January 3, 2017

Clinique BIY Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops for Spring 2017

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Clinique BIY Blend it Yourself Pigment Drops ($33) are a new pure pigment drops that can be mixed in with your moisturizer to create your own custom coverage foundation. Custom pigment drops aren’t a new product as Cover FX Custom Cover Drops launched last year. But I really feel like that formula has plenty of room for improvement as proven by the very inexpensive Hard Candy Glamoflauge Mix‑in Pigment Makeup Drops.

Plenty of brands are busy creating their own versions of these custom coverage drops as well like NYX Total Control Drop Foundation that launched recently with the NYX Spring 2017 Collection.

I’m liking where this trend is going that’s for sure and I’m excited to check out Clinique BIY Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops as I have a feeling these are going to be brilliant.

According to the brand these are meant to be combined with moisturizer for custom coverage. I imagine you can use them directly on skin as well. And I’m pretty sure you can combine them with other mediums or foundations should you like!

The coverage is entirely in your hands as a single drop will get you sheerer coverage where as two or three or more will get you more coverage. Go anything from sheer, to medium, or full coverage depending how much you use.

These are available in 12 shade selections and can be purchased now at Ulta.com.

Expect a review and swatches soon!

Eager to try these out for myself!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Leticia

    Awesome! I’m really excited that Clinique is coming out with these! I hope you’re able to mix them with their foundations, as well.

  • An

    Can’t wait for this! There was something about the Cover FX one that didn’t work for me. Can you post the ingredients for this too?

    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t have the product. If/when I review I’ll post the ingredients! πŸ™‚

  • Emily

    Am I wrong for NOT wanting to mix my own makeup every morning? I’d kind of like it to already be the right color for me out of the compact, tube, bottle, whatever! I could see it being useful if you end up with a bottle of something that’s not the right color for you, but you like the formula, but I do think it’s not an ideal solution. I guess I’d feel differently if I felt that I truly could not find any ready-made products that work with my skin. I do wish they would publish their ingredients on their web site. I may be interested in their new SPF 50, but would need to know the ingredients before I order (too lazy to go to the store!)

    • Maya

      I just got the product today. I don’t have time to type out all the ingredients but it does contain silicones, which doesn’t bother me. I’ve yet to really play with it, but have a feeling I’ll love it, since the texture is very matte, just pure pigment, so it’ll take on the texture (matte, satin, or dewy) of whatever moisturizer you choose to mix it with. And I think you may misunderstand the purpose of this product, because it’s not meant for women who can’t find the right COLOR of ready made foundation… the color range/choices for these BIY drops is adequate but not super extensive. This is for women who are picky about the TEXTURE and COVERAGE level of their foundation, and want to be able to customize that! It allows you to totally control those factors by taking a moisturizer that you love and easily morphing it into a BB cream or a light/med/full coverage foundation. yiu can also use it to bump up the coverage level of you favorite BB cream or foundation, as needed, rather than having to buy a “wardrobe” of different foundations. As a minimalist, I think the concept is genius!

  • Maya

    Update: So I played with it, and played with it some more, but unfortunately it’s going back to the store. I did love how I could adjust the coverage level by mixing this with my moisturizer. You can definitely get super light to full-on coverage. But I did not love how the “blended myself” foundation texture looked on my skin. It looked fine from a distance but up close I could see that it had settled into my pores instantly. I think this may be because the drops just didn’t “get along” super well with the type of moisturizer that I use and strongly prefer for my oily skin, which is a GEL moisturizer. So I tried it with more of a gel-cream moisturizer, but still the pore-pooling problem. I have a hunch this problem would work itself out if I were open to working with a creamier moisturizer, but I’m not. Another problem for me was that the shade I had oh-so-carefully chosen at Ulta ended up being just a bit too light and cool toned for me, and the next shade up is so orange that not even our president could pull it off. I’m sticking with my mineral powder foundation, which I’m super happy with, I guess it was just way too hard to resist the chance to play with these intriguing new drops!