! They took me off their mail list too- I used to get one every season and especially loved the magical Christmas catalog! I loved the fantasy photographs and the “get this look” features. I’d mark the items of intrigue just as you all did! Something special about flipping through a catalog vs. looking at a computer screen.

    • Isabella Muse

      I totally agree! Computers are great but nothing like holding a catalog in your hand! I don’t get why they stopped sending it. It’s so weird! So many people tell me they used to get it but now they don’t!

    • Eraser

      I agree completely. This is the first time they’ve sent me a catalog in years. Also, the catalog is featuring a lovely older model – with all the fussing over “diversity” in the beauty & fashion businesses, it’s high time they acknowledged that women of a certain age want to be glamorous and beautiful.

  • Kristin

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that saves their old Sephora catalogs! (I’ve got them going back to 2002; if you want me to send any pics just say the word!)

    • Isabella Muse

      OMG yes! I think my collection goes back to 2006 but 2002? No way 🙂 don’t have one from that era! If you have pics I’d love ’em!

      • Kristin

        Of course! I have fall 2002, spring 2004, Mother’s Day 2004, spring 2005, Mother’s Day 2005, summer 2005 & holiday 2005. (I’m having deja vu just looking at all these brands they had- Sugar, Hard Candy, Dessert, Lola, Pout, Pop, Sue Devitt, Bloom, Delux…)
        Anyway, what’s the best/easiest way for me to send them?

        • Isabella Muse

          I have some of the spring ones and mother’s day as well as Fall but not as far back as fall 2002! email? 😀 I’m at musingsofamuse at gmail dot com 🙂

  • Nat

    All I gotta say is – that gorgeous white fox/grandma is the best. I hope I can look that fabulous when I’m older! 😀

  • Renu

    Doh, I know exactly what you mean! Companies have killed the magic of Christmas out of sheer commercialism. Holiday collections in July; pre-orders as early as 12 months in advance; a surfeit of limited editions; advent calendar spoilers out long before we get the calendar in our hands (so there’s no surprise when you open each “window” anymore because you already know which one’s a lipstick and which one is a mascara); payments and waiting lists for meeting Santa in stores; few paper catalogues to be had – even Boots now charges £1. My Gran used to keep her Christmas catalogues for ages and we used to pore over them as kids. Sorry about the rant. I miss “good old” Christmas 🙁

    • Isabella Muse

      amen 🙁 can’t believe how much Christmas is in store! I’m not even ready for Thanksgiving yet never mind xmas! agreed as well on the advent calendar the point is to be surprised but the details are already there for you to see! I miss the gold old Christmas too, Renu!

  • Katie

    How do I sign up to receive the Sephora catalog? I’ve signed up for the emails & I get the play box each month but I’d love to get the catalog..

  • Natalie

    I have been getting the catalog but didn’t start paying attention until this summer when some Origins products caught my eye.This catalog is super boring though.I don’t need all that lip and eyelash stuff.The only thing I would like to try is Ole Henrikson,but not sure it’s worth it.

    In the same vein I received my Ulta flyer in the mail this week and snuck it to work with me to peek at all the goodies when no one’s looking.

  • laura

    I never get mine on time or sometimes at all. All I get sometimes is just an email notification saying that I have 15% off my purchase since I’m Tier 1 (Beauty Insider). Any who, I agree too. I look forward every year to the Sephora catalog but they have been somewhat lackluster compared to years past. My favorite was one with a red headed girl with snow all around and she was wearing all green. totally adorbs.

  • tricia464

    I received one for the first time this year, plus the email about the VIB sale. I like how bright the catalog is and the pictures. I’m also glad the prices are easy to see. I guess since I didn’t see previous catalogs this one is just so shiny and bright to me.

  • Christina Tran

    I don’t get my catalogues anymore–haven’t had them for the past 4 years. I have no clue why because I haven’t changed my subscription and I make sure my address is correct. I used to like looking at them because of the gorgeous photography. I remember one of the models had a mermaid look of sorts, and I loved that one. LOL! Sometimes when I receive my Nordstrom catalogue, I think of chucking it, but then I always get drawn to the looks and the photography. I’m pretty old school and am one of those people who still likes to read books as opposed to my tablet/phone.