March 23, 2017

You Can Confess About Sleeping In Your Makeup Here But Just Know I’m Silently Judging You!

There are days I come home and I just don’t want to face my nightly skincare routine. Double-cleanse, face mask, tons of different essences, serums, moisturizer…it can be exhausting! When you’re getting home like at 3AM on the weekend you just don’t want to think about the entire skincare process that’s keeping your complexion looking amazing. What you do want is to just throw yourself into bed with your cloths on, your mascara firmly in place, and your shoes half off and call it a day.

I swear that the person who thought up micellar water was a hardcore party boy or girl. They are definitely all like, “Bitch, I want to rock and roll day and party every night and I want to do it with my eyeliner on fleek! But I so do not want to go through the process of removing it at the end of a long day’s worth of partying!” Suddenly a light bulb came on above their head and they were all like, “I KNOW! I’ll create a water that removes my makeup in a few swipes so I can get to the land of nod ASAP!”

I’ve expressed how I’m not really a big micellar water person because I never really feel like my face is clean after using them. I’ll tell you one thing, they are fab for getting makeup off in a hurry that’s for sure! At the least, I’ll use them when I just want to get to bed super fly fast.

Be honest with me though, do you sleep in your makeup?

When was the last time you did it?

Are you a repeat offender?

Go on, confess…..


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  • diane

    absolutely, positively not. it doesn’t matter how tired I am or what time I get home, my makeup comes off and my skincare goes on before hitting that pillow!

    • Jane

      Me, too!

      But my process is usually single but thorough cleanse, slap on Cicaplast and done.

  • Michelle

    Yes, I do it if I’m really tired and don’t have to go to work the next day.

  • ChynnaBlue

    Most days I don’t wear makeup, so for me it’s more about sunscreen, which I think is just as bad (worse?) to sleep in than makeup. I usually use a wipe to get rid of it before bed on days I just don’t feel like going to the sink for a real wash and skincare.

  • NikkiNeverWithoutPolish

    I used to go to bed with my makeup still on ALL the time, but since I discovered micellar water, I have not! In fact, after trying all sorts of different skincare regimens, I’ve found that my skin looks and feels the best with the simplest routine ever: micellar water (I like the Simple brand one), toner (I use the one in the blue bottle from Neutrogena), and then Tarte’s Maracuja Oil. It’s the first time in my adult life I can say I’m actually blemish free – crazy, huh? I finish up with a nice lip balm, and that’s it!

    Speaking of lip balms, have you tried the new ChapStick Lip Butters yet? The ones in the light green tubes? I tried one on a whim and was super impressed by them – my lips have never felt softer and more hydrated. I’ve been gifting them to all the ladies in my life lol I highly recommend the Pink Grapefruit flavor! ^_^

    • Isabella Muse

      I have1 ;-D They are nice! Have you tried the new lip scrub? That’s good too! I didn’t even know they had a pink grapefruit flavor :-)!!!!!!!!!

    • Kristy

      I’ve been thinking about buying the Tarte Maracuja Oil, especially since it’s on sale at ULTA right now. I have acne prone skin and was afraid of it breaking out my skin! But after reading your comment I might give it a shot : )

  • Codename Duchess

    I used to be bad about this, but apart from a few naps I haven’t slept in makeup in years. The ease of micellar water makes it easier to resist the temptation. I have some within 2 steps from my bed anyway, so there’s really no excuse!

  • Sara

    Oh man, I used to ALL THE TIME! My skin was never oily, so my eye makeup would stay on perfectly and I’d look fine the next morning! Seriously, like I had just put it on!
    Since I got into skincare more and more, I don’t ever sleep in my makeup anymore. I just feel icky if I do. I do dig the micellar water for removing eye makeup…but I always have to wash after…it leaves a kind of slippery film on my eye area if I don’t.

  • Isa

    I’ve never actually gone to bed without removing my makeup before. Beyond the skincare concerns, it just squicks me out. I sleep on my side and move quite a bit so I imagine I would be rubbing all the gunk into my pillow and then back onto my face. Squick!

    I have napped in full-face before, but I tend to nap on the floor and on my back. It’s deliberately uncomfortable so I won’t actually sleep for long.

  • Chris

    I have a love/hate relationship with Micellar water. It removes most of the makeup, but I still need to use eye makeup remover to get all the mascara and eyeliner off! Wearing foundation? It doesn’t completely come off with it either. The toner I apply removes the remaining makeup on my face.

    And sunscreen just feels icky even when it’s on!

    I then do my skin care — eye cream and face cream then watch some TV then ZZZ!

  • Dee

    No matter how tired I am I always wash everything off before bed time.

  • Sarah

    Since I just can’t go to bed without taking a shower- Never. I just can’t do it. I can’t sleep if I’m not squeaky clean.
    Because I knew I’d be getting home late, I went to a midnight screening of SW EP3 freshly out of the shower with damp hair and in my PJ’s so I could fall in to bed when I got home.

  • Robin

    Um last night…. if I’m really tired, I brush my teeth and go to bed.

  • Dana

    I Never go to bed with make-up on – no matter how tired, I take it all off and moisturize

  • Elizabeth V

    Guilty as charged. A few times. Although in my defense, I wear very little makeup. 😉

  • TC

    never! But I don’t use Micellar water. I keep a pack of the neutrogena face wipes handy. Not my favorite thing in the whole world…but it takes makeup off. If I use just the wipes and go to bed, the next morning I make super sure to wash my face really well and use all my good serums.

  • Emily

    No, never. I can’t remember the last time I fell asleep without washing my face, but I’m sure excessive alcohol consumption was involved, and I woke up in the middle of the night to perform the bedtime ritual. I actually really love removing my makeup and washing my face at the end of the day. I’ve started using the shiseido cotton pads, which are such a treat for my eyes, with a nice mild bi-phase eye makeup remover (bare minerals is my fave). Then, Tatcha’s camellia cleansing oil. I want to swim in this stuff, I love it so much. It always, always, always improves my mood. Then, CeraVe foaming cleanser. If I didn’t enjoy the process, or if I weren’t prone to acne or eye sensitivity, I may be more likely to skip it now and then, but the combination of my enjoying the ritual and knowing that skin and eye disaster would ensue if I skipped the nightly cleanse, make sure I never ever skip it.

  • Gillie

    Makeup always comes off before bed, but I have been known, once in a great while, to throw on a nighttime moisturizer over a makeup free but unwashed face before falling dead asleep.

  • Aneiren

    Never! When I used to in the past I would always wake up with my skin really tight and flaky and my eyelashes… yuck, let’s not talk about the eyelashes. My routine is fairly detailed but not super complex, so I typically have no excuse to not at least wash, a serum or two, nightcream at the bare minimum.

  • Heidi

    I’ll catch a quick catnap in makeup, but I always take it off before bed. I like the Body Shop’s chamomile cleansers, so I’ll slap on some of the oil or the balm, wait a minute and it comes right off. If the eyemakeup is a bit stubborn, a bit of micellar water to take the rest off. If I’m really tired I won’t put moisturizer on, but I always wash my makeup off.

  • Sarah

    I rarely sleep in my makeup! I work really hard to keep my skin clean because I’m 30 and I still suffer from acne. However, on the rare rare occasions I…uh…party too hard (and this is rare, I don’t like partying too hard I’m not like Wayne and Garth) I will fall asleep in my makeup. And wake up horrified the next day when I have a small break out!

  • Ashe

    Always always. I use a makeup remover wipe and Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean to get the extra makeup off. I can’t just remove the makeup, I gotta clean and moisturize!

  • Olga

    A week ago 🙁 Fell asleep wit a full face while putting my son to sleep. Woke up at 3 am and just crashed in my room next to my snoring husband, and of course, without washing my face. I definitely payed for it…. Next day my nose pores were clogged and I go a couple of new pimples, ugh. I do this VERY rarely, but it does happen.

  • Leslie

    If I’m really tired, I’ll wash my face with a wash cloth with cleanser and just leave the eye makeup on lol. But I HAVE to wash my face because it will feel dirty and I won’t be able to sleep plus it leaves nasty stuff on the pillowcase.

  • J

    I do not! I like going to bed all nice and clean (I shower at night so I just take off my makeup before jumping into the shower). Plus I wear sunscreen pretty much everyday and my skin just feels more comfortable with it washed off 🙂

  • Ryssa Chrysalis

    Between makeup remover wipes (like Neutrogena and Yes To) and micellar water (I like the Garnier), I haven’t failed to remove my makeup at the end of the day. I might nap without removing make up, but I don’t do the long sleep in my make up (although if I’m wearing a mineral foundation, I worry less). Yes, big kudos to the inventors of micellar waters and makeup remover wipes. I might be exhausted, but it’s super easy to remove my makeup before falling into bed.

  • Wiebke

    nope, never. I probably haven’t done that in like 15 years (I’m 41). If I’m too tired or drunk (ha), I will use a cleansing wipe instead of the whole regimen (similar to yours)

  • Christina

    Nope, never…even when I’ve consumed a bit too much alcohol and my world is starting to spin, I still remove eye makeup, cleanse, tone and moisturize!

  • Casey

    I haven’t done it since my early 20s and quite frankly, I didn’t wear THAT much makeup back then anyways (Foundation?!?! Whats that!! My eye makeup was always on point though) I’m 33 now and I keep travel makeup wipes in my purse and in my husbands car and in my car. If I know I want to go right to bed when I walk in the door I will totally take my makeup off on my way home (“Don’t mind me person in the other car next to me at this red light. Just takin’ off my face”)
    And yes, I do this even drunk. There was a Jimmy Buffett concert where I completely washed my face in an RV so I could sleep on the way home. I was about 15 beers in and 20 jello shots.

  • Silvia

    I have very few times. The thing is I’m a night owl and am afraid by cleaning my face so late it will wake me up but no, I hate the feeling of sleeping with spf and makeup which also rubs off in your pillow. Sometimes when really tired is tempting but I fight it and wash it off. I use either Cetaphyl, Eucerin, Cera VĂŠ cleansers sometimes if breaking out I’ll use Wich Hazel toner to clean deeper. I have a huge bottle from Costco i think it’ll never end. Lol! Anyone needs Witch Hazel I can send you a bit. Lol!

  • Danielle

    Usually I’m pretty good about it because my skin feels itchy if I’ve been wearing it all day and I
    absolutely have to take it off. However, there have been a few times where I’ve washed my face and left my eye makeup on because I was too tired. Once I think I fell asleep, but then woke up to wash my face and brush my teeth, lol.

  • genevieve

    When I was way, way younger I did a few times, but for a long while I haven’t. Like Sarah above, I always have a shower before bed as I like to feel clean before nodding off. So it’s easy to do the skincare regime then.

  • Deanna

    To be honest I spent most of my 20s and 30s sleeping in my makeup on a regular basis. I haven’t done it in a few years now. I do think my skincare routine is a bit on the long side, but these days I do always take my makeup off, but do also have a couple of shorter routines when I get in late and don’t want to spend all night on serums and so forth. At the shortest end I’ll at least manage to cleanse with micellar water, and add a toner and moisterizer.

  • varya

    Sometimes sure. My husband still likes the smeary eye makeup in the am look. I may have even put on more liner/shadow just before hitting the sheets once or twice 😉 But never a face of foundation.

  • Heather

    I actually never sleep in my makeup. I’m being 100% truthful. People don’t believe me usually lol! There have been times when I didn’t feel like it but I forced myself lol!

    Great post! =)

    • Isabella Muse

      I think I slept in makeup like once and that was only because I unintentionally fell asleep 😀 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the post!

  • Claire

    I’m confused with micellar water. I hear you’re supposed to wash that off too and not leave it on your skin after you remove your makeup. Muse… how do you use this thing?! I’ve only slept with my makeup on a few times and felt icky the next morning, so I don’t do it anymore.

    • Isabella Muse

      You don’t need to wash off micellar water. Just saturate a cotton round, swipe off your makeup, and you’re done 😀

  • Ivanna

    I will not, ever! I don’t think I’ve ever done that, other than accidentally fall asleep doing something, and an hour or two later woke up, got my *** to the sink, and went through the routine.

    I refuse to use wipes or miscellar water for anything other than the first step before actual washing with a washcloth. My skin needs exfoliation, not just a wipe.

  • Jenna

    You all are going to be outraged. I have never been convinced it matters so I use a wipe 10% of the time, and sleep in makeup 90%.
    I never break out, dry skin.
    I just remove liner from under my eyes in the AM.
    I also have never understood how people wash their face. If I washed it, my sleeves get all wet and I’d have to find new pjs to sleep in. My straightened hair gets curly and frizzy. So how the hell do people really wash? Tell me your secrets.

  • Saiba

    No no no no no lol I did in highschool when I was 15 I’ll admit that because I didn’t know any better. But even if I’m dead tired I force myself to at least use micellar water and put facial oil on.