February 8, 2017

Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% Launches

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Meet the new Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% ($76) which is likely their most expensive skincare to date. This fresh take on Vitamin C will treat uneven skin tone, dullness, fine lines, age spots, and more.

This set includes four booster shoots which have to be used within 7 days of opening them. The idea of the booster is to give you a shot of fresh vitamin C with each use. It’s difficult to keep Vitamin C stable and this packaging acts to allow you to get a fresh shot of it daily. Each 0.29 oz shot includes enough product for up to 7 uses. Miss two drops with your moisturizer in the AM and the PM. To get the full potency of the treatment use each shot within seven days of opening it.

I love the idea of this but I’m a little unsure of the end result. I’ve tried Vitamin C 10% products in the past and didn’t really notice a difference in my skin tone. I’m also not a massive fan of Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, it just never worked for me. So, I’m somewhat wary of trying this out.

What do you think?

Have you tried Vit C products in the past with successful results?

Do you think Clinique’s formula will work?

Do share!

Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% is available now at Sephora.com.


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Ashley

    This sounds almost medicinal, sounds like a pain, trying to remember this every day for 7 days, haven’t been impressed with anything from them in awhile.

  • Heather L.

    I’m really debating on this one! It seems like this would be perfect as long as the results are there. Do you know if they did a study on this product? Thank you for the heads up on this! Love!

    • Jo Anne Roberts

      They did a study. REFRESH- From 1st application. Emmediatly, 36% saw a brighter complexion, and in just 1 week.
      REPAIR- in just 4 weeks, age spots, visibly reduced by 21%, lines and wrinkkes visibly reduced by 32%…..
      RENEW- in just 12 weeks, (used 7 days out of 1 month, for 3 months) age spots are reduced by 32%, lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced by 43% and skin appears visibly lifted by 41%, to hel restore youthful looking contour.
      I got this info from the leaflette inside the products box. Im keeping a diary on my progress and results.

  • Abbey

    I loooove Drunk Elephant’s vitamin C serum. I’ve been having some issues with cystic acne, and it helps fade the dark marks more quickly. Now if only I could find something to actually prevent the cysts

    I don’t think I would want to spend $76 a month on vitamin c unless it was some sort of miracle product. I’ll wait for reviews or maybe a sale to try this one!

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m testing that right now actually πŸ˜€ Been using it only a short time though so haven’t seen any brightening yet but hoping for good results! I hear ice helps with cystic acne! πŸ˜€

  • Jo Anne Roberts

    I’m 56 and I’ve been using Vitamin C for 2 years. Careful making sure, the choices Iin brands, uses bottles or packaging, I feel, keeps the product active. InstaNatural is a good one. Frosted glass bottle with a glass dropper. It also has vitamin e and Green Tea Extract Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera. I use the brands hyaluronic acid serum along with the Vitamin C. I’ve recently tried Dermaβ€’e Vitamin C Concentrate and like it better because, they use a closed system. And, it already has hyaluronic acid in it. Its 24.00 on Birchbox but, I think, the brands site has it for 19.99. I havent investigated the strength of the C yet. I think, I remember reading 10% at Birchbox, but, just cant remember. When I was on instagram yesterday, a brands messaged me telling me, they use a closed system for dispensing and their product has 20% vitamin C. I keep a skin care blog so, I research alot about skin care. What I read once is, you need a steady regimen of at least 20% vitamin C, to really notice z difference but, know this, Vitamin C, at any strength, helps build collagen. My skin, around my cheeks, jawls, is firmer these days and I credit that, to using Vitamin C, religiously and generously, for 2 years. My suggesstion is, if youre in your teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or any age, START USING VITAMIN C NOW. It also fights free radicals on a cellular level and whether you see a change or not, it IS doing your skin good. I’ll let you know the brand that contacted me. Im gonna order from them because, I dont think Dermaβ€’e has no mord than 10% concentration. As far as Cliniques new product. Now, that I see the pricr they can keep it. I dont have 79.00 a month, to maintain my C regimen. They priced it tol high. Criminy, its only Vitamin C! Not botox! Or, a really expensive ingredient!

      • Jo Anne Roberts

        Youre welcome hun…funny….I posted my commented on March 19th. My how us ladies change our minds!!! I did a 360Β° I said I wouldnt buy Dermae, vitamin C concentrate, and, I did! I also said, I would buy Cliniques Fresh Pressed 7 Day Daily Booster, and, I did! I bought the 7 day for $27.00. The $79.00 kit is for a 3 month supply. You use it for 7 days out of each month, lasting you 3 months. Each kit has the cleansing packettes. I didnt know that originally when I said I wouldnt buy it. The cleanser packettes in dry powder form, 10% vitamin C is what really sold me! That cleanser that goes with the kit is amazing! I did a complete review on the Fresh Pressed 7 day Daily treatment. If your still curious, read my review. Muse, you should hsve my blog info, where to find me. Ok, so, I also bought, Paulas Choice C15 ……lol…told you I was a vit c junkie! Since I am only using Clinique 7 days a month, for the next 3 months, (thats how its recommended to use) I wanted a great vitamin c, for my after care. Insurance! Its pricey! $49.00 for 20 mm / .67 oz. Red Glass bottle, glass dropper with a rubber seal on the inside of the neck of the bottle so when you pull the dropper out, as little air as possible will get inside the bottle. My sample bottle was red glass but, no rubber seal. It was only a 1 week or so, supply, thats probably why. Paulas Choice C15 has Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid. Anytime you see C15, its a technology term meaning, the C is in stable form. It also might read C14. On other products that have vitamin c as an ingredient. I see C14-C15, in ingredient labels on alot of anti aging products. Its just termonology that the vit c is stable. Its also the reason wny brands wont tell you the % of Vit C in their product. Hope this helps. I write alot of reviews on these subjects on my blog.

    • Heather L.

      Thanks for the info! Been having issues on what to use since I dont have the funds to spend on something like this. I’m almost 30 (single mom of 2) and already see lines. The past 2 years I just use moisturizer and some acne cream for spot treatments thats it.(get a couple once in awhile) really been wanting a peel but its kinda price but if it lasts its worth the investment. Thanks again!

  • Michelle

    I have tried this Clinique product with AMAZING results. Fine lines are diminished, my skin is extremely soft & smooth and makeup simply glides on, and my skin is definitely more balanced without dry patches or oily spots. It has also faded my cystic acne scars. You can buy the little bottles separately, use it for 10 days or so, then STOP. Then use it again, and so forth. You don’t lose the benefits you got from using it if you stop for a while. I definitely recommend it.

  • Stephanie

    I got the clinic boosters, but the amount of serum you get in the seven day tube last way longer than that. Like I could probably use it for almost 3 weeks straight with just the one tube. They say not to use it after seven days because it loses its potency. Do you think that’s really true? I hate to see all that product go to waste.

    • Isabella Muse

      Mmm very real possibility, vit c is hard to keep staple!

      • Jo Anne Roberts

        Im also using the Fresh Pressed 7 Day Daily Booster and I’m on day 3. I dont think Ill have any left over but, heres my thoughts on that. I keep a skin care blog and Im kind of a Vitamin C junkie. I’ve researched and read about potencies, microencapsulated, and held in solution ect ect. on Vitamin C . Yes, its very unstable. Most unstable of any vitamins but, technology has been able to keep Vitamin C s potency longer, when its suspended in a gel. It looses no potency in powder form. Ok, knowing those 2 things. This is why Clinique, has developed this system. 1, the powder form of Vitamin C is sealed and kept in a closef system. Its in powder form so, by the time you break that seal, its still at 10%. Once it hits the serum, in the bottom of the container, the vitamin C, still hasnt hit the outside air! Its still contained inside the airtight container. The Clinique skin care specialist told me, and, I read that the Vitamin C in Fresh Pressed is just as potent on day 7, as it was on day 1… there….you have it. So, as long as it remains inside the container and of course its not gonna last for too many more than 7 days, it very well should still be at 10% potency. Realistically, that little bottle wont last muvh longer so Clinique isnt worried about gauranteeing thevpotency any longer than 7 days. Remember, the powder has beem disolved and suspended in the gel serum. And Clinique gaurantees its 10% potency on day 7 , as day 1. You know big brands want us to hurry up and buy again. Thats my thoughts and Id bet its 10% potency would remain for a few more days than 7, as long as its still suspended in the gel serum, inside the container.