January 3, 2017

MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Arrives this January

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Caitlyn Jenner has shared her fearless transition with the world and now proudly joins MAC with a new MAC x Caitlyn Jenner that reminds the world that makeup is about all ages, all races, and all sexes.

The elegant and classic collection of shades launching in the MAC x Caitlyn Jenner will be top on your list of must haves this year I’m sure.


MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Lipstick $17

  • Authentic Red deep red (cremesheen)
  • Rockit! mid-tone beige (cremesheen)


MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Lip Pencil $17.50

  • Whirl dirty rose
  • Soar mid-tone pinkish brown


MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Cremesheen Glass $21

  • Beautifully Bare mid-tone beige
  • Kindness gold
  • Tolerance mid-tone purple


MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Eyeshadow $16

  • Worthy rich plum (velvet)
  • Malibu Bronze ash brown with bronze (veluxe pearl)
  • Glowing Gold metallic gold (veluxe pearl)


MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Eye Kohl $17

  • Teddy intense bronze


MAC x Caitlyn Jenner False Lashess $17

  • 30 Lash


MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Mineralized Skinfinish $33

  • Compassion cool brown
  • mac-x-caitlyn-jenner-mineralized-skinfinish

    MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Powder Blush Duo $29

    • Buddy mid-tone peach/bronze


    MAC x Caitlyn Jenner Online Exclusive Lipstick $17

    • Understanding hot red (cremesheen)

    MAC x Caitlyn Jenner will be availabe January 5, 2017 at maccosmetics.com.

    I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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    • Melanie Vonfange

      That is all stunning. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and this is the first time I have ever loved an entire collection from MAC before.

    • Dora

      Those eyeshadows are gorgeous! There was another Caitlyn lipstick, tho, right? Not part of this collection. It was really pretty — I kept thinking about it but sure it’s gone now.

      • Isabella Muse

        ummmmm I wanna say yes but I’m so having one of those days where I can’t remember my own name lol!

      • Claire L

        Yes, I got it last year, it was a Cremesheen called Finally Free, a pretty pink.

        • Shelby

          Yes, Finally Free. Beautiful mid-tone rose/nude color and it’s actually still available now on the MAC website (as of today, 1/4/17).

    • Paola

      That compassion color looks like a perfect contour color! I think I will be purchasing that

        • Shelby

          I have a feeling it won’t. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Caitlyn and I know many are boycotting this collection. Also, her lipstick “Finally Free” that was released last year never sold out, and it actually still available on the website now. Having said that, I LOVE Finally Free, and will definitely be picking up some pieces from this collection!

            • Emily

              Yes, apparently many people are still not at all OK about celebrating trans tolerance. Seems strange to me that people who otherwise like MAC would not be for tolerance, but it’s a big country, and a wide world.

            • Shelby

              Some are saying MAC is disgusting for collaborating with her because she’s transgender, others are saying she doesn’t actually support LGBT rights so it’s hypocritical to showcase her, others don’t want MAC collabing with anyone associated with a Kardashian. You know, typical haters.

            • Isabella Muse

              Pretty sad if people are disgusted because she’s transgender. Jesus, I thought the makeup world was a lot more tolerant and open minded than that. That’s rather sad!

            • Jean

              Definitely that she’s trans. What else would it be? Emily, people will buy things not always caring for what the brand stands for. I feel like Tolerance should have been named Acceptance.

            • Jean

              Why would a trans not be for LGBT rights? And for one, he was married to a Kardashian but he himself is Jenner. He only married into the family. He was an Olympian and has an incredible resume before the Kardashians. Wow, people are stupid.

            • Dora

              I feel like people who buy MAC must be comfortable with the LGBT community — I mean, you can’t go into a MAC store without seeing men in makeup and fabulous queens — but who knows? I was wondering if the controversy could be WITHIN the LGBT community because Caitlyn supported Trump (ugh).

            • Isabella Muse

              Whoa wait, did she support Trump? I didn’t know that. That could be where the hate stems from. Anyone supporting Trump has the fires of hell reigned down upon them! I can’t even begin to understand that. It’s safe to say a lot of people think Trump’s an idiot, myself included, but to judge someone else for their political views just boggles my mind. It’s our god given right as an American to vote for anyone we want, including idiots haha 🙂 and agreed, MAC is very much a strong supporter of the LGBT community, I would think people who like MAC and know it and just people that are in the makeup world or enjoy makeup would be more tolerant and accepting!

            • Dora

              Isabella — I think the issue is that the trans community (and LGBT community, but particularly the trans community) feel very betrayed by her support of Trump (and Republicans, in general). Trans people have a lot to fear from Republicans in office (N.C., as a case in point). Caitlyn — as a rich and famous person — does not face the same issues as most trans people, and is not standing up for her community. I mean, that’s her choice — she didn’t sign up to be a political symbol, but I also get why people feel betrayed/angered by her. At any rate, I’m glad MAC did the collection and hope they include other trans folks in their campaigns/advertising. Love wins!

            • Isabella Muse

              I can totally understand that but a good friend of mine is gay and his parents supported Trump. His parents support him 100% and his sexuality yet they voted for Trump. Boggles the mind! I think politics is a touchy topic at times no matter your sex, age, race, or if you’re straight, bi, lesbian, or trans. I understand their anger on some level but judging someone on their political views and somehow disqualifying her from the LGBT community because she voted republican just seems silly. I’m not a Trump supporter by any means but I’m not going to crap all over you if you are yanno?

            • Dora

              It is definitely a difficult year for lots of people. Won’t get into politics any more here, but MAC having a trans spokesmodel makes me happy, as does Covergirl using boys/men. I feel like no matter what, we’ve come a long way. Definitely going to check out some of these gorgeous products in the store!

            • Isabella Muse

              couldn’t agree more, it has been a weird and wild ride :-/ I love that drugstore brands are becoming more forward. Maybelline is also pairing up with a man/Youtube Guru for Spring 2017!

            • Sas

              It’s not. Part of the people that aren’t trans acceptance might be a part of it, but it is because of personal Kardashian/Jenner reasons. It was a Kardash- business deal though. That is the name that got him into a mac partnership. And, to be fair, they don’t exactly have the best business/ whatever ethics. People aren’t going to love everyone, especially Kardashians.

            • Thea

              There may be some upset over her being trans, but ai have seen no one commenting saying that’s the reason they’re boycotting. The reasons I’ve seen are – controversy over the car accident that happened (apparently there was some insensitivity on her part, but I don’t actually know what happened there, just reporting what I read in another discussion). Also, she voted for and supported Trump, and she has come out and said on multiple occasions that she doesn’t support gay marriage.

              Many other commenters have touched on the Trump issue, that and the LGBTQ issue are why I’m boycotting. I think there are many other trans activists MAC could have collaborated with that have done far more for the community than CJ.

          • Jean

            I didn’t think it would because of that, but considering how pretty the colors are, as well as the packaging, maybe some people will over look that. Sometimes I do for celebrities I dislike. I don’t even care for packaging but this is gorgeous.

            • Shelby

              Jean, I agree, people are bigots and bigots will complain about the most minor of differences. I do know, however, when he first “came out” and was on Ellen’s show he did openly say he didn’t “understand” gay marriage and was more “traditional.” Not sure if he has a different stance now but if you Google Bruce Jenner on gay rights, lots of results come up.

            • Jean

              I think he meant he’s a traditionalist, and that probably comes from his age, but he’s not against gay marriage. He said he didn’t understand it, but also says if that’s what they want they should go for it. If she isn’t for gay marriage, at least she’s ok with trans! I also didn’t know she supported Trump! Well, that’s too bad. I wouldn’t like it if she supported Clinton either though.

            • Isabella Muse

              haha agreed! Election was crazy this year so, yeah, clinton, trump, it was all crazy. No one for president! 😀

    • Catherine Ray

      The Tolerance lip gloss looks lovely. This is a collection I can totally buy. The packaging is gorgeous too!

    • Emily

      These are all really, really pretty. I admire what MAC is doing here quite a bit, though I wish the promo picture were different. The head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth grim, looks kind of ominous to me. Now if only Mariah lipstick packaging had come in these colors! I caved and bought one, even though I never would have bought that color (the darkest one, the only one I thought could possibly work for me) if it wasn’t in that awesome glitter case with a butterfly on it. Though I’m a little embarrassed to carry it now, after the New Year’s debacle. I am on a strict no-buy now, anyway. But, Go MAC!

    • Deborah

      I love these colors, but I can’t help laughing at this photo of CJ! I’m sorry, but she looks like she just died! I’m sure the photo is meant to convey some dreamy state… but there is something about the slack downturn of her mouth that looks a bit creepy.