January 20, 2017

Mama I’m Coming Home!

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Oh Hai!

Happy Weekend dear friends! Sorry for the delayed in postings the last two weeks. I’ve been away for the last two weeks but I’m headed back home tomorrow and I’ll be back and better than ever come Monday.

There’s lots going on for me in the next few weeks as I’m starting to prepare for my renewal season at work. It’s always a super busy time and I’m definitely going to work hard to schedule up posts so you’ll have plenty of beauty to read while I’m being busy. I’m trying to get on top of backed up comments today as I travel, thankfully I have Wifi on my return trip!

First off, thanks for all the great comments this week and OMG especially the ones on social media. Jeez, you guys are awesome. Your sweet comments on my silly selfies, your awesome sleuthing skills helping find out Tom Hardy’s accent in Taboo, and of course, enjoying Idris Elba’s Be My Valentine video with me. I love you guys! You never fail to make me laugh.

P.S. Sales! Lorac hit hautelook.com, so did Stila, and Skin79!

What’s your weekend looking like? Anyone seeing Split? I saw it last night and it was interesting….!

Oh P.S.S. If you need to binge something brilliant, Miss in Kiss is on Netflix. I was watching it on Dramafever until I noticed it was on Netflix. For those who don’t know it’s the remake to It Started with a Kiss with Joe Cheng and Playful Kiss the Korean version with Kim Hyun-joong. All are based off of Itazura na Kiss which is a shōjo that launched in the 90s. It’s always reminded me of a Pride and Prejudice type story with the lead male character being rather emotionless and superior to the heroine! Check it out, you might love it.

And most important, it’s a turbulent day today in politics and I won’t get into it here but I’ll leave you Matisyahu and John Lennon because they say it better than I ever could. The world hasn’t ended, it’s just changing, we’re strong, we’ll get through this like we do everything else. And I don’t care who you voted for, I love you no matter what 🙂


Thanks again for making beauty blogging so great.

Speak to you all shortly I’m sure!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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    • Isabella Muse

      We need more rays of sunshine 🙂 xoxoxoxxoxoxo! We’re going to be fine, I don’t doubt it.

    • Isabella Muse

      It was interesting, let me know what you think after you see it! No spoilers here 😀

    • Maria

      Please don’t see it it demonizes people with dissociative identity disorder (formerly referred to as multiple personality disorder) they don’t tend to have that many “personalities” and it’s formed in response to severe usually prolonged trauma at an early age (up until about 8 years old, often prolonged sexual and physical abuse or cult abuse) as a defense mechanism where the brain detaches from immediate surroundings so as to protect the main “personality” known as the host. The child can “send themselves” into a corner or “away” so that the “host” isn’t directly experiencing the trauma. Most alters simply hold the memories of the abuse or function as a “protector” when the host feels threatened or in a similar situation to the early abuse. Honestly most people with DID are “normal” not horror

      • blee

        Maria, I agree. I can’t stand the commercials. I was a child that was abuse in cult acts for years being, sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally abused for YEARS, I am FREE from all of it. JESUS healed me of it all. I only carry the MANY scars in my body. I just want to help others so they can be free too. xoxxo

        • Isabella Muse

          I’m sorry Blee, I hope I didn’t bring up any bad memories or feelings with this post 🙁

          • blee

            No worries my dearest Musey girl! You just gave me an open door to tell others . Love you much xoxoxox

          • Isabella Muse

            xoxoxo! I’m always hear should you need a virtual hug!

        • Mariam

          Bree, I never had physical or sexual or cult abuse but I grew up with a narcissistic father who psychologically abuse me, constantly controlling and insulting me and my mom, and I only got free by escaping via going to a college in a different city. I am glad you have managed to heal. I am still in therapy for a severe eating disorder he caused, but otherwise I have also healed thanks to many years of therapy.

          • blee

            Mariam, I’m sorry at your father was psychologically abusive to you and your mother. I can tell you that FORGIVENESS is the 1st step to recovery . If I could talk to your father I bet he was abused also. This one thing of the therapy I always remember , “Hurting People Hurt Other People” , yes even our parents or grandparents. Only by the Grace of God did I get free. I now know – IM A FIGHTER – in a good way. I was reading book that is called, ” Boundaries” the( Cloud & Townsend) men that wrote it stated that most people that have been abused as bad as I was, DON’T come all the way out. I tossed the book across the room and said, ” I don’t believe that”. Out came the fighter! I was abandoned by my biological father and orphaned. At five the torture started and the last time was in 2008. I have the greatest Father now: I call Him Abba Daddy aka God the Father. I tattooed His name on top of my right foot with 3 hearts into one. I will always know that I’m so dearly loved by Daddy God. I got colon caner, heart disease, and lame legs from the abuse and have written document miracles . I walk in 4 inch platform boots and my doc don’t know how I can do that. I pray that you will let the same LOVE that healed me complete the same in you! Also EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique )is a great way to deal when you fight eating or any other disorder that try to push its way on you. I’ll be praying xoxoxox 😀

  • Heidi

    My brain stopped and turned into a pile of happy goo when you mentioned Tom Hardy in Taboo.

  • Sarah

    Ok, no political innuendos please…posters. Anyways, must I say, I am super envious that you got away for 2 weeks. I have the opportunity to go on vacay, and I am at a lost. I want to take a road trip, but kinda afraid of doing it by myself…and I want to do it alone. I know the world is beautiful, but this country has some beautiful places, too. I would love to pack up my suv, and hit the road. Just don’t know where????

    But, yes, feel my envy upon you. 😉
    Get home safe. Hugs

    • Isabella Muse

      Feel safe here, Sarah 🙂 No political hating here, all my reader’s are mature adults with a lot of love in their hearts. DO it! Don’t be afraid. Our lives are short, we can’t live in fear 🙂 Go do it. I dunno where you live but drive to the West Coast if you can, you’ll pass through some of our most beautiful states 😀 xoxoxoxo! Thank you dear. I left San Fransisco earlier today back in Seattle now and headed home tomorrow! I can’t wait. I miss my New York!

      • Sarah

        I would miss NY too. I live in Florida. The drive would be a daunting task, but a good one. Thanks for the love. Safe travels.

        • Isabella Muse

          It is but fun. I did it a few years ago with friends and it was pretty crazy but fun! Don’t go that far if you don’t want, come up to NY and see me 😀 xoxoxo!

  • Ruth

    thanks for being a big ray of sunshine! We’re going to fix this hot mess by holding politicians accountable, scrutinizing everything, and making our voices heard. To quote Faith from BtVS (and proverbs) , “Things are always darkest before dawn.”

  • genevieve

    I am so pleased that you had wonderful trip to a different part of your gorgeous country. The US is so diverse and interesting with such a great history. Driving can really help you see and explore all the little villages and towns along the way, with each one having some different to offer.
    Take care and we really love your blog.

    • Isabella Muse

      Oh I didn’t drive 🙂 I took a plane haha! We were discussing a road trip earlier but I didn’t do one myself! xoxoxo thanks dear!

  • Raks

    Thank you for this post! safe traveling! Now that you rec’ed it- I’m so gonna watch Miss in kiss! And planning to re watch the KDrama “weightlifting Fairy Kim bok ju” because honestly that show is my happy pill and I needed that this weekend.

    • Isabella Muse

      aw my pleasure thanks Raks! 😀 Oh let me know what you think! Most frustrating watch ever lol! I’m up to date and awaiting new episodes! If you never seen it, I’d highly recommend watching it started with a kiss first. I never watched that one! Will have to add it to my list, I was rewatching Broromance yesterday 😀 that one is def my happy spot!

  • Morgan

    Thank you Muse. Your blog brings me joy in the darkest of times. Happy and safe travels.