January 3, 2017

Gwen Stefani New Face of Revlon for 2017

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Gwen Stefani is the new face of Revlon for 2017! Gwen is no stranger to the makeup world as last year she teamed up with Urban Decay to create her own collection that included lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette, and a blush palette. I didn’t expect to see her in the makeup world so soon again but I couldn’t be more excited about her partnership with Revlon as her iconic red lips and winged eyeliner are definitely on my makeup goals bucket list.

Gwen’s expressed her love of makeup on more than one occasion so, it’s fitting she’s pursuing that with another collaboration although I wouldn’t mind seeing her do a makeup collection all her own.

I think most people will expect some sort of special edition packaging with this collaboration but don’t set your hopes too high. Revlon has had their share of popular celebrity ambassadors including the stunning Halle Berry and one have done anything other than promote new seasonal collections and permanent products. Gwen will likely do much the same.

What do you think about Gwen Stefani as the new ambassador for Revlon?

Excited to see her ads?

I know I am! I’m very curious what sort of ads spots and products she’ll be promoting.

Share your thoughts below!

P.S. Happy New Year!

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  • Agona

    I feel like the only drugstore brand that promotes season collections well enough to generate hype is Wet n Wild?

    • Carol G

      Yes! I’ve been saying that for the last year that WNW is the only drugstore brand killing it lately. Revlon, Maybelline & L’Oreal are asleep at the wheel in my opinion. I like Gwen but as some of the other commentators pointed out, will she do something new and cool with new products or just rehash what is already out? We shall see.

    • Jane

      Revlon for sure used to, and I dimly remember that L’Oréal did, too. I miss that!

  • Susan

    I think I’m finally accepting that “beauty ambassadors” are almost never anything but models for XYZ company, and their style rarely influences the products. The suits are gonna push what was decided to be produced a long time ago. I read an article by someone who used to work for one of the big companies in a development capacity, and she said a lot of times, the models in the photos aren’t even wearing the products they’re pushing.

    So, sorry to sound like a wet blanket, but I can’t get excited about this news. I would LOVE to be proved wrong! Like I was wrong about the Gwen Stefani palette for Urban Decay — I thought it looked boring but I snagged it at a half-price sale and love it, so many wearable mattes.

    • Heidi

      Good points, Susan. Just look at most ads for mascara. They put disclaimers there that “inserts” are used to mimic effect, etc.
      I do love Gwen Stefani’s style, though, and am curious what will be promoted.

      • Agona

        Did you know they’re not allowed to wear falsies in mascara adds in Europe? It’s considered false advertisement.

        I was watching an Korean-Australian YouTuber the other day and she was saying that Japanese cosmetics are marketed in Japan exactly as is; no exaggerated claims so she actually just trusts the labels that the product does exactly what it says it does. Imagine trying that in the US!

        • Isabella Muse

          this started a few years ago in the UK, there was a rather big deal about it! I think it sucks that they use falsies in adds, such deceiving marketing :-/

        • erinface

          I’m so envious that women in other countries get their cosmetics advertised as-is, so to speak. What you see is what you get, and there’s no dramatization. I honestly have stopped purchasing cosmetics from a few companies because their advertisements were so ridiculously over done.

      • Susan

        Right on. I’m curious to look too but am very cautious as far as believing and spending.

    • Jane

      I’ve heard that before, too. My question, in that case: why not just create the photoshopped image first, the better for the chemists to work from that? It’s such baloney.

  • Ruth

    I was honestly hoping she’d do another collab with UD. The eye shadow & blush pallets are some of my favs and are used heavily.

  • Ruth

    also, her design of the packing and product is imaginative and just really nifty to look at!

  • Bonnie

    Too bad Gwen has decided to partner with a company that tests on animals. She’s gone down ten notches in my opinion, right to the bottom. I have her UD collection and wear her eyeshadows everyday. Thinking of tossing them right now, to be honest.

    • peanut

      Revlon stopped selling in China- they pulled out of China a couple of years ago due to poor sales and competition.

  • Silvia

    I like Gwen’s style I hope I see some wild flowers in her products as she wears those red dresses with a ruffled floral neckline. I love the feminist of it! (see I’m a runner and feel like a man when training is all the way out in effort then I’d love to find a real beautiful dress to combat that feeling which is awesome anyways and clean up real, but real good beautiful earrings, heels and the whole basuka) I don’t find any makeup ads to be deceiving they are exaggerated and beautifully photoshopped to make us believe that certain product will make us look like a gorgeous virgin! Lol! And I sure fall for it! Oh! That new blush, eyeshadow, new red or berry lipstick is going to kill my man with a wink of my eye. I love all of it!

  • peanut

    These celebrity endorsement deals don’t mean anything at all. Half the time they don’t even use the products from the brand. I remember reading makeup breakdowns from Emma Stone, Halle Berry and Olivia Wilde and their makeup artists used majority high end makeup (Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford etc) with a few Revlon filler products to make it look like it was all by Revlon. Very misleading. If you’re going to get paid 6-7 figures then you’re should use everything from that brand. It’s just my pet peeve, I know it’s all about image and branding, but we’re paying their pockets and they aren’t even using the products!

  • bella

    I love Gwen! I purchased her eye shadow collaboration with UD for half price and I used that palette every day! I love it! So, I am definitely excited to see what she and Revlon will do!