April 28, 2017

Amazon Echo Look Needs To Be All About Makeup

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Today the Amazon Echo Look launched and made a fashion blogger and fashion lover’s life a little easier. With the ability to take full body photos and videos plus an option to help keep track of your wardrobe while making keeping track of your wardrobe, creating look books of your favorite fashion looks, as well as making recommendations. Not to mention keeping all of Alexa’s original features like controling your smart home devices, playing music, getting weater updates and more.

If you blog fashion it seems like a no brainer to pick up this little gadget!

But, hey, Amazon, what about us makeup lovers?

At the moment there’s at least one “smart” mirror that I know of which I haven’t personally tried but basically gives you recommendations about skincare, makeup, and also provides lighting for application. Amazon really needs to tap into their technology and create some sort of Echo product for makeup users. Something to keep track of our vast collections, make recommendations for products they’d think we like, not to mention allow us to take photos of our FOTDS (face of the day photos) and pointing out if our foundation might to be pasty or if we have a case of clown cheeks. It should do all this while giving us tips and tricks about application.

I think I should get on making this before someone steals the idea.

Would you buy something like the Amazon Echo Look if it was created with makeup users in mind?

I totally would. I have few Amazon Dots set up around my house as well as two regular Echos why not add another one that caters to my makeup addiction too right?

The Amazon Echo Look is available by invitation only at amazon.com.