December 8, 2016

What I Need In My Life Right Now….

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Is a Chia Pet Zombie! Am I right? You need one too don’t you? I want one but the last Chia Pet I owned, I killed. Yeah, I’m probably the only person that’s ever killed a Chia Pet…!

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Jana

    Ok, I immediately went to Amazon and got the hand for my sister for Christmas. She loves anything Zombie. 😀

  • Melinda

    It looks like you’d win either way. If it lives you then you don’t have a “Black Thumb”. If it doesn’t survive you’re a mighty zombie killer.

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL omg funny you said that. Yes! My sister called over to me (we work together and her desk faces opposite me) an she was like “Converse on Hautelook!” 😀

      • Ruth

        that’s awesome! I was eyeballing the royal blue chuck II~i’ve been lemming over them since they came out. have you tried them yet? if so, thoughts?

        • Isabella Muse

          In my opinion, all the newest releases should be in the chuck II design. I’ve never found chucks uncomfortable to wear but they aren’t exactly the best support sneaker out there either. It’s kind of like walking around bare foot every time you wear, zero support. The new design is exceptional. The foam insole makes walking around say Disney all day very comfortable! Where as I could never do that in a regular pair of chucks! On that note, I will say, that insole really isn’t something you can’t simply buy yourself at drugstore. But considering it now part of the sneaker, well, it just makes it more comfortable. The new design will likely hold up a lot longer than the regular canvas converse too! Rain, snow, mud, etc it’s a lot easier to beat these up and not have them fall apart. And last but not least, no slip tongue! Thank you converse gods! The tongue no longer slips to the side AMEN praise jebus. But I have to say the design really does take a lot of what we love about the original away :-/ That kind of sucks! But if you’re looking for more comfortable wear and a sturdier shoe that will last long, IIs are the way to go!

          • Ruth

            as much as we love our chucks, you’re right, they’re not good for a long day on your feet. There’s no way I could do a day at Disney in them; i’d end up buying a pair of the disney crocs because my feet hurt so bad. that horrifies me on so many different levels!
            I don’t normally have an issue with the tongue slipping to the side, weird that you do. at least the original is still readily available! there was a point in the late 90’s, early 2000’s where they were really hard to find. i think that may have been when they were sold to nike.
            I do hate that they don’t have the racing stripes or the white stitching but I’ve been really wanting to get a pair but just couldn’t justify spending 80+ on chucks that didn’t have a super nifty design.
            decided on the red pair, since I wear so much black they’ll stand out.

          • Isabella Muse

            Naaa! They just aren’t a shoe you can easily wear all day unless you’re like 12! I can see little tweens totally wearing them all day without an issue but if I were a parent I’d totally not let my kid wander around an amusement park in sandals or chucks for 12 hours. All feet need good support 🙂 haha disney crocs! Only if I don’t wear socks! The tongue slips a bit if the shoe is loose and I’m not wearing a sock but with socks no issues. I recall the early 2000’s being a sad year for converse :-/ I agree on the stitching, that’s actually part of the appeal of the originals. The stitching gives them more substance! Without it, I dunno, the sneaker feels naked 😀 Let me know what you think after wearing!

    • Isabella Muse

      w000000t! pics! It didn’t happen if you don’t have pics haha 😀 Merry Christmas, Ruth. I know I’m sometimes busy and don’t always reply fast but I adore talking with you my friend 😀