January 4, 2017

Are Shower Caps Fashion Forward?

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So, call me weird but if I take a shower I have to wash my hair. I simply do not feel clean if I don’t wash my hair while I’m in there. The thing is I take a shower every morning which means I wash my hair everyday. Am I doing damage? Possibly!? I have a lot of friends that will go a week without even wetting their hair. Apparently their hair is more manageable and looks better when they don’t wash it.

I can just see myself in the shower trying to keep my hair from getting wet and likely fall on my face while trying to avoid the water. Yeah, but no.

Apparently, shower caps are very fashion forward now.

Shhhowercap just launched at Sephora.com and I couldn’t help but think of my 150 year old grandmother wearing a pink shower cap with white polka dots. Shhhowercap apparently isn’t your grandmother’s shower cap. It’s very fashion forward. Kind of? Sort of?

Available in five chic designs these shower caps will rival Nick Cannon’s uber fabulous turban. Each is created has a turban design that’s created with nanotech fabric that secures around your head without ruining your volume and keeping your hair completely waterproof.


I’m not convinced I need one.

But be straight with me, do you wear a shower cap?

I never have and I apologize but I likely never will.

This chick has to wash her hair no matter what! Major hang ups about that.

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Caroline

    I do wear a showercap, and I assure you it is not fabulous. One time my husband walked into the bathroom and saw me in mine, and he laughed at me! And I totally deserved it because I look completely ridiculous in my showercap, but I don’t care! My hair is naturally curly and very dry so it does better when I wash it every 2 or 3 days. Showercaps are a must for me! Having said that, I won’t be buying this $43 one from Sephora; the $3 ones from TJ Maxx work just fine. 😉

    • Isabella Muse

      haha awwwww! you’re adorable Caroline 🙂 I have wavy hair as well and dry but I wash it anyway! I just feel oddly unkempt if I don’t take a shower and at the very least wet my hair! I’m an oddball!

      • Bethany

        I totally get you, Muse! I feel weird having my hair dry after a shower. I can’t wash mine everyday out I get a very dry, itchy scalp. I think the scent in my drugstore shampoo might irritate it. Yes, I do use a shower cap if I can find those cheap, clear ones you get at hotels .

    • Silvia

      Omg! When I was running marathons I thought I would go eagle bald washing my hair so often! I have wavy hair also and doceear my sexy shower cap but I buy them cheap at Ross, Target , Marshall, TJ Max. I still work out but not as discipline as when training for a while 26.2, I notice my hair lot more healthy and shiny these days! They are also great for deep moisterising at home which I never do. But weear outside? Noooo! Don’t think so! Lol!

  • Kimmwc03

    I only wash my hair every other day so I do use shower caps. The two caps I currently own were either free or under $5. I’m not sold on this “trend” though. 🙂

      • Jane

        They so totally are, though! Not the Nick Cannon way – with nothing else in his outfit to “support” the glamour of the turban, it looks odd. I am struggling to remember which house sent turbans down the runway maybe ten years ago? Wish I could rock one, although I lack the sense of drama (and they remind me of my Grammy after/during her chemo; not the happiest time).

  • Agona

    I think it depends on your hair. Mine gets greasy and unmanageable by the third day but if I wash it every day, my scalp gets tight and itchy. So I do every other day for the most part, unless I had a really hard workout and/or sweating a lot or want my hair fresh for a date night or special event (but not if I’m curling my hair because my hair refuses to curl unless it’s 2nd day hair).

  • Bonnie

    My mom used to live for her shower cap, ha! I’m like you–I absolutely must wash my hair pretty much daily. Dry shampoo doesn’t do much for me and if I don’t wash it, I still feel dirty. Plus, in addition to my oily skin I also have oily/flake-prone hair…so going without washing is not pretty, LOL!

    OT: I was hoping to snag a few more bars of Snowcake/Snowcastle but alas…it seems to be gone everywhere! Will have to wait until next year. I do have at least a few bars left.

    • Isabella Muse

      ITGI! I’m feel utterly gross if I don’t wash my hair! I def have to do it daily 😀 Awwww! If you call stores that aren’t in your area and they have it in stock they will ship 😀

  • Emily

    My husband bursts out laughing EVERY SINGLE TIME he sees me in a shower cap. I’m glad I can amuse him so much. It’s one I got from Harmon recently that came in a duo pack with a turbie towel for drying wet hair. It’s not fashion forward, but it gets the job done, much better than the disposable hotel ones I used to horde. I used to be a daily hair washer, but now I’m trying to go every other day.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol! I think we just commonly associate shower caps with our grandmothers and find it kind of funny 😀

          • Wendy

            Well I got a senior discount in Walgreens yesterday without even asking! LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be 55 in Feb.

          • Isabella Muse

            haha congrats can I use it too?! 😀 55 is not grandma age my dear. And even if it is, that would make you a funky and young grandma 😀

          • Wendy

            sure, I’ll share my senior discount! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! How about I be the blog gramma! The stylish one with perfect makeup LOL

          • Isabella Muse

            haha yes! makeup haul! 😀 no no you can be the glam-ma 🙂 hehe!

          • Isabella Muse

            ps you’re still not old enough to be a grandma anyway chica 😀

  • Sarah

    My scalp is oily, so I need to wash everyday. But, I totally, I mean, totally agree with you about not feeling clean if I don’t wash my hair. I use good hair care products and I limit my use of flat irons and blow dryers, if possible. But, I wash my hair everyday. I was in the hospital over thanksgiving for 2 days and I went without washing my hair, simply because I was so sick. That is the exception. I got home and took a hot shower and washed everything extra good. 😉

    • Isabella Muse

      haha omg thank god I’m not alone! We’re sisters!!!!! 😀 I feel the same exact way. I actually don’t glow dry, I towel and air dry as the heat just makes me frizz up like a poodle. I just find the idea of not washing my hair rather gross. Add to the fact that in the morning my hair is frizzy and tangled beyond repair and I absolutely have to conditioner to tame the frizz and dryness!

  • Jan

    Both my daughter and I wear one! We have dry long hair and We don’t wash it daily. I am always hunting for a good one!

  • Dora

    I don’t wash my hair every day — every other or sometimes three — but typically don’t bother with a shower cap. Just put my hair in a ponytail, and kind of stick my head out. I love the days when I don’t wash my hair — makes my morning so much faster. Shower cap is pretty cute, but I would never pay for it. Sometimes if I need one — like if I have a sore neck and want the water to beat on it but not get my hair wet — I use a plastic grocery or bodega bag. Super classy!

  • Dawnn

    I wash my hair daily as well however I do also wear a shower cap, I shampoo condition then apply the shower cap to let it soak in while I’m washing up then at the very end rinse out my hair. I guess I use them all wrong :p 😉

    • Isabella Muse

      no, not at all, when I used to use Lush’s deep conditioning treatments. I’d apply them, wrap my head in a towel, and wait a while before rinsing. A shower cap would probably be better for this 😀 You’re def using it right, just in a different way!

  • Karen

    Yeah, as an African American woman, I wash my hair once a week, so I always wear one. But I get mine from Sally Beauty for under $5.

    • Wendy

      me too — and sometimes I just buy a box of those processing caps…you can re-use them for a week and you get a huge box for like $5

  • Wendy

    I used to wash my hair everyday, but since I grew it out, it only needs it once every 3 days, so yes, I wear a shower cap, and it ain’t purdy! haha! But I might have to get one of these 🙂

  • Ruth

    I have to wash my hair everyday, it gets gross and greasy looking by 10am. I have fine hair with an oily scalp and it’ll look like greasy noodles by lunch

  • Moda31

    There’s nothing fabulous about them, but they are a necessity for any black woman.

  • Jane

    My hair is still acting pregnant – thick and never needs to be washed, although I do – but I like the idea of a shower cap. Just not one for $43.

  • ChynnaBlue

    I’m also a shower cap user – but definitely not that shower cap! I have once fun and fancy cap I got on sale at TJ Maxx for $12, but I also use the under $5 caps from the drugstore.

    I usually wash my hair every other day. Sometimes I was more because of sweat or days where I had a lot of pollen and dust exposure and don’t want to climb into bed covered in things I’m allergic to. I live in Texas, where it gets really hot and humid in the summers, so there are days I shower more than once. Some days I just feel gross when I come home after hauling groceries up the stairs in 90% humidity and I take a cold shower. I use a shower cap because I don’t want to sleep with wet hair and it takes hours for my hair to air dry. I’ll shower again in the morning and wash my hair then.

  • blee

    I condition my hair every day but I do not shampoo it to often. I have thin fine hair and to go without what I call a daily cleaning I end up looking like a bed head. 😀 Well that is because I have what I call a “Mom Hawk” hair cut. Its a soft back purple tint and all the stuff I use to get my hair in the style of mom hawk – its a daily cleaning for sure. 🙂

  • Sarah

    I got to at least rinse my hair if I’m in there. But On those few occasions I don’t wash my hair (because it’s late and my hair long and I let it air dry) I have no problems with just a hair clip, to keep it out of the water

  • Kay

    My shower cap is white with pink polka dots, therefore totally different to your grandmother’s XD I’ve owned it for years, but my hair 99% of the time is visibly greasy if I don’t wash it so I tend to do it every day too! I recently had it coloured though and I have noticed the colour fades with daily washing, even with colour preserving products, so I use the cap once in a while now. It doesn’t sit right with me though, personally I find a shower and hair wash just go together automatically!

  • Lorraine. E.R

    Lol! I think turbans and wraps can be fashionable but shower caps not so much! My hair is a pain in the butt, I can only wash a few times a week before it gets too frizzy and unmanageable so I use the cheap plastic disposable ones. Each cap can be used 4-5 times easily so it’s a minimal cost and makes showers way faster for me. Washing my hair takes so long because it is thick wavy/curly and long.

  • NikkiNeverWithoutPolish

    I’m with you, Muse! I have to wash my hair everyday – my hair has always been long, thick, and grease/flake prone. I didn’t even realize NOT washing hair everyday was something people did… until the internet existed and I started to read beauty blogs haha! I get up extra early so I can go back to bed after I wash it. I flop my hair over the edge of the bed and turn a box fan on it to get it to dry faster! If I do skip a day washing it, I regret it – it gets icky and itchy!


    • Isabella Muse

      haha omg, me too! I think I was like 19 when I read in a magazine that not washing your hair was a good thing! I just assumed everyone did it everyday!

  • erinface

    I wash my hair once or twice a week and on days I don’t, I usually just banana clip it up. I used to wear a shower cap whenever I didn’t wash it, but I lost it and just never bought another one for reasons I still don’t understand. My husband would probably not laugh at me like the other ladies, but rather try to steal it off me if I got a new one (which I’ll probably do after seeing this post!) because he is growing his hair out to donate it and he washes his hair every other day and always whines when it gets wet! LOL

  • Lauren

    I wash my hair twice a week. I wear a shower cap to protect my hair. I have keratin treated hair and I would ruin the treatment if I washed it daily. Also, back when I washed it daily, my hair was very dry. My hair is sooo much healthier now and it gets less oily. When you wash your hair too much you end up stripping it of natural oils. I used to feel the same way as you, but I was forced to change my ways due to Keratin. Now, I can’t imagine washing my hair every day.

  • Lesley A.

    I’ve never felt the need for a shower cap. If I don’t want to get my hair wet, I just don’t get it wet. When my hair was long I would pin it up. Now that my hair is short, I don’t even have to do that. Maybe you need to adjust the direction of your showerhead lol.

    • Silvia

      The thing is with us curly or wavy hair girls the curls will activate with the shower mist and become all frizzy. At least with me tones of hair but actually fine. Not a good idea. Lol! This hair does its own thing. Always a surprise.

  • Brandy L.

    My hair is very oily so I must wash it if I want it to look good. If I’m not going anywhere special, then I’ll put it up in a messy bun for a few days and avoid washing it when I shower. This might sound gross, but the greasier my hair gets, the better it looks after I wash it.

  • Audrey

    I’ve tried the no poo thing and I end up looking like a greasy monkey and even my kids laugh at my Gollum scalp lol. I must wash everyday! What I’m curious about is for the gals that don’t wash their hair everyday and use product to style, etc., do you sleep with all that hair product in your hair since you’re not washing it?

  • Chris

    LOL at this particular blog entry. Never owned a shower cap but it did bring back memories of having to use a swim cap in a pool which is a whole ‘nother horror story! For those of us with shorter hair, we awaken to bed head and no amount of combing corrects this in the morning. A shower with shampoo has to be done. With the drier winter air due to the heat being on, an occasional dab of conditioner a few times a week helps stop the frizziness.

    I can’t even conceive of showering without washing your hair. My MIL managed to do this but she went once a week to the beauty parlor for the shampoo and style routine. That was a long time ago…. Most women I know that are my age and I guess I would be considered ancient (60) do shower and wash their hair daily. Going to a salon once a week was something our mothers did. Great thought provoking topic!