February 13, 2017

How Are We Feeling About the Unusual Highlighting Shades Lately?

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Wet n Wild released a Rainbow Highlighter a few months ago and the Internet went absolutely buck wild over it. Apparently Rainbow Brite lives on in our hearts and that promise we made ourselves growing up about being just like her is becoming a reality courtesy the highlighter options popping up lately. Green, purple, what’s next?

How are we feeling about the unusual highlighting shades popping up lately?

Are they a go for you?

If I’m honest, I can’t do ’em. I mean, I personally struggle with gold highlighter because I tend to play Where’s Waldo when trying to locate my cheekbones to apply highlighter. I watch all these highlighter tutorials on youTube and I either have to apply 100 layers of highlighter to actually get the look OR everyone in the tutorials smiles and has inst-chiseled cheek bones for targeted, precise application. I smile and I look like a chubby little chibi with no cheekbones to be found and highlighted.

I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I were applying purple highlighter or green or even a rainbow one for that matter.

How about you?

Do you think the highlighting craze with these new and unique shades a little difficult to pull off?

Or are you totally into them?

Do share!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Sara

    Haha…a secret santa got me the rainbow one with a flat brush to apply it….I put it on my 15 year old…but I don’t know what I’d ever do with it outside of Halloween!

  • Charmaine

    I think that if I still lived back home in Silicon Valley (where it’s not hot and humid all the dang time) I might try them. I think it’s fun

    • Charmaine

      Whoops, I forgot to say that except for eyeliner and some spot-concealer, the weather conditions where I now reside make it impossible for me to wear makeup. Meh

  • Janessa

    I love highlighters, especially pink ones… I really really want to get the Lavender Snow skin frost from Jeffree Star, but the logical side of me is actually stopping that purchase. I bought ‘What Unicorns are Made Of’ and ‘What Mermaids are Made Of’ from Love Luxe Beauty on a whim last year, and they’ve never been touched… I just can’t get behind the blue and greenish highlighters. But you can bet your booty I’ll be picking up the Becca lavender highlighter coming out (for my collection πŸ˜‰ ). Who am I kidding, I’ll probably buy the lavender skin frost eventually, too, along with his new baby pink one. LOL

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m crazy jealous if you can get away with all those lilac/lavender highlighters! I look like a ghost ready to go to the disco when I try!

  • Jen R

    I love them!! I have fair, cool-toned skin and green eyes so I wear a lot of jewel-toned eye makeup – purples, blues, greens, and I really like the purple/blue/green highlighters as an accent with a basic pink blush.

    Now bronzers, on the other hand, I really struggle with!

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m going to try with a pink blush and see how it goes, I always feel pasty and ghost-like in lilac highlighters πŸ˜€

    • Diana

      I have the same skin tone and eye color, and lavender blushes and highlighters are my favorite! I run into the same issues with bronzers though…too dark and orange, so I never bother with them. Looks like I applied dirt to my face.

  • Carol G

    I love them! You can also use them as a topcoat of sorts for dark eyeshadows. Or even tracing over a black eyeliner with them. I just love all things sparkly!

  • TropicalChrome

    I picked up the Nyx Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder in Snow Rose this weekend – I needed to do something with that $5 off $10 coupon! I’m fair with cool/neutral undertones, and I love the very subtle pink metallic highlights with my blush. I applied it very sparingly – no strobing here! Just going for a little extra pop at certain angles.

    If there’s another good coupon, I might get brave enough to try the Lavender Steel, but I just don’t think I could own the look with a blue or rainbow highlighter. But it’s so great they exist for those who can – more options are better!

  • Annie

    Not sure if you’re aware, but the purple Becca priming filter pictured in this post is not just for a “lit from within”-highlight before foundation application, but the purposed of it being purple is color correcting excess yellow tones. I guess if you want a more aggressive dose of unicorn magic, the Anastasia and KVD (the triangle shaped one) highlight palettes have some more obvious purples going on.

    • Isabella Muse

      I didn’t realize it also offered color correcting as well, thanks! There are some new lilac highlighters upcoming though from Wet n Wild and hard Candy πŸ™‚

  • blee

    I like the gold tone and pink tones the best. I have some of the other rainbow colors and don’t use them much at all. Been thinking to use them on my brow as a highlighter there. πŸ™‚

  • Lori

    I admire the pretty colors and how they look on other people lol. I rarely use highlighter myself, though. I have the NYX Strobe of Genius palette and rarely use it. I also have the BH/Carli Bybel one and just use the highlighters as eye shadows lol.
    I got my 11 year-old the Wet n Wild rainbow one for Christmas. She tried it twice on her cheeks and now when she uses it she swipes out one color and puts it on as eye shadow! Lol
    This is only once in a while though, she does NOT do makeup every day! Not yet!

  • Silvia

    I love, love highlighters. Darn WetnWild plays this especial edition game (I’m never falling for them again!) so I ordered two of those crazy rainbow ones but everytime I see them I want to scream! They are so pretty! I use it as highlighter on the eyes. I must say this rainbow one I don’t find as soft as the I’ll Have a Cosmo in pink by Fergie my favorite, and the Sangria Castles and Boozy Brunch too. I’m also pale with lots of stubborn red on my brown hair and hazel eyes I love all these cool colors wear them on top of my blush I do have chiseled cheekbones which sort of starting to disappear a bit getting old. Menopausal age. Bring them all I can’t seem to stop buying them. Throw them at my casket when I dye I’ll shine forever! Lol!!!

  • Melissa

    I don’t use the highlighter colors but I do like Sephoras pink undereye concealor and a little dot of green concealer over a red pimple. Love purple and pink eyeshadow so may have to try the highlighters there.

  • Sheree

    To be fair, that Becca lavender is a primer, the color disappears when you use it, and it is AMAZEBALLS!!

  • Carrie

    I like them if they’re still on the subtle side. Really digging the new ones from Nyx even tho I don’t really use highlighter. Love them as an eyeshadow too.

  • Britni

    I’m not into colored highlighters at all. With the exception of the Bitter Lace Beauty rainbow highlighter, I think they’re kind of silly. I don’t think they’re flattering but I see why people like them. I would NEVER tell someone how to wear makeup on their face, but I don’t like them. The ABH moonchild palette just looks ridiculous. The pale yellows, greens, blues, mints, black, or Barbie pink highlights just seem dumb to me. Don’t even get me started on dual-chromatic highlights.

  • kjh

    Like ’em, but very light. Instead of springing for bigpans I’d never dent, dragging out an old Dior quad…the rectangular kind from the 80s that has 4 iridescent shadows and using it. Just a tiny hit. I like unexpected colors, like mascara, when the rest of the stuff is pretty neutral. Grabbed lavender steel, bec. as far as I go towards pink is mauve, and mauve/taupe is my current colorway. It’ll look good with Zoeva En Taupe eyes or CP Tang, Bill, Mixed Tape, that stuff, and the taupe bite multistick, CP Femme, Mayb Gone Greige, and the rest of that shade family. It’s a good way for us old broads to look updated, in an understated way.

  • Lorien

    LOVE em! I actually wore some of my ultra pale iridescent indie shadows that way before, and now it’s cool to see these unique colors popping up for sale. It makes it so much easier for me. If the rest of your makeup is “normal” and you just have a subtle touch of, say green shine on your skin, it just adds this sort of cool sci-fi, Ridley Scott, cyborg quality to your look. Beautiful, with just a little something “other”, you know?

  • Zovesta

    Actually, I like subtle blue or purple highlighters best. =) I’ve always had very strong cheekbones, and while I hated them as a kid because I thought they made me look like a man, I’ve learned to like them and accentuate them. Blue and purple makes em pop! If you’re careful enough you can avoid the whole rainbow look, too – I normally blend it in with my usual 1940s look and it doesn’t look jarring.

  • Christine Joy Luikuo

    I don’t use highlighters except on my Cupid’s bow but when I saw “chibi” in your post, I had to stop in for a comment. Chibi is cute and so you are! Just don’t get stressed so much with highlighter application; remember to apply very lightly.