March 9, 2017

MAC Sold at Ulta Starting This Spring

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MAC will be sold at starting May 7th! Can you imagine being able to buy MAC at Ulta? Pretty damn cool! The collection launches online starting April 23rd but you’ll only be able to browse offerings until the official May 7th launch date. Even though Estee Lauder started showing up at Ulta a few short months ago I would have never imagines that Ulta would also start carrying the MAC Cosmetics range as well. And yet again, another example of how Ulta is striving hard to become a better version of Sephora. Guerlain, NARS, and more have started to pop up at Ulta. Now, we just need free shipping to tip things over into a perfect beauty world.

This is truly fantastic news but the question that begs answering would be, “Are you getting all the limited edition collections too or just the core collection?” And by the way, will you carry the entire collection in stores or this exclusively online? These questions will keep me up at night until I get some sold answered but now I’ll happily smile to myself about the fact MAC is now sold at Ulta.


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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Jay

    Ulta is just so bleh as a store lol. The drugstore side is cool but the markup is ridiculous. Their high end makeup is always a mess & the employees don’t appear to be trained like Sephora or MAC. Sorry to be a party pooper haha! If Ulta wants to enter the high end beauty world, they need an overhaul. But, this move might bring MAC to smaller towns that don’t have large malls or department stores.

    • Heidi

      That is one thing that does hold me back from purchasing more at Ulta. On the drugstore end I mainly get NYX and Essence, because they have it, but a lot of the Ulta stores near me aren’t in the nicest of shape. They opened one near me a little over a year ago and I went in a couple weeks back and half the NYX products had seals broken and it was chaos. The high-end products had their usual testers out and were cleaned badly or not at all, with tons of cotton fuzz stuck on the lipsticks and so on. You think they’d commit to making it a nicer experience. I was eyeing a Lipstick Queen purchase and was disgusted by how messy the display was, and just walked out. I’m not going to spend $24 on a lipstick and feel like I’m shopping a garage sale.
      Pair that with the fact that they rarely offer free shipping, and I do end up browsing there and shopping elsewhere.

    • Courtney

      Could not have worded your statement better myself. Agreed 100 percent!

  • Betty

    Yes! This makes me very happy! I’ve decided this year to invest more in ULTA versus Sephora because their rewards program is x10 better than Sephoras. Pretty sure MAC will help me meet the Platinum rewards goal at ULTA lol.

  • Isa

    I wish Ulta would set up shop over here, or at least start shipping internationally! Sephora and the department stores over here need some competition. They’re getting so many exclusives that I want to get my hands on.

    Until a couple years ago, MAC was actually sold at the Sephora flagship store in my country. Had a big section of the store that was dedicated to them and done up like other MAC stores. The SAs there were dressed differently from the regular Sephora staff and only handled customers who were shopping for MAC. They did actually get the LE stuff at the same time as the other MAC counters. But for some reason they stopped having a presence at Sephora here, although the other Estee Lauder brands are still sold there.

  • Michelle

    Sounds great, but the brands I really want to buy in store never come to the Ulta close to me.

  • Melanie

    Great News!! I heard a rumor from the manager at my local Ulta that Hourglass might be coming as well. Ulta is doing an amazing job bringing in product lines. I prefer Ulta over Sephora.

    For Ulta to really stand out and start giving Sephora a run for the money they need to speed up processing/shipping and offer 2 or 3 day shipping for Platinum Members at no charge similar to Sephora.

    Mentioning Ulta I got a surprise in the mail a free IT full size Velvet Luxe brush…in love with it.

    • Isabella Muse

      wow hourglass! cool! Couldn’t agree more about the shipping! And nice on he it brushes 😀

  • Pickles Mom

    I used to be a big MAC fan but then MAC, which has long prided itself on creating cruelty-free makeup, now says it does test products on animals in countries that legally require it for imported cosmetics. No matter how much I love it, I can’t do it anymore 🙁

  • Crystal

    I prefer shopping at Ulta over Sephora. If it’s a product I can get at both stores, I always go to Ulta because of their rewards program. I’d much rather get dollars off my purchase than more samples!

  • Emily

    I am absolutely delighted by this news. We’ll see how it plays out; MAC has SO many products, and SO many new releases, I can’t really imagine them all being available through Ulta. But whatever I can buy from Ulta, I do. Their rewards and promotions are second to none, and I really like being able to buy a range from budget to high-end brands from one place. It gives me a sense that they respect all of their customers, and really want to be a beauty resource to all.

  • Dani

    I’m so glad! While sephora has better options, there are so few of them! Ultas are everywhere! I hope they get better shipping here soon. Sephora’s shipping is great!

  • Melissa

    I wonder if this is in anyway related to the boat load of Macy’s stores that had to shut down. Hmmmmm….

  • Katie

    Not excited for this in my local store. It’s already so small that it doesn’t carry certain things so I have no idea where they’d put it?! They’ll have to cut more brands down to half a 4 foot section or cut out certain brands altogether. There’s literally no more room. And the employees there have no idea what they’re talking about. I never go to Ulta unless I know exactly what I’m looking for, because I’ve never gotten any helpful advice except from the lady that was trained to be the Lancome specialist. I think Ulta is trying to be too many things at once – It’s a salon that sells haircare, hair tools, drugstore makeup, high end makeup, skincare, fragrance, sunscreen, does brow waxing, has their own brand… ugh. Sorry for the rant. Maybe I’ve just been burned by my store too much. The points system and the coupons are the only redeeming things.

    • Isabella Muse

      Might not be an issue since they are only doing it at select stores, your store might not even get it 🙁

  • Angela

    We NEEEEED Ulta up here in Canada :'(
    Good news for MAC lovers though!!

  • Carolina

    Mac has (in my opinion) the best eye shadows and lipsticks. This makes me so happy! In general, I love Sephora more than Ulta but where I live it is so easy to run in and out of Ulta, while I have to go to the mall to visit a Sephora. This could be dangerous for my wallet!

  • breyerchic04

    I live in a town that isn’t that small, over 100,000 and 40,000 undergrads, but we literally have no makeup game, there’s no sephora, Macy’s only has Clinique and Estee Lauder. But we’re getting an Ulta in June, so I’m optimistic that maybe they’ll have MAC in store!

  • Kellie

    Personally, I am so excited to see Ulta grow like this! I’m hoping that they will carry the MAC single pro pan eyeshadows!

  • Wendy

    I live in Podunk — the nearest store that carries MAC is 84 miles away. But I have an Ulta less than 3 miles away…so I’m excited!

  • Brenda

    I am over the moon about this exciting news, to touch the brushes, and look at the shadows in person is the best news I have heard about!!!